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Your Morning Dump… Where other teams’ bloggers/fans are dreaming up Rondo trade scenarios


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Larry (St. Claire Shores, Mich.): If Rajon Rondo wants to be traded, should the Pistons go for him? If so, would it be a good trade to send Greg Monroe, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and D.J. Augustin for Rondo and Tyler Zeller?

If Rondo and Monroe are taken as known commodities, then the swing factor in deciding the merits of this trade come down to how high you believe Caldwell-Pope’s ceiling really is. I get the sense Van Gundy thinks it’s pretty high. Boston, for its part, hasn’t fully committed to a rebuilding mode and Danny Ainge has been vague about his intentions. If they put Rondo on the market, I’d have to think an offer of Monroe and Caldwell-Pope would prove a powerful attraction.

Buk (Bangkok, Thailand): Monroe and Jennings for Rondo. Who says no?

As for who says no … Boston drafted Marcus Smart and likes Phil Pressey, by all accounts, and Avery Bradley can also play point guard and might wind up doing so if James Young wins minutes at shooting guard to go with Marcus Thornton. Even if Danny Ainge really likes Brandon Jennings, I’m not sure he’d want to take on that much more in salary at that position when he would seem to have enough there now.

First off, the mere thought of Brandon Jennings in a Celtics uniform makes my skin scrawl. I don’t like anything about him or his game.

The point of this blog isn’t to debit the merits of a trade with the Pistons (Greg Monroe is a talented player but is he worth near max money?), but show how other fans/bloggers perceive Rajon Rondo.

Fact… they want him.

Read this glowing take on Rondo from Space City Scoop – a Rockets blog:

For all Rondo’s deficiencies as a player, he does one thing indisputably: makes his teammates better. Rondo is one of the best pure distributors in the game, and his jump shot is nowhere near as horrendous as portrayed by some NBA know-it-alls. Moreover, with supremely talented athletes, a great jumper isn’t needed.

Defensively, Rondo would be the pest he always has been. For all that has been made of Patrick Beverley’s defensive abilities, Rondo is one of the best at playing passing lanes in the Association. He led the league in thefts in 2009-10 and has averaged nearly two steals per game over his career.

His ability to command an offense has never been in question. He’s led the NBA in assists per game twice (2011-12 and 2012-13), and he’s a great rebounding point guard too. Rondo averaged over five rebounds per game three times in his career, and his knack for getting the long offensive rebounds is unparalleled. Rondo chases down a lot of loose balls to create extra possessions, too, which is another team-enhancing ability of his not found on a stat sheet.

Who knew John was moonlighting with Space City Scoop?

Zach Lowe and Bill Simmons talked Rondo trade scenarios in this new podcast. Lowe doesn’t see Phoenix or Detroit as likely trade partners. As usual, Simmons went the blockbuster route and offered up Rondo/Wallace to the Knicks for Amare/Hardaway/Shumpert and 2 Knicks 1st rounders. Charlotte, Dallas and Houston are also discussed.

So much speculation… and it’s only September.

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  • NE_Celt

    Im sorry Buk….but AB is not a PG…we have all seen how that plays out. Its not good.

    And Space City Scoop basically sums it up nicely for RR.

    • CFH

      My thoughts exactly. If you think AB can play the point, you haven’t watched him try.

      Nice kid. Nice player. Not a point guard.

      • LA Flake

        Just goes to show that these bloggers of other teams have no idea what they’re talking about. Rondo makes his teammates better? And Rondo is a good defender? Uhhhhh…Suuuure. Give us your best assets for him!

        Let’s think back to Jason Kidd’s days as a Net. He led that team full of nobodies to two consecutive Finals. TWO. How was he able to do that? He moved the ball and never pounded it to death. He was about pushing the tempo all the time every time. He also played great defense, often guarding the Paul Pierces of the league. Now he was a great PG. Rondo? Is he anywhere near that level? NO. Not even close. He makes unbelievable passes but can’t control the tempo to our advantage. He steals the ball a lot but gambles too much or just gets downright lazy which breaks down our defense too often. I really believe that playing with all those HOF teammates spoiled him.

