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Rondo’s trip to China wrapping up

As a report of him wanting to leave the Celtics (what else is new) breaks in the US, Rajon Rondo is finishing up his promotional trip/tour in China. He was the guest of honor in Xiamen, where Anta held the grand opening of a brand new flagship store on Sunday night.

Giant video screens showed highlights of the C’s guard while hundreds of fans stood outside hoping for a glimpse of Rajon. Anta’s chairman Ding Shizhong was on hand, and the two chatted while touring the new store & looking at some of the merchandise. Rajon also had his digital fingerprints (your guess is as good as mine) taken, which will be on display at the store. Rondo will be heading back to the states early next week where he will undoubtedly face a bevy of questions on Jackie Mac’s comments. Hope he enjoyed his time away from Rumorville. Check out some photos from Sunday’s event in the gallery below. (pics via Weibo)

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