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Mark Jackson makes horrible LeBron-is-Jesus reference on Easter

Mark Jackson is not good at his job, but unlike the Golden State Warriors, ESPN has yet to come to its senses and send this clown packing.

You don’t need to watch much of one of his broadcasts to know why, but just in case you needed more evidence, here it is.

LeBron James went up for a dunk and got fouled. It happened on Easter Sunday. So naturally, Jackson, a self-proclaimed man of God, made the obvious “he has risen” reference to the play… because that’s what most Christians want to hear on the most celebrated day of their religion… a comparison between the son of God and a guy who’s really good at basketball.

I’m sure Jackson is praying that David Blatt gets canned after this season so he can go show Dan Gilbert and LeBron how much he’s willing to slobber all over his star player and let him do whateeeeeeever he wants.

“Sure, LeBron, Blatt lets you call your own plays… but does he truly believe you can walk on water and heal the blind? No… but I DO!”

ESPN needs to can this clown and send him off to call some local D-2 games or something.

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  • Frank Aziza

    You’re reaching here. With all the serious attacks on Christians by our federal government and terrorists abroad you pick on Mark Jackson? Really???? Mark Jackson is the least of Christians worries.

    • well, I wasn’t watching the ABC 3pm broadcast of “federal government vs. terrorists abroad.” I was watching Cavs-Bulls. And we’re a basketball site. So… yeah.

      Plus, I wasn’t jumping to the defense of Christians world wide. I’m more commenting on the LeBron/Jesus comparison

      • Frank Aziza

        I know. I’m just thinking it was a non story John. Only because people are sick enough to pick it up your story and make it a huge deal…it’s crazy in the media.

    • Sean McLaughlin

      Attacks on Christians??? lmao When did this site become FOX/ABCNews/CNN??? Jesus!

  • Eisenhorn1976

    Jackson’s clearly still bitter over getting canned by the Warriors and is trying to get himself a coaching job. He even said he’d vote for Harden over his former player, Steph Curry (even though Curry was one of his supporters). Not a good look for him: players will remember stuff like that.

    He’s actually not a bad announcer when he’s with Van Gundy and Breen but he’s still a bit of a tool. I remember a Nets broadcast a few years ago when he announced he would be taking a coaching job (i.e. the Knicks) and basically announced his resignation over the air (his broadcast partner seemed pretty surprised by it, actually) … except he didn’t get it.

  • jrleftfoot

    Jesus spoke to me personally and said he doesn`t care. He`s pissed off that you were watching basketball instead of sitting in Church , though. Don`t let it happen again or there`ll be hell to pay.

  • Mike C

    Another idiot who thinks Lebron is the second coming of Christ is Jeff Van Gundy. I have to turn my volume off when he’s commentating cause it makes me sick to hear a dude talk about another dude as if he’s got a crush on him. It’s ok to be a fan of someone’s, but some of these guys make me wonder if their straight or not.

  • swissflix

    Religion is truly mankind’s worst invention ever.

  • tatlıkafa

    this guy is a pastor


    ESPN/ABC are the biggest Lebron dickriders. Wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson gets a raise & promotion.

  • Guest


  • GoKingsGoCeltsGoTigersGoNiners

    Mark Jackson is the WORST! What a tool!

  • Curt Hays

    I missed my chance…

    LeBron can turn water into Whine!