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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo’s going nowhere (because no one has a choice)

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

…the idea that he would demand a trade at this point is a bit of a head-scratcher. Why now, on the eve of training camp, rather than at the start of the summer, when teams had money to spend and would have been more eager to get something done?

Multiple league sources have repeatedly said that Rondo wants to start the season in Boston and see where things go from there. A similar sentiment has trickled out of Celtics camp, as well.

Rondo is hopeful that the team Danny Ainge is assembling around him is better than most anticipate, that they can be this season’s feel-good story not only in the East but throughout the NBA.

CSNNE:  This isn’t the time for Rondo to demand a trade from Celtics

“It doesn’t matter if he wants to be traded,” said Ryan. “They’re not trading him. He’s not tradable right now.  Nobody’s seen him play and that’s that.  If he is traded, it will be at the trading deadline.”

“You can’t trade him until somebody has looked at him and see what you’re getting. Because it certainly was inconclusive based on what we saw at the end of last year.”

CSNNE:  Ryan: Rondo is “not tradeable right now”

Set aside Tanguay’s trolling by calling this a “fait accompli” that neither side would want each other… Bob Ryan is right about one thing, there’s no way Rondo can be traded now without the Celtics getting completely fleeced in the deal.

If we’re being completely honest here, it’s in the best interests of both sides to keep their options open.

From Rondo’s perspective… 

No one can pretend to know what he’s thinking unless you’re part of his super-tight inner circle… and even they might now know.  Even if we take the most positive scenario here and assume that he’s so in love with Boston that he can’t imagine life anywhere else, he still needs to keep his options open with free agency.

As I’ve said many times, a basketball player’s career is comparatively short compared to his overall lifespan.  That means he’s got a short amount of time to make a lot of money.  If Rondo’s perception of his worth doesn’t match the Celtics’ perception, then he owes it to himself to check with other teams to see if he’s wrong, or if the Celtics are.

So let’s say he wants max money and the Celtics offer him, say, $5 million less than that per year.  It’s in his best interests to see if the Celtics are low-balling him, or if that’s indeed his fair market value by exploring what other teams are willing to pay him.  From there, he can make his own decision about quality of life, desire to switch cities, and all the other non-financial stuff that goes into a decision like this.

The bottom line here is, even in the best-case scenario, Rondo, and all players, should probably get the full picture before making an informed decision.

Hey, I’m happy where I work, but if there’s a transition going on and I don’t like some of the things I’m seeing, I’m not going to put blinders on and ignore it.  If I have an opportunity to better my situation, I’m at least going to consider it.  This applies to any work situation, even to the one involving the job of Celtics point guard.

From the Celtics perspective…

I don’t know if Danny Ainge drafted Marcus Smart specifically to replace Rondo, as insurance in case Rondo or Avery Bradley left, or if it was completely independent of the current roster’s makeup and was simply a “best player available” pick.  Regardless, the Celtics now have themselves a little logjam, so they can take a little time to see how this plays out.

There’s no rush to move Rondo now, especially with the knowledge that no team will give anywhere near fair value.  They need to evaluate no only whether Rondo is healthy, but whether Rondo indeed fits into their vision of the future and with his current teammates.

Just look at the New England Patriots and how callous they are when it comes to their players.  It doesn’t matter how good you are or how much you’ve helped in the past, the second your contract doesn’t match your value in their eyes, you’re gone.  Teams have to be that way because as much as players have to think of themselves as real people working real jobs, teams have to view these guys as robots and lines in the ledger.  Emotion can’t trump reason when you’re a GM.

So the team has to sit back and see.  Rondo’s the only trade chip that has any value, and, at the very least, the Celtics have the ability to offer teams a 5-year contract for Rondo in a sign-and-trade.  All it takes is for Rondo to demand 5-years from a team and the leverage swings back in the C’s favor if it got to that point.

Either way, both sides have reason to play nice and play this season out.  A lot can happen between now and February, so there is little need to rush into anything on either side, regardless of whether Rondo is buying up property to build a mansion in the Boston suburbs to live here for ever, or if he’s got one foot out the door.  This is one big waiting game.

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Page 2:  Moser passes on C’s to play in Lithuania

BOSTON — Mike Moser is no stranger to a change in plans at the last minute.

But when it has happened, things have had a way of working out for the former All-America who was a standout performer for the Boston Celtics summer league team in July.

That appears to be the case once again as the 6-foot-8 forward has had a change of heart in participating in NBA training camps to instead play for Rytas in Lithuania which is based on Vilnius, Lithuania and plays in EuroCup – the second best league in Europe.


Be honest, you forgot he was even on the summer league team, didn’t you?

Good luck, Mike.  Chances are he’s making more money to go play overseas than he would trying to make it in the NBA.

I always think guys in this situation should send a thank you card to the Dream Team for spreading basketball around the world like they did in 1992.  It didn’t just give European guys an opportunity to be recognized and make it to the NBA, it gave rise to all these leagues with money to pay fringe players to play professionally somewhere.

