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Any interest in moving Bradley, Crowder and picks for Blake Griffin?


ESPN’s Zach Lowe examines Blake Griffin’s situation in Los Angeles and whether or not he should be traded. Naturally, the Celtics are referenced:

If you want to poach Griffin, now or in the offseason, you’re probably going to have to come with an offer that — at least in Rivers’ view — maintains the Clippers’ spot in the league’s hierarchy. The Boston Celtics could build an offer that appears to help the Clippers in both the short- and long-term: Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, one big man and two first-round picks — including one of Brooklyn’s unprotected picks.

Bradley and Crowder would give the Clippers two 3-and-D guys to space the floor around the Paul/Jordan main course. The Clips could play exactly like they are playing now, only with better players. The Bradley/Crowder combo would equip L.A. with enough quality wings to at least try and match small-ball lineups with Golden State.


I’m willing to entertain this scenario provided the Celtics keep Brooklyn’s pick this year and give up the 2018 pick. Unlike a lot of the people I argued with on Twitter this morning, I view Griffin as a Top 10 player. I think most experts do. He’s the take-over scorer this team desperately need. I’d hate to lose AB and Crowder’s two way play, but it’s much easier to replace them than find a guy like Blake.

Griffin is far from perfect, as Lowe points out:

Griffin is entering the late stages of his prime, and unless he learns to shoot 3s, his jumpy game might not age well…

Griffin is a tricky piece in the modern NBA: a big man who doesn’t shoot 3s or protect the rim. There is a lot of evidence suggesting that you can remove those players, even the ones with killer post-up games, replace them with skilled shooters who make less money, and lose basically nothing.

Griffin is the apex of that sort of player. He is the DeMar DeRozan of power forwards — the guy who lacks a skill that is normally a prerequisite for his position, but stands as a huge net-plus anyway because he has gotten so damn good at everything else.

I should also mention the fact that Griffin just fractured his hand punching his friend in the face. Pretty sure that eclipses anything DeMarcus Cousins has done.

In other not-so-surprising news, Marc Stein says Danny Ainge is looking to deal:

Boston has been quietly aggressive, with its well-chronicled array of assets, in search of the splashy move we all know Danny Ainge would love to make. But with Sacramento thoroughly unwilling to entertain offers forDeMarcus Cousins, and Cavaliers general manager David Griffin likewise emphatically shooting down the notion of making Kevin Love available earlier this week, there isn’t a starry trade target for Ainge to chase. At least not yet.

So what do you think? Make a run at Griffin?

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  • Adam Stark

    I really like Griffin, I would give a lot for him, but not Crowder and the 2016 nets pick. Maybe, Bradley, Young, Sully and all 2016 picks.

    • celticpride17

      hell no! I wouldn’t even trade crowder straight up for blake!!! mark my words jae crowder will be an all-star next year!

      • zapatatio

        Yeah! De acuerdo, always I would say: what would Red do, and What would Russ do? Caz with Red and the Great Bill Russell is the Celtic wisdom!

  • Richard Jensen

    If you’re going to trade Crowder & Bradley then you have to scrap the C’s entire identity as a “defense-first” team. And when you do that, you’re going to need more scoring–a lot more scoring–and you’re already giving up way more scoring than you’re getting back. Simultaneously, neither AB nor Crowder have backups poised to fill in that scoring gap.

    Like I said on twitter, I’d be open to Griffin in the scenario proposed if the C’s were also able to land Jeff Teague.

    All by itself, it’s a bad deal for Boston.

    • jrleftfoot


    • Curt Hays

      What would you do with IT4?


      • Richard Jensen

        Crowder would be gone. Your #2 backup/#3 would be an unholy mess of Evan Turner, Marcus Smart, RJ Hunter and James Young.

        I mean, basically, your wing position is going to be a constant battle to avoid actively harming the team, let alone being a net positive.

        • Curt Hays

          That’s what it looks like from Dallas too.

          So picking up Teague would cause this unspeakable mess on the wing…wouldn’t it also put too many quarterbacks on the court at the same time?