        I loved Rondo when he played with a chip on his shoulder from 2007 thru 2012. But that guy’s gone as well as PP and KG who made him better. I’d love for Rondo to have a great year with us but I do not want the Celtics to give him a huge contract. For $12 million per year, yes. Anything more would be bad for this team going forward, which means we should deal him.

        • bill_nair

          Seems like the report has really soured you on Rondo. FWIW theres plenty of articles out there that explain how Rondo “pounding the ball” is just hyperbole.

          That being said we see eye to eye on his value. I understand him getting $15m per. He’s not worth it but I wouldnt be mad if Danny got him for that. Anything more is overkill.

          • LA Flake

            $15 million for Rondo is a bit too much for me but I’m ultimately okay with that because I think that contract is tradable if the need arises. The report hasn’t soured me on Rondo by the way. I’ve always been a bit frustrated by his game. Specifically, his inability to shoot which forced us to go 4 on 5 a lot during our contending years. And when he started playing matador defense, that just made me mad because you know, I don’t expect anybody to shoot the lights out all the time. But I do want and expect every Celtic to play hard every night. I mean, s#!t, they get paid millions to play basketball. I can’t stand players, especially *star* players, who take plays off for whatever reason. It really drives me up the wall when I see that. Again, I think having KG as his teammates for so long has spoiled Rondo and he’s developed some bad habits.

          • bill_nair

            See, I had always read you comments and thought you were more of a fan than you are. Not trying to categorize you or say your not a Rondo fan or anything, but you just have seemed more critical since the report. Which is all good, lots of truth to what you say.

          • LA Flake

            I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Rondo since his rookie season. And I am guilty of wanting more out of these athletes than what they are or can give us. Maybe I’m just a fan version of Jeff Goodman when it comes to Rondo.

          • KGino

            LOL the only reason J Kidd was able to make 2 consecutive finals is b/c the east SUCKED then. Thats why they always got dominated once it came to the finals. The 08 Celtics would have won 70+ games in 2001-2002-2003

        • NE_Celt

          You have to wonder how much of Rondo’s pace of the game was due to Doc and their teams game plan at the time. I think Stevens wants to play a more up tempo game; so this year will really show us if Rondo goes with the faster pace, or slows things down to make plays like he always has. And there is no doubt that playing alongside HOF’s made him look better. And really this will be his first healthy year without any HOF’s helping out…so he very well may push the team to the Finals this year, who knows. To sum it up…I think this year Rondo has a lot to prove, to fans, his team, and the league.

          And I wont argue on the defense…I think in his early years he was a lot better on defense…he can still be good, but he does gamble a lot and kind of slack off more then he used to.

        • frickenWaaaltah

          JKidd’s Nets were baloney. They only beat O’bie’s Walker/Pierce team because K-mart was issued a license to abuse Toine. It was a total crock.

          That was probably the most crooked the NBA ever was and will be, because it was all so blatant. Those C’s would have had a great shot to beat the Shaq/Kobe Lakers. They played man to man defense with good switching when called for, took a lot of threes, and usually made a good showing vs LA.

          But that was also the year that the refs completely robbed the Sacramento Kings. So it should have been a Celtics vs Kings finals. Walker vs Weber: the question nobody really gave a damn about answering.

          Actually I’d take Walker over Weber no hesitation. It should be obvious really, just imagine switching them; Toine would have been crazy awesome for the Kings while CWebb probably would have been a dud on the C’s. But those Kings teams usually blew away the C’s back then, so they’d probably have won the finals in 5 or 6.

          • LA Flake

            Oh, come on…You don’t really mean all that about Antoine Walker. Yeah, they let K-mart push him around but…K-MART PUSHED HIM AROUND! And Walker over Webber? Come on…

          • frickenWaaaltah

            Yes, I mean all of it. Take a look back some time. It was the real ‘bad old days’ for the NBA. It’d be hard for the game to sink so low so often again to match it.

