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Your Morning Dump… Where Jackie Mac says Rondo wants out

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

That video is from an off-air discussion between Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, who said “now that Kevin Love is traded, you know who’s next, your boy,” referring to Rajon Rondo.  She responds with “I hope so” and “just get it done,” adding “he’s told them he wants out, and no one believes me, but that’s the truth.”

In the ensuing conversation, they discuss possible destinations, like Sacramento, but she says Rondo told the Kings he’d never re-sign there.

So there are a couple of sides to this:

Side 1:  This is Jackie MacMullan, a well-respected journalist with good sources who is very knowledgeable.  She’s not some idiot like Felger or Donny Marshall just pulling stuff out of their collective asses.  Generally, when Jackie Mac says something like this, there’s something to back it up.

Side 2:  This is an off-hand comment made as part of an off-air discussion.  This wasn’t said during the show, nor was it put in a column of any sort.  I think “Rondo wants out” is a hell of a headline.  This seems like the type of thing that ESPN Boston would love to be trotting out and blaring through loudspeakers.

Side 1 rebuttal:  Why be anything but honest in an off-air discussion?  This is a conversation between colleagues, not some radio blather.  She had no real reason to believe this would blow up.  The video was posted 4 days ago on YouTube without any sort of promotion or mention.  Why is it blowing up today?

Side 2 rebuttal:  Maybe she didn’t want it promoted.  This wasn’t the type of sourced material that goes into columns or something she says on the radio or TV. This is just casual conversation where people are known to embellish a couple of details of stories.  You mean to tell me you haven’t told a story at a party or social gathering and made definitive statements about things you weren’t really that sure about? And when did he say this?  Yesterday? Last month?  Last year?  She doesn’t say.

I’ll stop there before someone calls my shrink….

I think both arguments here have merit.  Unlike the Jeff Goodman stuff, Jackie doesn’t a Tubby Smith-fueled history of trashing Rondo for the sake of trashing him.

But on the other side, it doesn’t match what I see.  Rondo has spent a significant time in Boston this offseason.  He’s said publicly in the past that he wants to stay.  And even little things like helping the Celtics owners with ice bucket challenges… If a guy wants out, does he do these little things?

I know some people will scoff at that last line, but I’m trying to match actions to these reports.  I’m looking at how Rondo has been acting and the things he’s been saying, and I hear these passing comments about him wanting out, and they don’t match.  So one of two things are happening here:  Rondo’s bullshitting us about his desire to stick through this and lead the team to another title, or the media is bullshitting us about these reports and is wrong.  I’m not sure which is true anymore.

Regardless of who’s right and who’s wrong, I’d still bet money that Rondo isn’t traded this season.  That still makes no sense for any party involved.  If Rondo indeed wants out, he needs to play nice so whichever team he goes to feels like they’re getting a more mature leader.  Other teams aren’t going to pony up any sort of real assets for a guy that could be a playoff-run rental, and the Celtics aren’t going to take back crap for Rondo when they can just take his cap space and move on.  So I’m still betting there’s no trade to be had.

Which means we’re probably stuck with a season full of this.  Even if Rondo and Danny Ainge both come out and say that’s a complete lie, it won’t change the minds of people whose minds are made up.  This only ends when Rondo is traded or signs elsewhere, or when he re-signs in Boston.

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  • wil

    would love to see Rondo in the playoffs one more time as a celtic. But its going to be alot easier to take in since we have Marcus Smart.

    But i doubt Rondo wants out if he is hanging out with danny ainge and the owners with the ice bucket challenge.

  • LA Flake

    Jackie Mac also said that Doc is sick of him and can’t stand him.


    But but but but but they talk all the tiiiiime! And Doc says nice things about Rondo and stuff!!!

    Jeff Goodman is a hack!

    Oh, wait…

    • forever_green

      She tends to throw things out there now a days, no credibility with me anymore.. I remember her saying that about Doc also, plus she’s a Kobe lover.

      • Richard Jensen

        I think it’s fair to say that Rondo and Doc did not get along well at first.

        I also think that Rondo is smarter than Doc, and I think he sees things on the court better than Doc. He was also incredibly immature, and hopefully, with time, he has gotten a better handle on his temper. You take an immature kid who realizes that he’s smarter than his coach, and it’s going to play out the way the Doc/Rondo relationship did the first few years.

        But people can change, and Rondo and Doc both did.

        • forever_green

          Oh yeah I’m sure Doc and Rondo had some disagreements for reasons you stated, but I think any of that was blown out of proportion. Not worth Jackie still bringing it up after Doc left on WEEI radio like she did, but whatever.

  • CFH

    If Jackie Mac says it, I believe her. There’s almost no one in basketball media I would credit over her. Period.

    At least Rondo has the brains to play nice in public while asking out in private. After all, things like this change quickly in NBA-world. Rondo could want out today, but not tomorrow (for a myriad of reasons). Rondo could want out, but Ainge could flatly refuse to take the bargain basement price.

