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Recap: In OT, Celtics top Clippers in game of the year


Wow, just wow. The Celtics gave their best effort of the year to beat the LA Clippers in overtime, 139-134. This game had everything, and probably surpassed the excitement of the Golden State game back in December.

The key plays were made by Evan Turner in the last two minutes of OT. Turner made a 14-footer to tie the score at 132, then drove for a layup and the foul to provide a three-point lead. Chris Paul made a layup to cut it to one, but Turner hit a 10-footer to restore the lead to 137-134. The Clippers had two chances to tie, but Paul Pierce and Jamal Crawford both missed from behind the arc. Jonas Jerebko wrapped it up by grabbing a traffic rebound and hitting two FTs after being fouled.

Boston was led by Isaiah Thomas, who had 36 points on 12-21 shooting and 11-12 at the line, plus 11 assists. Jared Sullinger battled all night against the larger DeAndre Jordan, finishing with 21 points, 10-15 shooting, 11 rebounds and seven assists. Jae Crowder added 19 points, Avery Bradley 18, Marcus Smart 17 and Turner 14.

LA was led by Paul’s 35 points and 13 assists. JJ Redick had 27 points, Jordan 21 with 16 boards, and Crawford 18.

The Cs held the lead most of the game, but LA rallied and snagged the lead in the fourth. Near the end of regulation, with Boston trailing by two, Chris Paul missed a three and the Celtics rebounded and called time. Except a very late whistle put DeAndre Jordan at the line for two. The 41.8% free throw shooter missed both. At the other end, Isaiah Thomas got a switch mismatch and drove past Jordan to toss in a fadeaway that tied the score. Paul missed a jumper at the buzzer and the game went to overtime.

OT looked like doom when Redick scored six quick points: four-point play, then fouled on a three attempt, making two FTs – both fouls by Bradley. AB atoned by hitting a three, then Sully also hit from deep to cut the lead to one and set the stage for the wild finish.

Both teams began the game with hot shooting and didn’t let up. Pierce drilled two treys in the first quarter (but those were his only points of the night) for LA, while Sullinger made five of his first six shots, mostly mid-range jumpers (Jordan wouldn’t come out to guard him). The Cs trailed 37-33 at the end of the first.

In the second, Boston began to make progress when LA went to the bench unit. The Celts grabbed their first lead of the game at 42-41 when Smart drained a straight-in triple, one of three he made in the half. The Cs continued to extend their lead behind good shooting. They finished the half at 23-43, with 8-18 threes and 17-18 from the line. Smart and Thomas had 13 points each. LA kept pace, on 24-42 from the field and 6-10 from deep, but faltered slightly with 10-15 from the line. Redick and Jordan had 13 points apiece.

The Celts led at intermission, 71-64. It was the second straight home game in which they tallied more than 70 points in the first half.

Boston went small to start the second half as Smart replaced Amir Johnson. It paid off as the Cs built their lead as high as 13 points. LA came back behind a ton of free throws (10-12 for the quarter). Crowder hit a corner three and then an and-one layup, and late in the quarter Thomas dropped in a triple and a layup. Paul made a very deep trey at the buzzer and the Cs’ lead was 98-91 going to the fourth.

Tyler Zeller got his first minutes to start the fourth and provided a spark by hitting a jump shot and taking a charge. LA responded with four triples in the first five minutes to retake the lead, 109-107.

The Green:

Pierce and Doc received loud ovations when lineups were introduced. Pierce is not always in the starting lineup for the Clippers, but he was tonight after sitting out (rest) in their previous game.

Team owners Wyc Grousbeck and Steve Pagliuca presented IT his All-Star jersey in a pregame ceremony.

Smart made three triples in the first half, and was also fouled once behind the arc, hitting all three FTs.

Celts committed just two turnovers in the first half.

The Gross:

Smart and Crowder both fouled out.

Brad tried the Hack-a-Jordan twice in the first half, and both times the big guy made both free throws. They tried it twice again in the fourth and Jordan made one of two both times.

In the first half, Kelly Olynyk upfaked and drew a foul when Jordan landed on him, but after the FTs had to leave for the night with a bruised shoulder.

Lance Stephenson hit a three in front of the Celts’ bench, turned and gave everyone crap as he moved up the sideline, and earned a technical foul for his stupidity. Cs all laughed at him.

The Greenlights:

IT not giving in to PP.

Crowder and-one

IT sends it to OT


The Grid:

  • Shooting: Clippers 51.8% (44/85), Celtics 49.5% (47/95)
  • Points in the Paint: Clippers 36 (18/32), Celtics 42 (21/37)
  • 2nd Chance Points: Clippers 6 (3/8), Celtics 17 (5/10)
  • Fast Break Points: Clippers 9 (3/4), Celtics 14 (5/7)

Box Score

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  • Curt Hays

    Partial dislocation could have Kelly’s shot looking terrible for a while.

    You think Danny will trade him now?

