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Ainge: Brooklyn pick will be “tough to get”

danny ainge

Danny Ainge joined Toucher & Rich for his weekly Thursday interview and, of course, a lot of the talk centered around the upcoming trade deadline.

“Until we become a championship-caliber team, I guess nobody’s not ever tradable,” said Ainge. “But there’s a lot of guys on our roster right now that we have no intention of moving.”

This includes the highly coveted Brooklyn Nets pick. However, it would take quite a bit for other teams to acquire it.

“I can’t take it off the table but it’s going to be tough to get,” said Ainge.

I think a good rule of thumb for that pick is going to be “is the player being acquired 25 years old or younger?”

If the answer is yes, then the Brooklyn pick is in play. In this scenario, someone like a Gordon Hayward (25) or Jabari Parker (20) (just picking a couple of names in recent rumors/chatter) would be in the discussion because they haven’t hit their prime and they’re still under contract (though Hayward could opt out in 2017018). Ainge could essentially say he “drafted” these guys at whatever spot that picks lands, rather than roll the dice on the actual players reaching their full potential.

Let’s be real here… those guys don’t always do that. Some guys get hurt, and some guys just can’t handle the transition. Keeping the pick isn’t as sure a thing as some people want to believe. The promise of that talent is intoxicating (just ask Michael Jordan on draft night… or even Danny Ainge who was giving up the farm for Justise Winslow), but using that pick to get a known entity has its value as well. Trading it for a budding young star does mean you get him later in his career, but it also means you’ve gotten a chance to see just how good he is, and how good he can be.

That aside, Ainge has options. That Brooklyn pick won’t go for Al Horford. This is a seller’s market, and teams know Ainge has almost too many assets to play with, but Ainge has to stand his ground at some point.

One side note in the interview: It looks like Kelly Olynyk just has a bruise, and will be ok to play when the schedule resumes next Friday.

Here’s the whole interview:

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  • KGino

    Jabari would be a nice pick up. I’d do nets pick + scrubs for him

    • Adam Stark

      Do you think Jabari is better that a shot at Simmons?

      • KGino

        Well I would have loved to have gotten lucky and got a top 3 pick in the Jabari/Wiggins/Embiid draft and gotten him then. The injury last year set him back, but he’s still only 20 and has a ton of potential (of which I’d love to see Brad Stevens bring out of him).

        From what I hear, the draft this year isn’t anything special outside of Simmons… And since there is only a slim chance we’d get the #1 pick (assuming Nets end with the 3rd worst record), I’d say yeah, it would be worth it to me to give up the *shot* at Simmons for Jabari. I think he could have a heck of a career, and is more of a sure thing than anyone coming after Simmons.

        • Curt Hays

          I just don’t see it working out for him on our team.

          One the one hand, we NEED someone who can really take it to the hole.

          On the other, our team doesn’t exactly keep the paint open well enough for the guys we have.

          • KGino

            I was thinking he’s already got a little NBA experience, and that would be adding to our team without subtracting from the existing chemistry.

            I think Brad is pretty good with spacing, seems like IT/ET get to the hole at will at times. Except Jabari can’t shoot 3’s, so they might pack the paint more when he’s in. He’d be a helluva sub for Jae Crowder though. We’re still fairly thin at SF seeing how ET is now a point-forward.

            I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping he’d blossom into our next Paul Pierce. But Jae Crowder has kind of been filling that love hole Pierce left in me when he was traded, so maybe I/we don’t need Jabari. He would probably just make Jae more expendable, and Jae is the number 1 player I wouldn’t want to trade at this point.

            Nets Pick + Dallas Pick + Celtics Pick plus Sully & KO plus my soul for Anthony Davis.

          • Curt Hays

            just your soul? no body parts?

          • KGino

            Are you counter offering on behalf of the Pelicans? Fine. Plus one body part. The only stipulation is I have to have two of the body part you select

          • Curt Hays

            That makes me think of Jimmie Heath (from my home town). Jimmie Heath had one of everything. The man was a veteran, worked for the public telephone company for 25 years, and ended up surviving a couple bouts with cancer, if I recall correctly.

            In the end he had one nipple, one kidney (it wasn’t even his originally), and one testicle. He always had a smile on his face and worked till the day he died because he, for some reason, couldn’t get on disability. But he had one of everything!

            As much as Marcus Smart and IT4 inspire me, Jimmie Heath was a real warrior.

            The moral of the story, is that you, @kgino:disqus, can sacrifice for the good of the team!

          • KGino

            poor Jimmie!

          • Alex Costa

            Huh? I think Isaiah Thomas would disagree with your “our team doesn’t exactly keep the paint open” comment.

  • Andre

    I’m going to put it on record in saying I’m crazy, but I’d give up that Brooklyn pick for Karl-Anthony Towns. Dude is nearly an automatic double-double, blocks, and is going to be an absolute stud next year.

    • CFH

      If you’re crazy, so am I because I completely agree. Too bad Towns is stuck with the franchise that managed to squander Kevin Garnett’s prime rather than a smart organization like the Celtics.

    • Brad P

      That’s not crazy at all to do that trade if you’re Boston. What makes you think Minnesota would move their best player? That’s crazy

    • Eisenhorn1976

      That isn’t insane at all. In a few years, KAT will be Anthony Davis’ closest rival.

    • KGino

      Actually, you would be crazy if you DIDN’T give up the Brooklyn pick for him. I’d go so far as to say I’d throw Kelly or Sully in with the pick to get him. And maybe even more