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Your Morning Dump… Where Crowder just keeps getting better


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

I’m usually first in line to scoff at Draymond Green comparisons. Green’s combination skills is incredibly rare. Not every undersized forward can just be him.

But Crowder shares similarities. He’s strong and tenacious enough to defend bigger players in the post, even if his height lends itself to perimeter defense (where he also performs well). He shoots well enough to spread the floor. Crowder doesn’t pass nearly as well as Green, but he keeps the ball moving.

Looking for a poor man’s Green? It’s Crowder – and that’s a compliment I wouldn’t bestow on anyone else in the league.

Crowder also has the capability to complement a high-usage star should Boston ever nab one.

Pro Basketball TalkJae Crowder, one of NBA’s most underrated players, helping Celtics move on

That’s some extremely high praise from a hoops writer who’s not a Celtics beat reporter, but it reflects the enormous progress that Jae Crowder has made since arriving in Boston as an apparent throw-in to the Rajon Rondo trade. The dreadlocked one has developed so much that he’s in the conversation for who might be the best Celtic, and even the NBA’s most improved player.

Crowder has put himself there with his tremendous productivity, such as posting a 104.9 offensive rating and 99.0 defensive rating and scoring double figures in 27 of the last 28 games. Check out the article to see how his plus/minus compare to some of the league’s most high-profile stars.

Yesterday there was some chatter on Twitter about perhaps needing to trade Jae to Cleveland if Kevin Love should be put on the market by the Cavs. Responses I saw from Celtics followers were unanimous: No.

On Page 2: Everybody loves Amir

Brad Stevens immediately saw Johnson’s glue-guy reputation take form.

“He had been (in Toronto) for a long time,” said the Celtics coach. “It’s hard to come right in and do that type of stuff. But from what I heard, the reason they consider him to be such a leader within that locker room, and the reason we’re so fond of him, is because of his positivity. That’s the guy he is. He has a real spirit about him that lifts up teams.

HeraldCeltics notebook: He’s not just Amir ex-Raptor

“The team definitely gets along, man, this is one of the top locker rooms I’ve been in personality-wise and team-wise,” Johnson told The Boston Herald on Wednesday.

Johnson, a 10-year veteran, is a big part of the comradery in Boston’s locker room, and his comments were music to head coach Brad Stevens’ ears.

“I think that’s really important and I’m glad to hear it,” Stevens told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Zolak & Bertrand on Wednesday. “One of the things we’ve tried to focus on is creating a great environment or work and support. That is a positive sign hearing that from Amir. Any time you bring in a guy who has been in different locker rooms, that has a lot of experience in the league and a lot of experience winning in the league, that he says that is a positive thing.”

CBS BostonStevens: Celtics’ Happy Locker Room A Credit To Entire Team, 1-15

When the Celtics signed Amir Johnson as a free agent, we were told he’d be a blue-collar guy, a defender who could score a bit, someone who hustles all the time, the type you want to play with rather than against. And that has all come true.

Johnson returned to Toronto last night, his first trip there wearing green after six years as a Raptor. It was clear the Raptors and their fans miss him, as Johnson was given a video tribute and standing ovation.

As a 10-year veteran, Amir calls himself one of the team’s older guys, but he’s only 28. Playing about 24 minutes per game, he’s averaging 8.3 points and 6.2 rebounds – all in line with the numbers he produced in Toronto. Even better, Johnson has improved his defensive rating: 99.6 points allowed per 100 possessions this season, compared to his 106 yearly average up north.

Celtics fan have always loved players like Amir – solid, hard-working, high-character people. Glad to have him in Boston.

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And, finally: Welp…

ESPN BostonCeltics need to pop the clutch in close games

The last two games fell into this category, and both ended in painful losses. This situation does not bode well for potential playoff confrontations. Cs need to fix it now, or suffer for it later.

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  • Sean

    IT is a high usage player. We just don’t have the team the Warriors do, so trying to be them won’t work. I like Crowder though he plays hard.

  • NE_Celt

    Jae for Love….that would be a Hell No!

    I, like many C’s fans, definitely like hard working players who hustle and are good teammates. I think Jae and Amir are perfect fits for that. I would be happy moving forward with them being Celtics for a while.

    After the past few games I am really on the fence about Sully though…he has his moments…but this season I have not been impressed. And for all that “hard work” over summer…he looks like he is just as big as ever, maybe bigger than last year from seeing some of the in game replays of last season, but this year it doesn’t seem like he’s using that junk in the trunk as well. And his shooting…is that what he lost instead of the pounds he should have??

  • Curt Hays

    So many of those clutch games should have been blow outs. The Celtics were lucky to climb back into “clutch game” status.

    • Rod Shaftwell

      Speaking of a clutch game that could have been a blowout, the NBA has admitted to fucking the Celtics over in the Mavs game when Pachulia traveled at the end of regulation.

      They “missed” the call that would have given Celtics possession of the ball at the end of regulation.

  • KGino

    Best two way small forwards in the league… Kawhi, Lebron, Paul George, Jimmy Butler… Jae Crowder?

  • zippittyay

    Crowder ain’t far behind Draymond in his development. Don’t forget that Jae doesn’t get to play with the Splash Brothers. He is a definite keeper going forward along with KO and Amir. I love Isaiah Thomas, but I feel there is just a limit as to how far this team can go with a 5′ 9″ star leading the team even if he is the best under 6 foot guy I have ever seen play basketball. I hope I’m wrong about that one. Eventually, we will need some length in the backcourt.

    • NachoNinjaNuts

      I’ve been thinking this as well. I love watching IT play but I have to assume he’s at or near his ceiling. As much as I don’t want to see him go… it would be nice to cash in on his current “all star” reputation and use his value for someone who could truly propel this team into contention.

  • wil

    Im amazed at how good Jae is getting. Its more about his decisions when he has the ball. He turns the corner a lot more to get into the paint. He still doesnt have a fluid enough footwork and dribbles to get where he wants but he has been using his strength pretty well to absorb contact.

    Whats great about this isnt like AB’s hot shooting streak at the start of the season. Getting into the paint and free throws is a lot more reliable. If only Smart can do the same.

    I think Sully’s time with C’s is limited though. He hasnt proved that he can bring it every game night. We cant have him on a longer contract specially with all the picks we might be having.