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Recap: It’s time to panic about the Celtics offense

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The Celtics cannot score. I repeat, the Celtics cannot score. Just another hideous offensive performance tonight by the boys in green as they lost 101-92 to Chicago.

Here are the numbers: 35% from the floor, 20% from 3.

How many ways can we dissect it? And at what point do we criticize shot selection? Evan Turner and his 16% 3 FG should NOT be launching three pointers on critical possessions. Jared Sullinger and his 29% 3 FG should not be launching contested 3s 8 seconds into the shot clock no matter what the score.

I’ve reached the point where I want to see RJ Hunter or James Young on the floor for 30 minutes a night taking 15 shots.

There’s one highlight worth watching: Evan Turner passing the ball off Pau Gasol’s face

The offense isn’t going to come around. Unless Danny Ainge pulls off a deal for someone who can score, the Celtics are going to languish on the cusp of the 8th seed in the Eastern conference.

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  • Sean

    Thats just an everyday Evan Turner pass. Lets go RJ. Let him shoot it every time. I miss Brandon Bass that mid range shot was money.

    • KWAPT

      It sure was…. *sigh*

  • art

    Totally agree with this. Stevens needs to put his foot down and order no 3’s unless absolutely the last option. This team needs to learn how to pass and make plays. Don’t understand why guys like Turner and Sullinger are allowed to constantly take 3’s and miss most of them. The other supposed 3 point shooters already miss way too many. Yes it’s time for Hunter and Mickey- win or lose. The current team is going nowhere. Johnson and Lee are not the answer as so many had hoped.

    • Sean

      If they stop shooting it takes the space out of the system. Turner needs DNPs.

      • KGino

        Lol turner is one of two guys on the team who can create his own shot and make plays off the dribble. Turner just needs to never take another 3 Idgaf about spacing he shoots 15% it might as well be a turnover every time he launches one. He’s excellent from 18 feet and in with the ball in his hand

        • Sean

          I agree he can kind’ve create his own shot, I just want him to do it for another team in another jersey. Every time he touches the ball is a rollercoaster. And he never passes to RJ or Young, people who should be getting his minutes. For his career this guy averages about half as many turnovers as assists. Can’t we just trade him to the Timberwolves already? lol

    • Curt Hays

      But the 3s are Brad’s idea.

  • DC Swish

    The celtics 4th quarter offense is too predictable with IT being the only legitimate threat. Unless we are going to make real moves to get a reliable scorer, lets start to get a real look at what we have in RJ, Mickey, and Young and improve our draft pick.

  • KGino

    Been saying it for a month now, ET misses damn near every 3 he takes and I knew he was shooting under 20% without ever looking. How can Brad, a numbers guy, continue to let this happen??? We would be nowhere without him but god damn does he overlook the simple things. Sullinger and ET should never shoot another 3 ever. Unless last second shot clock. Awful. Weren’t we somehow leading the EC in PPG like two weeks ago? Testament to Brad if so, but we could be so much better. Mickey and rJ need to play

    • Jake Gruber

      Just to go off of what you’re saying about RJ Hunter and Mickey, I think you’re exactly right. Neither one of those guys will be a savior right now, but I cannot wrap my head around why you wouldn’t play a shooter with excellent basketball IQ and has shown proficiency defensively and an insanely athletic shot blocker who can score around the rim when your team struggles for consistency in all of those things!

      I’m not criticizing Stevens as a coach all together by any means, he’s amazing, but I just cannot understand the reluctance some coaches have to play young guys when those guys have a lot of what you are missing. If they hadn’t shown some defensive proficiency I would understand it. But it appears to me that they have!

    • wil

      It kinda sucks that Ron Adams left C’s so early. I wish we still had him. He would probably help with some of our shooting woes since he closely monitors the players shooting.

      I feel like we need an assistant coach that can take a load off of Stevens. Some one to manage the progression of the players and push them in the right direction. Brad Stevens like giving the players freedom to boost their confidence but at the same time we need some one to remind these guys which their strengths are and where they suck at.

      I wish we had Mchale to work with Sully’s post game. And some one needs to work with Smart. He has the type of game that could get alot from the free throw line.

      Atleast Kelly is finally figuring out what he can and cant do on offense now.

  • Jack Howland

    I didn’t understand Turner playing with IT. Maybe if Turner played point, but he seemed like he was on the wing all the time waiting for the ball. That’s just like giving the other team an extra defender.

    Also, do we miss AB this badly?

  • M3Celtics

    Everyone here is so bias. Smart and I.T. have awful back to back shooting nights, and no one cares. But people are mad that Turner took two wide open 3’s? It makes no sense. Look at the stats, IT and Smart go a combine 3 for 20 on 3’s in two games. They are taking way too many bad shots! And that’s a way bigger problem then Turners 1 for 4 on three’s pointers his last two games.

    • Sean

      Turner has been a cancer to the offense since he got here. Too much iso not enough results.

      • M3Celtics

        Thats exactly what I mean about people being bias. Turner is a cancer to the team, even tho hes had a solid season and him & IT are the only two guys who can create their own offense on this team. But i guess its totally ok that IT and Smart keep taking bad shots and play hero ball. IT is by far our best offensive player and Smart our best defensive player. But that doesnt take away from IT being a gunner & ball stopper a lot of the times. And Smart not being a good offensive player, so he just chucks up contested 3’s.

        • Sean

          Just because he can create offense doesn’t mean he should always have the ball in his hands. Honestly, it’s up to IT and Smart to do it because IT is our best player and Smart is the future. Also, both are PGs. It’s really not just me dude, you can find google searches of ‘evan turnover’ going back to 2011. Remember this was a guy on his way to China before Danny took a chance. I feel like he was used out of necessity last year, this year idk. I’m trying not to pile it on b/c he’s not the only problem, but I couldn’t name one other team this guy would get this many minutes/touches.

    • chuckmckenney

      I hear your point but this team needs IT and Smart to keep chuckin. The logic is that they are better shooters than ET and will find rhythm eventually. ET has never been a 3 point guy. Throw a pump fake and drive into the lane. He’s so good at that. Stick to it.

      • M3Celtics

        I agree with you on ET not taking 3s. But people are acting like him taking two 3’s a game and going 1 for 4 the last two games, is the reason we lost. But everyone is totally ok with IT & Smart going 3 for 20 on threes the last two games. Our team has a really bad habbit of taking a lot of bad contested 3s & thats not on ET’s maybe 1 or 2 attempts a game.

        • Curt Hays

          We are losing because of the shots being taken. This is on Brad. Guys having a bad shooting night isn’t the issue. It’s that we live and die by the shooting averages of low-percentage shots. If we’d take higher percentage shots, we’d have better rebounding and have more time to get on Defense.

      • Curt Hays

        Don’t forget that turn-around jumper from the short corner. Ice. Cold.

  • forever_green

    – In DA you guys trust.