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Let’s speculate about Will Barton, Lou Williams and Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker

ESPN Insiders have put together their thoughts on potential deals in the Eastern conference. There are some interesting and juicy suggestions:

Which Eastern Conference finals contender should make a deal at the deadline?

Kevin Pelton, ESPN Insider: Boston Celtics. Third in the East, the Celtics are contenders and have plenty of draft picks to offer in exchange for another creator for a playoff run.

Finding a fit is tricky. Will Barton would be perfect if Boston were willing to buy high. Otherwise, the Celtics might have to weigh taking on a player like Lou Williams, whose long-term contract would limit their flexibility.

First off, I’m ecstatic the Celtics are considered a contender for the Eastern conference. Second, the thought of Lou Williams (and his 39% shooting) on this team is frightening. I know we need offense, but a minor deal for a gunner like Williams could shake-up the chemistry. He’s owed $14 million over the next two years.

Will Barton is an intriguing player. After 2 1/2 unproductive seasons in Portland, Barton’s found a groove (15 ppg, 38% 3 FG) ) in Denver. I don’t know why Denver would deal an up-and-coming player who’s locked down at cheap money ($3 million per) for the next 2 seasons.

3. Which likely lottery team in the East should look to sell?

Ford: The Bucks, although I would say “will” more than “should.” Jason Kidd is unhappy with his team’s performance and has the authority to make moves. In play are Michael Carter-Williams (acquired a year ago), Greg Monroe (signed in July) and Jabari Parker, who arrived via the 2014 draft and was immediately designated a franchise savior.

The Bucks are a disappointment this season but would they really consider moving 2014’s #2 pick Jabari Parker? Milwaukee is still figuring out where to play the kid (3 or 4), his 3 point shooting is non-existent (he’s 0-7 on the season!), yet everyone agrees he’s talented as hell.

I wonder if Danny Ainge would give Jason Kidd a call about Jabari Parker? Guess that depends in the scouting department likes him better than Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram or Dragan Bender.

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  • Richard Jensen

    No Jabari Parker for BKN pick. No. No. No. You don’t give Milwaukee two bites at the apple.

    I’d gladly part with the lower of the Boston or Dallas picks–heck, I could be talked into some 2nd rounders as well, but forget about any BKN pick for Parker.

    Parker needs a decent coach. Not a flailing hack who lucked into a decent season last year with John Hammond’s team and hasn’t made a smart personnel move since.

    • You are right about Kidd. What’s more, last year Bucks run was more about Brandon Knight good season, not Kidd’s coaching skills.

  • forever_green

    AnyONE that doesn’t want Jabari Parker is a fool! The kid is only 20 & very talented.

    • Curt Hays

      All these Jabronis that don’t want Parker!

      idk, he seems like he needs a lot of shooting help. I bet our D stops him in his tracks.

  • Curt Hays

    Getting Lou Williams back together with Evan Turner might not be a bad idea. Lou can hit DAGGERS. He’s shooting poorly because he doesn’t have good shooting giving him good looks.

    He’s undervalued right now. Go get him.

    • grey_skies7

      Isn’t Lou Williams a very similar player to Isaiah Thomas? I think Lou is on a great contract but he seems redundant to me, and not sure Isaiah and him could play together.

      • Curt Hays

        Lou is a perennial candidate for 6th man of the year. Let him come off the bench with Marcus Smart.

  • Adam Stark

    I’d go for Parker, but not for the Nets pick. I can see Simmons, Ingram, Bender and Brown being better. How about going after Tobias Harris? He’s become available, I know a lot of Celtics fans (including me) wanted him in the offseason. I’d be happy to give up Lee, Sully, Dallas pick and Minnie Pick.

  • Astarot

    From the Bucks I’d only consider the Greek guy and Middleton (wouldn’t give BKN pick tough) and that what they’d want and I don’t think they want to blow it up everything just yet.

  • art

    The scouting department can not like him better than Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram or Dragan Bender because there’s plenty to offer between Boston picks, Dallas pick, and second round picks. Looking forward to the trade deadline so we don’t have to listen to this any more.

    • jrleftfoot


  • zippittyay

    I don’t think any of them are worth any of our players plus some picks. We already have 3 guys waiting in the wings to get some playing time and 7 picks coming in the next draft. We can afford to buy high, but we need to aim even higher.

  • MJ

    How about Tobias Harris? Another scorer who has actually improved himself defensively this year. Supposedly the Magic are listening to offers.

    • zippittyay

      I’ll keep Jae Crowder, thank you.

      • MJ

        Uh, did I say let’s get rid of Crowder?

        • zippittyay

          Yeah, we’ll just give who’s minutes to Harris?

          • MJ

            Sullinger, who we’ll trade. You know that Harris, even if he can play the 3, is best used as a stretch 4 (that’s why he doesn’t fit into the Magic’s future plans since they have Gordon and Hezonja) which means he wouldn’t be taking many of Crowder’s minutes and he’d be a fit in the Celtics small-ball schemes. I even think he and Crowder would play very well together as tweener 3/4s.

            But then again, this is all hypothetical and for all I know the Celtics aren’t even interested. Really Harris is just a name that I felt like bringing up for a few reasons.

            1.It was said today that the Magic are listening to offers for him.
            2.The Celtics wanted Harris over the summer and were willing to offer the max to get him UNTIL
            3.The Magic’s plan A fell apart (adding Paul Millsap) so they re-signed Harris as a plan B which to me shows that they didn’t really want him back.

            I think he’d add to our versatility, offense, and wouldn’t take away from the defense. Best part is, I don’t think it would take a Nets pick to get him.

          • zippittyay

            I was all on board for signing him during the off season, but IMO he has not blossomed as expected and after watching him in a couple of games vs the Celtics, I no longer consider him a significant upgrade over Sully or KO or Crowder. I want to see Mickey to get some minutes too. Good time to trade Sullinger if that is what they are going to do though…..

          • Eisenhorn1976

            Yeah. Harris has seemed underwhelming to me too but maybe that’s down to Scott Skiles not using him properly. Perhaps a change of scenery to MA is in order… but not for anything especially significant on Boston’s end.

          • MJ

            I hear you. I’m an optimist when I like players like Tobias so in a case like this, I think Harris’s underwhelming performance is because the Magic are still trying to figure out who they are as a team because they have too much young talent for their own good.

            I just think he’d fit well in Brad’s system and boost the offense, which in all fairness has looked amazing the past few weeks but I think Harris would add to it. I trust whatever move Danny makes.

    • stephen

      What about a straight up swap with the lakers, Lee for hibbert? We don’t use Lee and he could actually help out Randle and Nance plus they then could give more minutes to both of them and we got hibbert comes off the books this year plus we get better inside d

  • zippittyay

    In the Good News Dept., we just leapfrogged the Clippers and Grizzlies in the Power Rankings and are now at #6.

  • zippittyay

    I’d talk to the Bulls about what it would take to get Pau Gasol. He is still one of the best bigs in the league and it’s time for the Bulls to realize they are not going anywhere this season and Pau’s best chance at another ring in the near future lies with the Celtics.