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Blatant speculation: The 2016 Nets pick for Brook Lopez?


Tis the season for rumors and unfounded speculation and I (unlike grumpy John) love to indulge. The guys at Sheridan Hoops wonder if Brooklyn would look to move Brook Lopez for a draft pick, their/our draft pick:

Lopez is averaging more than 20 points and is on the first year of a three-year, $63 million deal that will probably look better as the salary cap grows. Assuming the Nets aren’t really contenders for the length of his contract, one appealing option would be to gut the current roster and really start from scratch.

Would the Celtics give the Nets back their first-round pick this year along with expiring salary matcher David Lee? Oklahoma City nearly traded for him a season ago for Jackson, who ended up in Detroit. Would the Thunder have interest again? Probably not to both of these, but the new Brooklyn GM should consider all his (or her) options.

Despite the fact the 27 year old Lopez is healthy and dominant (20 ppg, 8 rpg, 21 PER) this idea generated a resounding NO from the Red’s Army staff. Naturally, KWAPT went a bit further with his commentary:

I’d be interested in Lopez for any combination of picks that doesn’t involve the 2016 BKN #1.

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  • fannak

    Too injury prone.

    • KGino


  • Adam Stark

    I don’t see why the Celtics don’t trade for Monroe. He’s young, rebounds, scores and has a decent contract. I know he’s not a great defender but I think he’s worth a try. Maybe Lee, Sully, Dallas pick and the Celtics own pick.

  • DC Swish

    NO…… and I wish I could make the font bigger.

  • je

    Do it for the 2018 pick—incentivize brooklyn to be worse longer and hurt them this year

    • Brad P

      I was thinking the same thing. Fair trade that makes both sides nervous

    • art

      No reason to do that. Brooklyn is already near the bottom of the pack.

  • art

    i think Chuck keeps writing these things just to get me upset. NO.

  • Cal Cortez

    The draft might not be that deep this year but I’d rather package a bunch of players/picks for a franchise player like Andre Drummond.

  • Jaedre

    FUCK NO lol