          • Richard Jensen

            No. The unspeakable mess at wing is caused by trading out Crowder and Bradley: Crowder because he’s the only decent wing the Celtics have and Bradley because he’s the only other backcourt player that can score consistently off the ball.

          • Curt Hays

            Picking up Teague is the proposed solution to fill the void caused by getting Blake (giving up AB/JC).

            I’m asking if it’s a good idea to put Teague on the court at the same time as IT4. IT4 could probably average 35 ppg coming off the bench, but I’m not sure how much he’d like it.

  • tom webster

    I would give pick along with Bradley ,Sullinger, Lee,Turner combination. Not Crowder.

  • SamR

    That is a ton to give up for a big who can’t protect the rim and doesn’t take 3s (for the most part).

    Bradley, Crowder and the Mavs & C’s 2016 picks, OR Bradley, Crowder and the Nets 1st seem like a heavy price. I think I’d say no to even those offers. I’d definitely not like the deal Lowe proposes.

  • Rick Rice


  • Falcon Falcone

    Griffin would be nice, but i dont love him. Def not for the Nets pick.

  • jrleftfoot

    ——umm, no

  • forever_green

    What do we have against our equipment managers???

    • Curt Hays

      At least the equipment managers in LA don’t deflate the balls.

      Couldn’t help myself…and I’d never say that in a place where people would agree with it. Nothing was proven, and, even if it was, nobody was beating Brady anyway.

      • forever_green

        Cheating is totally wrong, glad it wasn’t proven, I’m definitely a Brady fan.

        Only thing deflated this year was Brady, he was beat to shit by Denver. It was hard to watch.

        • Curt Hays

          “If you’re not cheating, you’re not winning.” – Michael Jordan

          • forever_green

            Did he really say that?.I guess B.Russell is the biggest cheater of all time.

          • Curt Hays

            As far as I know, no. But he isn’t a Celtic, so he can kiss my ass.

  • forever_green

    Only if Pierce is included.

  • Alex Melberg

    Would Blake come to Boston or stay with LA?

  • Sean

    Big Hell NO. Don’t want to help Doc. Don’t want to give up that much. Don’t think it’d make us better.

    • Lee in Oregon

      Agreed, no way we do Doc “Celtic for life” any favors. I thought Blake was way-over-rated his first few years, he was making all-star teams because he jumped over a car. The last few years, he’s been a stud though. I’d only want him on a low-ball deal and the Clips can get better than that. He’s not KG, he wouldn’t immediately transform us into a contender. I’m also not big on losing Crowder & Bradley to get him. Those 2 are the heart of the team, and would be hard to replace on the great contracts they’re playing on.

      • zapatatio

        Anyone who thinks this sort of “deal” is okay does Not understand team dynamics. Jae and AB are part of the heart and soul of this young Celtics team. Griffin is a hothead with bad attitude, and poor “D”, nuff said.

  • Jester00

    this would be stupid Jeff Green trade on HGH stupid

  • Jester00

    grant it I have been drinking sinse noon

  • RedsLoveChild

    Too many moving parts involved to feel good about this.

    Losing one or more of the Net picks is a steep price, and the circumstances surrounding his latest injury does not scream “maturity” or “leadership”.

    Minus an extension, losing Griffin to free agency two years from now would be crushing.

  • art


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  • Riley Leff

    I think Jae Crowder is borderline untouchable. If you trade him, you’re selling the soul of this team. Without the pride that this squad has, it’s just a random mishmash of average NBA players running around while Isaiah chucks away. No one (save LeBron, maybe, but certainly not Griffin) could carry that to an elite level, which is where we want to be.

  • Redunkulous

    Is Kenneth Farid available? He’s a talent on a team going no-where and I could see him thriving under Brad Stevens. It could be a minor deal, maybe move Sullinger

  • No thanks. I don’t see Griffin’s game improving (although he’s younger than I thought). Any chance of getting Nerlens Noel? I love his athleticism.