  • 李正憲

    the gross:ref

  • Sean

    Don’t judge me for still wanting every Pierce shot to go in.

    • Curt Hays

      Yet another observation…DeAndre Jordan really should’ve stayed in college longer. He knows so little about playing basketball. No post moves, no shot, no court awareness. He’s just an athlete, bullying his way around.

      If he had the skills of Blake Griffin, he’d rival Shaq. Instead, he’ll be famous only until he retires. IT4 will be famous longer.

      Edit: Idk why that was a reply to you, but it was. I’m over it.

      • Sean

        I’m not sure if I should keep praying for Horford after all these Ws.

      • chuckmckenney

        Shaq was the ultimate bully. He’d overpower his opponent and then shot it hard off the backboard.

        • Curt Hays

          Not disagreeing with you, but Shaq also had skills. I wouldn’t mind Jordan’s bullying if 1) he was a Celtic and 2) he had skills to go with it.

      • CelticsNextGeneration

        Jordan sucks big time. Dude can’t make free throws, has no offensive game as you mentioned, and is really just a total liability on the floor. Doc Rivers still sucks as a coach too, how many times did the Celtics run a pick and roll and get a switch on Jordan who could not defend a wet paper bag? Could it have been more obvious that he shouldn’t have been on the floor when the Celtics went small? Rivers sucks.

        • KGino

          Rivers continues to have some of the worst substitution patterns Ive ever seen.

          What was bothering me was Jerebko switching to CP3 all game… Poor Swede.

  • Curt Hays

    The Cs are missing a TON of open looks/cutters in the paint. It’s almost entirely a result of bigs, not named Olynyk, having the ball at the top of the key. Would love to see this corrected.

  • Eddie

    Jesus, learn how to write. This piece is full of sentence fragments and has no voice. Have an opinion, use the language. This recap is just a Chris Farley “do you remember when” one after another.

    • Richard Jensen

      ‘This recap is just a Chris Farley “do you remember when” one after another.’

      There are issues with this sentence.

      • Curt Hays

        Really, it should have been something like the following:

        “Jesus! Learn how to write. This peace is fool of sintense fragmentations and haves no vox.”

        Then, both sentences after that really do have grammatical issues.

        I, thought, Reds Army, was, supposed, to be, a, blog, that, reads, like, a conversation.

    • Curt Hays

      I left a comment, below, making fun of you with Rich. In case you don’t come back to see it, I’m replying to you directly. You’re being a douche nozzle.

    • Mike Dynon

      Sorry I’m not smart enough for you Eddie — but no problem! Red’s Army has a policy of “Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.” We will refund your purchase price as soon as possible.

      • How dare you spend a recap just recapping what happened?

        • Mike Dynon


  • KGino

    Celtics beat clippers and the refs in oT!!! Gutsy win

    • Curt Hays

      Tommy brought his A-game tonight.

      • KGino

        At one point Tommy referred to IT as “little kid” and I couldn’t stop laughing

  • Erik Willis

    I think that anyone who wants to trade Evan Turner needs to rethink that. Sure he makes some bonehead plays but the dude is generally clutch towards the end of games. Tonight was another example of that.

  • DC Swish

    Did any one else notice the pre-game mock stabbing of pierce lol

  • Jake Gruber

    What a great win by a gutsy team. They certainly make it hard on themselves, but they just find ways to do things. I’m just impressed that they’ve started to learn how to win games in late game situations without having anyone taller than 5’9 that is really a go-to guy.

    I still think that they will struggle in late game situations against longer and more athletic teams, because relying on Thomas to make shots over the outstretched hand of DeAndre Jordan (ridiculous shot by the way) does not feel like a way to a title. However, just an unbelievable performance by Thomas overall, and by the Celtics. My concerns are still with the defense over the last 3-4 games. Hopefully the ASB will give them a chance to reset. Also, someone needs to have a conversation with Avery Bradley about time and score. His tenacious defense is his biggest strength, but he absolutely needs to be aware of when it’s worth reaching and when it’s not. Sometimes you just have to defend as well as you can without reaching and hope they miss without reaching or jumping at them. This was nearly 2 nights in a row. I love the effort, but be smarter!

  • Jack Howland

    Is it me, or are fouls on Turner always ignored by the refs? I feel like he gets hacked all the time, but just doesn’t have the status.

  • Rod Shaftwell

    The mental makeup of this team is incredible.

    Competing this hard, playing with this much passion, just to get blatantly fucked by the officials… on your homecourt no less. And then to win anyway? Unbelievable.

    Poor Refs, they tried SO hard to help the Clippers win. I haven’t seen this many bailout calls since the 2010 NBA Finals.

    • KGino

      Idk that I’ve ever seen BS so furious with the refs as he was when they called that foul for Deandre Jordan with like 20 seconds left. What a bogus call. Refs had money on this game, and lost it because the Celtics are as mentally resilient as my Patriots

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