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Your Morning Dump… Where time is running out on trades…and that’s OK

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

At All-Star weekend, Isaiah Thomas said other players shared how much they appreciate Boston’s style. Nobody knows exactly what the Celtics will grow into, but everyone sees the outline of a looming contender.

For now it’s just the outline, though. Entering Thursday’s trade deadline, the Celtics need to balance the preservation of everything they’ve built — a cohesive group, a top-3 defense, a young roster teeming with improving players — and the continued process of turning a fun group into a legitimate contender. Despite 13 wins in the last 17 games, including thrillers against the Clippers and Cleveland Cavaliers, Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge continues to stress he will keep the long-term future in focus.

MassLive2016 NBA trade deadline primer, Boston Celtics: Danny Ainge should be patient, opportunistic

The Celtics stand 32-23 and in third place in the Eastern Conference. While that sounds promising, Ainge is realistic. He knows that to make a move into a legitimate contender to Golden State or San Antonio in the West and Cleveland and Toronto in the East would mean mortgaging the future.

It means he would almost certainly have to deal that Brooklyn pick.

This is what makes Ainge one of the best personnel managers in recent Boston sports memory. He refuses to get caught up in the what-if game for one run this spring.

WEEIWhy Celtics Shouldn’t Be Making Blockbuster Deals This Week

Will he or won’t he? Inquiring Celtics fans want to know if Danny Ainge will pull off a player swap before the trade deadline on Thursday at 3 p.m. Eastern time.

The consensus among local beat writers seems to be that Danny is ready to deal if necessary, but that he shouldn’t try to hit a home run if it would jeopardize what he’s built so far. No doubt most Boston fans agree with that approach. I sure do.

Meanwhile, we’ve heard the rumors and the speculation, but we have no idea what’s being specifically discussed behind closed doors in the Celtics’ offices. Even if we did, circumstances can change suddenly and up to the final moments, as happened with last year’s Isaiah Thomas trade, which came together only a few minutes before the deadline. So, it’s literally impossible to predict what will happen. All we can do is wait and see. And squirm.

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On Page 2: Highlights! Of games!

It has been one long week since the Celts last played a game, which was the overtime win against the Clippers. Even worse, there are still two more days to wait for the next game, this Friday at Utah (with a late start at 10:30 p.m. Eastern).

To remind us of what we’ve been missing, the Celtics have kindly compiled this video of the best plays of the season to date.

And, finally: ET goes home

Congrats to Evan Turner, honored by Ohio State last night to commemorate his winning the National Player of the Year award in 2010. Here’s video of the ceremony. Ainge and Jared Sullinger were also in the building to show their support.

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  • Michael Merriam

    One trade that didn’t happen, or wasn’t even discussed, is Tobias Harris. Pistons got him for nothing. I doubt the Magic will re-sign Jennings or Illyasova, and they are not better off this year after the trade. It’s just cap clearing.

    If Ainge wanted Harris, he has the personnel to make it work. Lee by himself or if Orlando really did want actual players then some combo of Johnson, Jerebko, ET, plus a draft pick. Either Ainge doesn’t think Harris is worth $16 million for next 3 years, or this is a strong indicator that something bigger is on the horizon.

    Another thought is it might be tough to bring in any Harris-like player making double IT’s salary over next few years. It’s one thing that Lee and Johnson make more in temporary situations. If we bring in some non-allstar making vastly more than IT, it’s gotta be the right personality fit. Still tough to see a player of that caliber go to a rival in a lopsided deal.

    • DC Swish

      I agree. I think were going to look back at this as a missed opportunity to get a young, potentially high level talent player at a relatively low cost. And at what point do all of these draft picks actually turn into a problem for us? Hopefully Danny has a plan!

  • RedsLoveChild

    If Ainge makes a trade this week, it will be a “safe” one. One that contains little risk, not one that will “alter the landscape”. So, don`t look for him to trade any of the Net picks.

    It`s been 5 years since the Jeff Green trade {when DA ripped the 2011 NBA championship trophy out of Boston`s hands}. He learned his lesson well. Since 2011, he has not traded away any asset that is “truly valuable” to the current or future success of his team.

  • Bill Wilson

    Assets are nothing until they become wins on the floor. We have too many draft choices as it is.

    • GH

      Agreed, with 8 picks this year there is no way they are keeping all of those. That’s half a team roster.

  • NE_Celt

    Personally, I am fine with no major trades at the deadline. We have a good group of players that are getting better and learning with each other. I don’t think there is any trade out there that can get us a championship this year anyways. DA will still have lots of assets come the off season to do some wheeling and dealing. The whole goal of the rebuild is to get better year by year, and I think we are doing that so far. BUT…I realize trader Danny is always looking to make a deal, so I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised to see some deal happen that makes a lot of people go “what?”…so who the hell knows haha.

    • Bill Wilson

      So no trade should be made unless it brings us a championship? Could not disagree more vehemently with that.

      These draft choices are like manure. Can’t keep them all and some of them need to fertilize the product on the floor. Now. Even if it’s a minor deal.

      • NE_Celt

        Sorry, that wasn’t really what I meant. All I was trying to say is I don’t see an all-star or really great player out there available that would make us significantly better at this point and time and worth throwing our higher picks and possibly some of our better talent at…at least in my opinion.

        And I have no problem with minor deals, and by all means DA should try and deal some lesser picks and mid level talent to try and get something that could help us improve. But im pretty happy with the group we have right now (for the most part); but obviously they could and need to get better.

  • GH

    Seeing Ainge with Sully and ET last night at OSUvUM makes me believe those two guys are safe. As lopsided as that logic sounds.