            K-mart was always a thug who did that sort of thing some of the time, but in that series he did it every time all game long after the win in the game with the largest if not greatest comeback ever. After that, K-mart was not just pushing Toine around, he was straight up hammering him every time he went up with the ball for a no-call basically every time. He was also beating on him off the ball the rest of the game, and beating on him aggressively with elbows and forearms as soon as he’d catch the ball.

            I mean there was rough 90’s style basketball, and there was that bullshit. Once the Nets went there and the refs just let it go, it was complete and utter nonsense. I think it was in part because Toine was clearly on the old Rasheed Wallace list for guys refs just hated and would not help. They hated how emotional he’d get about missed calls and/or correct calls that didn’t go his way, and they liked to rub it in that he was ‘nothing without them.’

            Part of why those Nets were such BS is because after that series, K-mart’s license to kill became part of their winning formula. They expected to get away with using it whenever they needed it against whoever, and for a while, they got to do that. Not that it ever helped them make a series vs the Shaq and Kobe Lakers look good…

            And yes, Walker over Weber every time. Put Walker on the Kings and you see it; the Kings would have been even better because Walker was an even better point forward than CWebb. Put CWebb on those C’s and they are a 2nd round playoff team at best.

            For one thing, Walker was a much much better passer; it’s just that he was stuck with Vitaly Potapenko trying to catch his awesome interior passes for most of his career instead of Vlade Divacs. The Ukraine Train is a nice guy and worked his ass off, but man did he have stone hands. So even just getting Mark Blount was huge for the C’s and Walker, because Mark could catch a pass and hit a short baseline jumper.

            Basically that’s it in a nutshell: people think CWebb is better because of the teams they played for and the teammates they had and what their coaches had them do/let them do. Walker would have been awesome for Rick Adelman in the high post.

            But another thing that doesn’t revolve around the situation issue: CWebb was a clutch time dunce. Beyond the infamous no-timeouts-timeout in college, he was generally always a little bit worse in clutch time like most ordinary players. His game was a little worse, and his decision making was significantly worse, like most guys.

            Walker was not exactly a clutch time killer like Pierce, where clutch time itself in general is something that makes Paul and guys like him better. Toine was a hot and cold kind of player. When he was hot, the man was crazy good, and it happened in plenty of 4th quarters, and that’s a lot more than CWebb had going for him.

          • frickenWaaaltah

            Consider how they scored:

            CWebb was always in a ball movement and team effort kind of offense, with 4 other shooters on the floor. A lot of the time, he could just catch and shoot or make a good pass as part of the offense.

            ‘Toine seldom got to play like that. A lot of Walker’s offense happened in isolations. The play would clear the floor a little and he’d be expected to just find a way to score.

          • wil

            Cwebb is a beast.

  • adam

    rondo to the wolves for wiggins and rubio…………

    • LA Flake

      Oh, man, if only Flip was that dumb…Hmm…Maybe there is a chance?

    • bill_nair

      I absolutely hate Rubio but having Wiggins would be worth it.

      • adam

        have to take on some garbage in the deal.

        • bill_nair

          Your right, which is why id prefer to let him walk. That being said, if we get young talent pile the garbage on.

  • tatlıkafa


  • CallingBatman

    Meh. I can’t wait for training camp to start so we have something more concrete to focus on.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Reality check :
    It doesn`t matter that Detroit bloggers/fans want Rondo. What does matter is what GM`s around the NBA are willing to offer for Rondo. So far, not very much {unless you consider Ben McLemore “much”}.

    No GM will ever blow Ainge away with a generous offer for RR…..GM`s know there`s a huge difference between “All-Star” status {voted by fans to play in a meaningless exhibition game} vs. “Super-Star” status {truly great players who clearly move the “W-L needle”}.

    Also, who are these NBA “super-stars” dying to team up with RR? Josh Smith?!? Nobody ever heard Kevin Love “demanding”a trade here, so he could team with RR.

    The Celts have a good young inexpensive core {AB, JS, Smart}…they have those BRKLN picks…they have cash to spend.