Just think about how many talented guys never lived out their dreams of getting paid to play basketball 20 years ago.  Then you look at a guy like Dionte Christmas who struggled, and went overseas a bunch, honed his game, got better, busted his ass, and is now enjoying some extended NBA run.

These opportunities didn’t exist that long ago.  So I wish all these guys well as they grind and hustle and try to take a long, strange path to the NBA through Europe or Asia.

And Finally….

Charlie Rose did a basketball compilation show featuring Bill Russell, Charles Barkley, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Magic Johnson, Chris Paul, and Steve Nash.  Bill Russell takes the first six minutes or so if you don’t care to watch the whole thing.

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  • Dirk Diggler

    All of this BS will be put to bed when the C’s make the playoffs this season with a lot of cap space and picks heading into 2016…

    The fun is just beginning for us Celtics fans.

  • KGino

    Whoa whoa whoa who the hell is writing about Rondo DEMANDING a trade????? This has gone so overboard its ridiculous. Even if he said he wants out, that in no way implies he is demanding to be traded. I F&*#*&*@ hate the media when it comes to Rondo

    • LA Flake

      My guess is that Rondo is looking for max money because this will be his last big contract but the C’s aren’t willing to give that. So, in addition to wanting to play in a decent market (not Sacramento) that has a chance to compete, Rondo is looking to get paid. And since the C’s aren’t willing to pay him the max, and since the C’s are in a rebuilding mode, Rondo probably told the management that he then wants out. Because Rondo knows that if he goes to a playoff team, he’ll be able to raise his value by performing at a high level in the playoffs and get paid like a superstar.

      Rondo is very highly regarded by a bunch of teams. The Lakers have Jeremy Lin for one year, so I look for them to make a huge push for Rondo. The Knicks, too.

  • Barnaby Jones

    Sorry for the unrelated post but is anyone else getting this crazy annoying Qsymia ad on the mobile version? Normally I don’t complain about the ads but the “minimize” or remove button doesn’t seem to work on this ad so I have to close the entire browser and start over when it pops up. Really frustrating!

    • GinoTime

      YES. It’s ridiculous.

      I’ve got no problem with ads and I want you guys to make money, but this particular one is obnoxious. It can’t be closed.

    • chuckmckenney

      Sorry guys. Experienced the same annoying ad. I’ve contacted our mobile guys and it’s been removed.

  • NE_Celt

    I am a Rondo fan….and I know there is no other news out there…but god, all this RR news is getting old haha. Training camp please start!!!!

  • RedsLoveChild

    Make Marcus Smart the starting PG immediately.

    Do NOT trade Rondo…there is no possible scenario where any team will ever offer desirable talent for a 6`1″ 170 lbs. PG who can`t shoot beyond 12 feet.

    Let RR come off the bench…allow his contract to expire at the end of the season…take back the salary…accumulate tons of cap space…use the $$ exclusively to sign young, talented 4`s & 5`s when the opportunity arises.

    • LA Flake

      You don’t want Rondo brooding on the bench, man.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Letting Smart gain priceless experience, and building his leadership skills, is far more important than Rondo`s feelings.

        Besides, it`s not in RR`s best interests to be brooding…teams seeking to sign FA`s may not giving huge money to guys with an “attitude problem”.

        • LA Flake

          I think Rondo’s “attitude problems” have been well documented. Remember that game when Doc benched Rondo and Rondo cussed him out, throwing his mouthpiece at him and prompting KG to yell at him while in the game? I mean, it’s no secret that Rondo’s got some personality issues but a lot of teams are willing to overlook that.

          I’m all for Marcus Smart gaining experience but Danny needs to get something for Rondo. Whether it’s Julius Randle, Ben McClemore or unprotected draft picks, Danny can’t just let him walk for nothing. That’d be a bad GM move, IMO.

          • RedsLoveChild

            LA`s not giving up Randle for Rondo.

            Sac-Town can keep McClemore…James Young will probably be better than him, anyways.

            Money talks…..create tons of cap space, and watch talented young “bigs” arrive to join Smart, Bradley, Sully, etc!

          • LA Flake

            You live in LA, RLC. You know how much the Flakers and their fans covet Rondo. They’re so PG-starved they think Lin could be their savior. Maybe he will be, I don’t know. They’re very, very high on Rondo though. Especially since Kobe loves Rondo.

          • RedsLoveChild

            No longer live in Cali.

            LA needs to rebuild, and Randle is a great start. Laker fans are glue sniffers if they think the “Kobe era” still exists.

            Kobe`s upcoming season will end the same way as the previous two…his fragile 36 year old body will fall to the floor, two teammates will help him limp off the court, followed by a date with the surgeon three days later!

  • swissflix

    i want to see that Rondo, Smart, Bradley, Pressey and Young backcourt. At least for half a season.