    • Woj >>> anyone in terms of credibility but yeah, Jackie Mac really does know her stuff. I will say, though, that I don’t believe when she says “Doc hates Rondo.” I think that’s just fluff that plays into the false media perception of a fiery competitor.

  • jrleftfoot

    Maybe he`d rather play for a contender but will soldier on in the meantime. Perfectly sensible approach for a mature persn to take.

  • Bayern

    He is in the last year of his contract. he can move on just playing this year. What is the urgency for him to ask for a trade when he hasn’t played one full season after return and displaying his usual skills. Kinda unlike Rondo. Hard for me to believe.

    • forever_green

      It’s all BS.

  • Richard Jensen

    Here’s how I see it:

    If Rondo were truly disaffected with the Boston organization, he would not be dumping water on Wyc. He’d be AWOL. You wouldn’t see him. He’s not built out of the kind of stuff that excels in saying what people want to hear on command, or being ‘one of the guys’ while secretly plotting his exit.

    However, does Rondo want to spend the next six years playing for 30-40 win teams? Absolutely not. And I’m sure that he’s made that clear to a few people. That’s probably also why he’s flat out told Sacramento he won’t sign there. Rondo wants to go to a team that has demonstrated competence.

    I think Rondo wants out–with qualifications. IF Boston doesn’t improve, and IF they spend 2014/15 acquiring ‘assets’ and moving sideways, Rondo won’t re-sign, and he’ll probably ask Danny to trade him to a contender, and I’m sure Danny will do his best to accommodate that. IF, on the other hand, the Celtics make a significant move forward this season, I think Rondo can be sold on an extension.

    In other words, I think Rondo stays if the Celtics show progress, and if they don’t, can any Celtics fan blame him for wanting to leave?

    • RedHead617

      Rondo is 6-9 years older than the rest of our core. Of course he wants out, and of course the Celtics would love to deal him. The issue is what Jackie Mac posed: “How do you get 80 cents on the dollar for him?” There isn’t a market right now.
      Rondo likes the guys in the organization but he’s smart enough to know that his career success curve doesn’t match the Celtics. It’s business, not personal.

    • Dirk Diggler

      Is it SO farfetched to suggest that with Miami losing the best player on Earth and Paul George’s gruesome season ending surgery — that (dare I say?) the Boston Celtics sneak in to the playoffs as a 7th/8th seed, ultimately statisfying Rondo and setting the table for a great offseason leading into 2016?

      With the bench depth of this team, I think we can overcome the inevitable injuries while a lot of other ‘pretty good’ teams in the East such as Toronto, NYK, etc. probably cannot.

      That would put all of this talk to an end pretty quickly, eh?

    • jonedevil

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  • Lee in Oregon

    If it were from anyone else I’d say “BS”…….

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  • Dirk Diggler

    If he wants out…he wants out…and should be dealt.

    ….HOWEVER…this dude IS (in my unbiased opinion) hands down the best point guard in the LEAGUE…

    If he is dealt, the return better be quite hefty for me to be satisfied.

    OR…all of this is BS and yet another unwarrented Rondo rumor, speculated only to further the media’s agenda of painting the picture of Rajon Rondo as a surly, controversial locker room guy that needs to be pampered to — which is a load of garbage if you ask me bro.

    • I love Rondo, I love the Celtics… Chris Paul has been the best and most complete point guard in the NBA for a while.

      • Dirk Diggler

        Has Chris Paul ever scored 44 points with 10 dimes and 8 boards in a conference final playoff game against the best team in the game?

        Or better yet, how does Chris Paul stack up in both regular triple double and postseason triple double totals in comparison to Rondo?

        AND Rondo’s got dat ring!

        • Hey, Antawn Jamison had back-to-back 50-point games too. Doesn’t make him better than Chris Webber. Rondo is my favorite point guard in the league, man, I just think it’s pretty clear that CP3 is the most complete PG. Has been for years.

          • Dirk Diggler

            Maybe he is more “complete”, but Rondo at the top of his game is better than Paul at the top of his game and I stand by that. What I’m saying is that with all things being equal, with these two head to head on the court, I like Rondo coming out on top of that matchup.

            You can agree to disagree but I’ve seen Rondo single handedly take over close and pressure filled PLAYOFF games in all facets of the game. Has Paul? Maybe. But to a lesser extent than Rondo — who is a postseason legend.

          • Nobody is disputing what Rondo has done in the playoffs, which you’re right – he is incredible. However, if you’re going to break down each player’s individual attributes I would argue that Paul almost mirrors a lot of Rondo’s strengths – except with an absolutely lethal mid-range/pull-up game (which makes him the best pick n’ roll orchestrator in the NBA) and a three-point threat.

            Rondo is better than Paul at certain aspects of the game but you’ll never find anyone going under his pick n’ rolls and he is an All-Defense 1st Teamer himself. I’ll also say that he has never played with a team capable of making a championship run until now, and that book remains unwritten.

            We can agree to disagree.

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