    Money talks like nothing else can!
    Allow Rondo`s contract expire…accumulate about $30M in cap space…then wave that cash at every super talented, in-their-prime 4 & 5 that`s even semi-available. They`ll be knocking down the door, sign at least 2 of them, parades will follow.

    • bill_nair

      Dannys never going to get a fair trade for Rondo, probably cause he values him higher than he should. That being said, id rather cap space than clogging up our roster and cap with useless players who play the same position as players we have. I just hope he manages it properly when he gets the cap space.

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  • KGino

    Based on the trade scenarios so far proposed (i.e. Kings & Pistons), teams are UNDERVALUING Rondo EXTREMELY! I would literally tell those GM’s to go F themselves for offering such crap. If anyone thinks any of these players are even close to Rondo’s level (Greg Monroe isn’t close. Sorry.) they are mistaken. I take the cap space 100/100 times if these are the offers we’re getting.

    What people neglect to mention is Rondo is a Playoff BEAST. While he may not move the “win-loss needle” much in the regular season, there is no doubt in my mind he moves it towards “win” when it matters.

    Regular season Rondo: debatably a top 5 PG.
    Playoff Rondo: DEFINITELY top 5 PG.

    Let’s hope the trade deadline deals (theres no way a trade gets done before then) are more realistic. I have a hard time offering Rondo a max deal, but honestly if people like Greg Monroe and Gordon Hayward are getting max deals, theres NO WAY Rondo doesn’t deserve one (once he again proves he’s healthy, which I highly doubt will be a problem). I’d just much rather invest the money in a BIG who plays some DEFENSE now that we have Smart.

    • bill_nair

      I agree with you that if guys like Parsons and Hayward can get a max, Rondo should too. But none of those 3 players are worth it. Id rather Danny be competent and give a player his worth not based on what other players get or nostalgia.

    • wil

      i wish Rondo can face of with Rose and CP3 in the playoffs. As good as a player Rose and CP3 are, Rondo is THE player youd notice in a playoff game because of his tenacity and activity.

  • forever_green

    Those trades suck & losing Rondo only sets us back!

    P.S. These pop up ads SUCK too!

    • bill_nair

      Fortunately Rondo couldnt have picked a better time to play the new NBA game “ima superstar and I want out” (this of course if its true). Losing Rondo does set us back, but its not like we were that far ahead anyways. Hate to see him go but its not like were in the same situation as the Magic, Cavs, Jazz and even Wolves were in when they lost their stars.

    • CFH

      The pop up ads from hell have come back with a vengeance lately. I’m back to not being able to read the mobile site because the ads crash my browser before I can close them.

      • LA Flake

        You’re telling me you can’t use some Qsymia in your life? Or Progressive insurance? Come on…

        • forever_green

          Or Dell..

  • bill_nair

    Just let Rondo walk. We get cap space and id be willing to bet a sign and trade would go down so we get a late first or 2nd back. Everyone whos screaming trade Rondo just want something in return, isnt that….something?

    Id rather cap space than trading rondo for a bunch of guaranteed long term contracts. Unless we’re getting good young players just let him walk.

    Oh and Danny can jump off a cliff if he brings Jennings in. Id just become a WNBA fan.

    • LA Flake

      I really like Bill Simmons’ idea of trading Rondo for Noah Vonleh and MKG. Don’t know if Michael Jordan would do it but I’d jump all over that.

      • bill_nair

        Eh. I really really dislike Vonleh and MKG would be a nice SF when Green leaves but I dont like him on this roster. We would need elite shooters at the 1 & 2 and either the 4 or 5 to make up for him. But it is the best deal so far I will give Simmons that.
        Smart, AB, MKG would give teams hell on the perimeter.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    So when I clicked on that title I was all set to laugh at the Knicks fans who are still after Rondo and thus still haven’t realized that Phil Jackson is calling the shots for their team. Does Phil really want Rondo for the triangle? More like AB maybe.

    But then, even more comedy… it’s Bill Simmons pushing a Knicks trade for Rondo!?!? smh…