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Should the Celtics pursue Rudy Gay or Hassan Whiteside?


ESPN Insider has kicked off a new series examining trade targets for each of the 30 teams. They start with the Celtics and, well, prepare to be underwhelmed:

DeMarcus Cousins
If and when the Kings decide to move on from the Cousins era, Boston is a logical destination. Cousins has long been connected to Boston in the rumor mill and would give the Celtics the centerpiece talent that could bring their roster into focus. The Celtics have a strong organizational culture with which to surround Cousins, if Ainge and head coach Brad Stevens want to accept the challenge.

Rudy Gay
The Celtics have the role players and wing defenders that could help balance the Kings’ roster. Meanwhile, Gay would give the Celtics a legit No. 2 scorer and the ability to play big on the wing or team Gay with Jae Crowder in a versatile frontcourt.

Hassan Whiteside
Whiteside will be a free agent, and if his financial ambitions are beyond Miami’s limits, Boston makes sense as a trade partner. He could shore up the Celtics’ defensive rebounding and rim protection deficiencies, keeping the defensive rating elite while giving Stevens the flexibility to play offensive players around him.

No surprise that Cousins is option #1. I’m still unsure about this guy. He’s vastly talented but temperamental. But with the Celtics mired in a losing streak, I’m starting to believe they should roll the dice on cornerstone talent.

I’d pass on Rudy Gay because (at 29) I feel like his best years are behind him. Am I crazy to think Avery Bradley, albeit he lacks Gay’s size, would equal Gay’s scoring if you gave him 16-17 shots per night?

Whiteside is a punk. Just ask Kelly Olynyk. Yes, he fills a giant void (shot blocking and rebounding) but scouts criticize his lack of team defense and passing. Something tells me he’ll be an even bigger prick once he gets paid.

Insider lists Smart, Olynyk and Thomas as the Celtics with the most trade value. And because his “versatility might have value on a team with such a need,” Evan Turner is the most likely to be traded.

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  • Adam Stark

    No thank you, no thank you and no thank you. I can’t see any player out there that the Celtics would be able to get. The sort of players the Celtics need are Bradley Beal, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thomson, Andre Drummond.

    • KGino

      Paul George

  • CFH

    Cousins’ talent may be worth rolling the dice on his attitude. Whiteside is not nearly talented enough to justify his attitude, and it’s not even close.

  • NE_Celt

    I think Cousins and Whiteside are locker room cancers and wouldnt be a solution in the long term. Their upsides just arent enough to make up for their downsides in my opinion. And I agree, I think Rudy Gay is on the downside of his game, so he really wont help in the long run either.

    And I want to say that I like ET and his game…but god damnit, if he keeps shooting 3’s I will be the first in line to be demanding his trade. All of them last night could have been a few steps into his butter zone and then take the shot…he just got complacent with the outside shot. He has to know when he is open for the 3, he really isnt open, he might as well have a hand in his face.

  • Sean

    Rudy Gay is a chucker. Whiteside is a clown who can’t score. Cousins is a whiny bitch but he can score and defend. Cousins or sit on the picks on this list. Noah and Beal might also be available.

    • Curt Hays

      Rudy Gay has stats that are about the same as Paul Pierce. He just happens to be more athletic than Pierce.

      • Sean

        Rudy Gay played on better teams for longer than Pierce. I think if Pierce had KG around for a few years more his stats (maybe not scoring) would be higher. I’m probably wrong but I don’t remember ever hearing about a Rudy Gay 50 point game.

        • Curt Hays

          Better teams? Rudy Gay has played in 7 career playoff games. Pierce has played in 158.

          I’m not saying RG is as good as P2. I’m just saying that he’s probably an improvement over anything we have right now.

          • Sean

            Maybe I should’ve said better teams…after they trade Gay. The Grizz traded him and they had a good run until this season and the Raptors traded him and had a good year last year. I think if Paul had the teammates Rudy got traded away from, he would’ve had an even more impressive career. Just saying, as soon as this guy gets traded, the teams that traded him almost automatically get better. He might be better than anyone we got, but I don’t wanna get him to have to wait for him to leave to get better. Give me Cousins and all his baggage everyday, at least we know he has elite talent. I think we’re all forgetting other guys are available like Noah, Beal, maybe Harrison Barnes or Durant. MJ had a good idea about Jabari Parker.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Celts already have a “world class chucker” in Thomas, whose FG% is definitely worse than Gay`s.

      IF Kings want nothing more than some sort of combination of Turner/Smart/Olynyk…..they`re super determined to unload Cousins!

      • Sean

        IT actually fits this offense though, Rudy is a chucker and uses alot of iso to get inefficient points. He’s been traded twice for a reason. Even Crowder is shooting a better % from 3 this year.

        If the Kings dont want the BK picks plus those players then just sit on the picks. Tbh, I’d rather see Danny use the picks then send them off.

  • Curt Hays

    Rudy Gay is worth it as long as he isn’t pissed about being separated from Rondo.

    Sacramento is just now learning how to play together, so I don’t see that team getting broken up.

    • BIG_HITTA1

      “Rudy Gay is worth it as long as he isn’t pissed about being separated from Rondo.” just re-read this and cracked up Curt!! Not sure if you are serious but one of the best lines of the wk. If the C’s do get Cousins, much of the roster been Rondo-ized so da Cuz shouldn’t faze them. Back to Rudy – Rudy may want to stay in Sac as I think Rudy was invited to Rondo’s birthday party at the end of next month. You know, the event where Rondo takes a week off………………

      • Curt Hays

        Lol, nah, I just remember reading that they were friends at some point. I am just thinking about how Rondo got when KPerk got traded.

    • Kyle O. Henderson

      How about this?

      • Curt Hays

        Good thinking, but I’d rather have Gay and Sully than Boogie.


    I think we can all agree that NO ONE on the C’s roster is untradeable (with IT maybe being the only keeper). That said, Cousins is such a talent, plus with nice size, that Danny needs to go hard for him – trade anyone. As long as Danny doesn’t drain the entire cupboard of the desirable, draft pick chips then I say lets shake things up. The current roster will have trouble getting Cousins to listen to them (ie no players have a ring, no MVP, etc). That said his on court talent is immense. Plus he may attract a free agent.

  • Kyle O. Henderson

    This solves a bunch of problems.

  • Kyle O. Henderson

    This solves a bunch of problems. Check it!

    • Sean

      I wouldn’t mind this.

    • IanD

      I would do this in a heart beat, however Cousins and Gay still have multiple years left on their contracts. There is no way the Kings would trade their 2 best players for just expiring contracts. This would prob take at least 3+ first rounders from the Celtics including this years from Brooklyn and a first and second from Chicago. Would you still do this trade if it cost all the the brooklyn picks and Sully? Even then the Kings would prob want Smart

  • Kyle O. Henderson

    Boston gets Demarcus
    Bulls gets Rudy Gay/Jared Sullinger
    Kings get David Lee/Joakim Noah

  • BigHog

    Go get whiteside. Protect that fucking rim.

  • zippittyay

    I was anticipating the “How to Blow a Big Lead at Home vs the Pacers” article……

  • MJ

    Fuck the Knicks. That’s all. Fuck them hard.

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