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Celtkicks: Isaiah Thomas’ custom All-Star ISlides

The great folks over at Massachusetts based ISlide made custom slides for each & every NBA All-Star this year. They were kind enough to send me over some pics of the pair they put together for Boston’s Isaiah Thomas, as well as the rest of the participants in the 2016 ASG. They were well-received and blew up on social media over the weekend.

via ISlide’s press release:

BOSTON, MA, Feb 15: As an NBA licensee, we have the incredible ability to create products featuring the logos and branding of the best basketball teams in the world. We give fans an opportunity to show support for their team in a way no other brand can. We are an extension of the NBA, and in certain situations, this partnerships presents itself with opportunities that would not be possible otherwise. One of those opportunities happened this past weekend, during NBA All-Star Weekend 2016 in Toronto. We got the chance to showcase our full customization and personalization capabilities by making ISlide’s for each player on the East and West All-Star teams.

The top of the slides featured the Toronto All-Star logo on one strap. The other strap featured 1 star for each All-Star game that particular player had made. For example, Kobe Bryant’s pair had 18 stars on it, and Isaiah Thomas’s pair had 1 star. The All-Star logo and stars were colored to match the East and West jerseys, respectively. The sides of each and every ISlide was personalized twice. One side featured the players name and number, with the other side featuring the logo of that player’s team. On LeBron James’ pair, the right side said “JAMES #23”, and the left side had the Cleveland Cavaliers logo. Each pair was made with the same process, quality and care that every pair that leaves our door has. It was an honor to be able to say our product was on the feet of all of the best basketball players in the world.

The design of ISlide’s are not for sale, and were exclusive to the players only. However, you can always customize your own pair with your name and favorite team logo on ISlideUSA.com. To learn more about ISlide, follow @ISlideUSA on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the gallery below for more photos, and head on over to ISlide’s website to customize your own pair.


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  • KGino

    Good stuff KWAPT. Actually enjoyed the all star logo, court, & jerseys this year. The number of stars representing their all-star appearances is a sweet touch