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Danny Ainge won’t panic at the deadline

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) January 28, 2016 Celtics News, Danny Ainge 5 Comments on Danny Ainge won’t panic at the deadline


People love trade rumors.

They’re consistently the highest-traffic posts on ours and every other NBA site out there. People love to dream up scenarios and cry for the big play.

But no amount of afternoon drive time yelling is going to force Danny Ainge to do something for the sake of doing something. 

“I can’t put myself in that position, because then you do silly things. I would like to do something to put us in that position (to win a championship), of course. Every day I’m thinking and trying to come up with ways to do that. But it’s just not that simple,” said Ainge. “A lot of the mistakes that are made around our league is people trying to do something too fast; they’re impatient and they panic. We’re definitely not in a panic mode. We have objectives that we would like to accomplish, but you have to make a good deal. We can’t just say we want to win a championship and are going to get so-and-so. It’s not that simple.”

There is a perception around the league that Ainge is willing to overpay for an asset because of how much he was willing to give Charlotte in an attempt to draft Justise Winslow. It’s something the team even acknowledged in the immediate aftermath of the draft. However, I think that was a lesson learned for Ainge who pulled back and wondered aloud if he went overboard.

The real NBA trade landscape this year is interesting. There is no big star currently available.

No, sorry, Boogie isn’t moving. Not after playing the way he is and with the Kings on the edge of a playoff berth they so desperately want.

No, sorry, Doc Rivers isn’t moving Blake Griffin to begin a rebuild he so desperately tried to avoid in his last days in Boston. If anything, the Clippers are going to wait until the summer and try to make a different kind of win-now deal. They don’t want our draft picks.

The reality is the sellers are few and far between, which means the price is going to go through the roof. It’s simple supply and demand. With a supply of good players on the market so low, the amount of Boston’s assets that will be required to get those players will go way up. And there’s no way Danny Ainge is going to blow a stockpile this good on players who aren’t worth the haul.

Of course, there are surprises that could pop up. Sometimes people who might be tempted to stand pat can be tempted to sell when they see how valuable their pieces can be. I think if Ainge does make a move, it’ll be with a under-the-radar team that may not be one of the obvious sellers at the deadline.

Is a culture change necessary in Washington? Will Orlando give up some talent for something that fits better or to add picks?

I’m just throwing teams out there, but the point stands… Ainge isn’t going to be pressured into making a move. It doesn’t mean he won’t make one, but don’t expect him to throw a ton of assets at the teams currently at the forefront of the rumors.

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  • Sean

    Fully expect Danny to pull a trade with a team like the Suns no one saw coming.

    • Dave

      Like last year? Lol, I hope we finally get a big that can patrol the paint.

  • zippittyay

    Not to be in panic mode, but tough choices will have to be made. You think we have a minutes crunch right now, we still have to find some time for Hunter/Young/Mickey/Rozier AND a hopefully top draft pick. That doesn’t even include the FIVE remaining picks we’ll have in the next draft. It’s likely one of those too will be a keeper.

    • Curt Hays

      We’ll end up trading all 7 picks to Sacramento for Cousins and Rondo. They will use all of those picks to select University of Kentucky players and then hire Calipari as the HC/GM/Pres.

  • TMC

    A patient team that has the right combo of assets and picks will likely be able to “help out” Golden state when it needs the cap space to max out Curry in 2017-2018. We already did it once taking Lee so they could sign Green. I’m guessing that one or two of the guys set to get paid in the next 2 years aside from Curry (Ezeli/Barnes/Bogut/Iguodala/Livingston) will become available.