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Your Morning Dump… Where Isaiah Thomas is happier in green


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“It was a blessing in disguise,” Thomas said of the trade. “It definitely turned my career around. It hurt at first because I’ve never been traded, never been in that situation, but it’s a better situation for myself here. I’m loved here and people like what I do, and I appreciate that.”

“It was weird for the players and the coaching staff to say, ‘Just be you. Go out there and make stuff happen,'” Thomas recalled Friday. “And it’s been like that since Day 1 and they’ve put me in position to be successful and it’s been a good ride. Hopefully I can be here for a while.”


It feels like we’ve come a long way since we were worried about whether Isaiah Thomas was a good fit. While he wasn’t the team’s leading scorer last night–in no small part because the team was playing so well that he only had to play in odd-numbered quarters–his pace over the prior three games was, to all intents and purposes, positively Paul Pierce-ian.

Page 2: Marcus Smart is becoming more versatile.

The second-year guard finished with 10 points, 11 assists and 11 rebounds with his assist and rebound totals each being a career high.

Smart became the first Celtic reserve with a triple-double since Art “Hambone” Williams who had 13 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists on January 6, 1971.

Of the three categories, the rebounding total was the most elusive until he grabbed No. 10 in the fourth quarter which to a large degree was set up by his teammates well aware he was closing in on the milestone.

“Before I got in the huddle, the team was just telling me, ‘you know one more (rebound),’ and they were telling everyone, ‘just box out’ and allow me to get the rebound,” Smart said. “That’s when I knew I needed one more to get that.”


Marcus Smart logged his first and hopefully not last triple-double against Phoenix. He may never become a volume scorer, but if he’s consistently able to defend the other team’s best player, regardless of size, he might just have a future in this here professional basketball league.

Page 3: Amir Johnson’s fitting in

Stevens said he watched video of Isaiah Thomas during his first game as a member of the Celtics — coincidentally against the Suns, his former team — and noticed how tentative he looked compared with now.

“Even though he was doing some dynamic things that were catching all of our attention, it took him a while to be comfortable on both ends of the floor,” Stevens said. “That’s part of Amir’s transition here. But he’s doing great. He’s really had a good last couple of weeks.”

Boston Globe

Amir Johnson’s progress over the past couple weeks has been about the only bright spot in what has been a truly ugly stretch of Celtics basketball–I mean, sure Isaiah Thomas has scored a lot, but that’s because seemingly everyone else except Amir and Crowder forgot how to put the ball through the hoop. At any rate, Gary Washburn write a bit about how Amir’s adjusted to playing with the Celtics and how he’s stayed in the league.

Finally: Stevens to speak at Andrew Smith’s funeral

Celtics coach Brad Stevens will give a eulogy at the funeral of former Butler center Andrew Smith on Sunday.

Smith, 25, who played for Stevens at Butler from 2009-13, died Tuesday after a long battle with cancer.

Stevens said that Smith’s wife, Samantha, called him Thursday and asked him to give a brief speech at the service.

“Obviously, it’s gonna be hard,” Stevens said Friday night. “But I had a good relationship with Andrew and Sam. It’s one of those things where I’ll do my best to represent him well.”

Boston Globe

When Stevens asked out of the Chicago game last week to visit a former player in the hospital, most of us didn’t realize at the time that he was going there to say good bye.

Here’s Stevens’ introducing Andrew Smith on Senior Night in 2013

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  • zippittyay

    All Marcus Smart does is make big plays. It’s funny because the guy can’t shoot a lick, jump that high or move too quick yet somehow consistently makes impactful plays on the court. I just wonder how much his 35% FG shooting and 65% FT shooting takes away from that. Much like Glen Davis, Marcus is a basketball player born with a football player’s body. If he played for the Patriots he could be the next Lawrence Taylor at middle linebacker. I am torn as to what to do with Smart in the future but I don’t think trying to force fit him into the PG slot is going to work out in the long term.

    • Curt Hays

      He was being such a punk last night. Flopping (like always) and generally trash talking the Suns.

      He’s so similar to Rondo, but people still hate on Rondo.

      • Sean

        I still love Rondo. The fake on Lebron in the playoffs.

      • forever_green

        Maybe I’m in the minority but I’d rather have Rondo. Better?

      • wil

        i hope he stops flopping lol its embarrassing

    • wil

      Thats what’s so captivating about him. He makes big plays at the right moment. I think he is a point guard. He has that ability. He knows where players are and he has shown he has skills to thread needles.

      I think some just needs to guide him and work with his game. His main weapon should be the Pick&Roll. Because his skill set is centered on stuff he can only do once he is in the middle of the floor. He has a great spin move and a hop step to free him up. He has also been showing he can knock down floaters. His wide frame also allows him to keep defenders on his back when they lag behind. He is also a good mid range shooter when he takes it in rhythm. Its all about him using his body to his advantage instead of using him in the corners.

      Celtics haven’t really been great at improving talent. I just hope they bring some one in to work with these guys.

  • KGino

    Smart “might just have a future in this league”…. Uhhhhh yah? He’s only one of the best perimeter defenders I’ve ever seen play the game.

    • Gregg Futch

      I want to believe you’re trolling

      • KGino

        Call it what you want. That line accompanied by “hopefully will not be his last triple double” make it seem like he’s James freaking Young and will be bouncing back n forth between the Cs and the red claws. Smart is a top 3 player on the team. I’d call it clarifying

        • Sean

          Idk about top 3 on the team but I see your point. IT & Crowder 1 & 2. 3rd spot is debatable.

          • Sean

            actually id say ab

        • zippittyay

          If Smart a ‘top 3 player’ on this team, chances are he would not have gotten his name on the poll listing the ‘most disappointing players’ thus far this season.