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Globe: Celts have almost no interest in Howard; think highly of Horford

Dwight Howard #12 of the Houston Rockets battles for the basketball with Al Horford #15 of the Atlanta Hawks during their game at the Toyota Center on December 20, 2014 in Houston, Texas. *** Local Caption *** Dwight Howard; Al Horford

The Boston Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach has an update on the Celtics trade talks:

According to league sources, Boston is reluctant to mortgage its future in exchange for players who could become free agents at season’s end. The Celtics are content to move forward without making a trade, and they will be careful not to get caught up in an unnecessary bidding war.

“This team is not in it for the short term,” one league source said.

The Celtics have been linked to Rockets center Dwight Howard and Hawks forward Al Horford, both of whom could be available on the trade market. But sources said the Celtics are unlikely to acquire either player before Thursday’s deadline.

The Celtics currently have almost no interest in trading for Howard, 30, a talented center with a history of back issues and a questionable work ethic. He can opt out of his contract at season’s end, and even if he wanted to re-sign with Boston, the team would have reservations about offering a long-term deal. Also, Howard is not viewed as a player who would help attract another top free agent to Boston this summer.

The Celtics do think highly of Horford, sources said. They admire him as a player and believe he could be a good fit in Boston. But there are a few major hurdles that are likely to keep the Celtics from completing a deal for him if he is available.

Consider this a reminder from Danny Ainge that the Celtics are not giving up the Brooklyn picks for either of these players. It also appears the Cs are reluctant to part with additional assets for Horford because he’s a pending free agent.

But I’ll reiterate a point John made during a morning Twitter rant, the Celtics can’t use all of their draft picks because this team is already burdened with a bunch of young players (Hunter, Young, Rozier and Mickey). Why not throw a few mid 1st rounders at Atlanta and take a flyer on Al? Maybe a half-season playing for Brad Stevens is enough to convince him to resign here, provided Wyc is comfortable writing a check for $150 million.

In other news speculation, ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton wonders if the Rockets should dump James Harden. Naturally, he suggests a trade scenario with the Celtics involving Isaiah Thomas, David Lee and one of the Brooklyn picks. Count me in.

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  • eddysamson

    Maybe I’m weird but I want Howard way more than Horford. For once Howard has nothing to do with the mess/drama going on with his team and he’s been playing really well all year despite that. The Hawks are going to want way too much for Horford when his production is probably worse than Howard’s at the moment.

    • Dave

      Plus with Brad’s system it be similar to the one in Orlando where all Dwight has to do is focus on defense and rebounding with the occasional easy points inside. We have a bunch of 3 point shooters that would compliment that kind of style of play from him.

    • Brian Girolamo

      I agree. As much as I’ve been disappointed with Dwight over the past 4 years, I think he would be happy playing for Brad and the C’s have plenty of good guards and forwards, what they need is center that isn’t under 6’9″ who can defend. I wouldn’t send much to H-Town for Dwight, but I’d much rather have him over Harden.

    • KGino

      He’s injury ridden and not good for the locker room, no thanks. Agree on Horford, doesn’t make sense to trade for a guy who’s contract expires at the end of the season.

      As for Harden, he is on track to be Melo 2.0, but I trust Brad to make it work. His attitude isn’t nearly as poor as Melo’s, so perhaps he could adjust. If you can get a top 10-15 player in the league though, you kind of have to.

  • Brian Girolamo

    Maybe I misread that last part… but are you saying a trade for The Beard is a good move?? NO THANK YOU. Not if it means giving up IT4 and the Brooklyn Pick.

    • Eisenhorn1976

      It wouldn’t even work. Harden’s getting paid too much for just those two. It would need David Lee and possibly another player to make it work.

      I don’t think Morey’s even thinking about dealing Harden. It’s nice to talk about and ESPN are getting clicks for floating the idea but he’s their foundational piece. Morey’s not stupid.

  • Finks

    The beard in green? Now that’s enticing. I think Harden is thinking rings (as well as $$$ but c’mon they’re always thinking that) and with our set up, Bean town could be a landing spot for him as long as we get another scorer to replace IT.

  • Adam Stark

    It would be very hard to part with Thomas but yes.

  • Brian Girolamo

    So let me understand this… our floor leader is IT4 and Houston’s is Harden. We’ve seen what Boston is without IT4 on the floor and we’ve seen what Houston is WITH Harden on the floor. How would Harden do anything good in Boston if he isn’t leading his team other than points in Houston? IT4 is killing it out there while Harden is just doing his 2 step to the foul line stacking up meaningless points that don’t add up to wins. He’s Melo 2.0 and won’t win anything. No thank you.

    • DonL

      There’s no defense being played in Hou. Putting Harden in Green without losing your defensive core would be be a boost for this team even if Bos had to give up IT4.

      • Brian Girolamo

        how is putting a guy notorious for not playing defense going to be expected to play it in Boston?

        • Alex Costa

          Harden is a good defender when he actually tries. With the Houston team he’s in, he has lost hope with the team and barely tries on defense anymore. I can tell you right now, Harden would be a better defender than Isaiah Thomas.

          I will admit though… it would be hard to stomach giving IT away.

        • DonL

          I agree with Alex. The environment in HOU is toxic right now. Harden has the ability to play good D. I feel the C’s culture could bring the “want-to” out of him again.

  • Brian Girolamo

    what would be ironic is if Boston send Lee and a future Brooklyn pick for Dwight and then he goes to Brooklyn this summer. Ouch.

  • Eisenhorn1976

    The Hawks are in the same position as Boston was last season with Rondo. They are in no position to demand a king’s ransom from another team knowing that Horford could become a trimester’s rental.

    Danny knows this — he’s been on the other end of it. So any garbage opening salvo from ATL along the lines of the BKN pick and any valuable Boston assets is just that: garbage. Bud and his team are dreaming.

    Realistically, they might be able to pry the Dallas pick, David Lee and one of Rozier/Mickey/Hunter from Danny but I think that’s the best they can expect — heck, it’s probably not too far from what Danny countered.

    Howard is just bull floated by Morey — nearly EVERY trade discussion has to include Boston because Boston has the best assets out of everyone who can do a deal. Naturally, if he wants to leverage the other team, he’s going to say, “well, I can call my old boss Danny Ainge and he might come back and offer me this and that.” The Globe story might very well be Danny telling other GM’s: “don’t buy any of that crap Daryl’s selling. We aren’t interested unless it’s a straight-up deal for David Lee and a late first rounder.”

    If these two teams are serious about dealing their stars and not just floating trial balloons, I don’t know why their basketball guys (Morey and Bud) think they can outsmart Danny. The last time I looked, neither of them was responsible for building a title team.