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Rondo’s camp denies “wanting out”

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) August 31, 2014 Celtics News, Rajon Rondo 11 Comments on Rondo’s camp denies “wanting out”


Rajon Rondo and his agent, Bill Duffy, are both denying that the Celtics guard has asked for a trade despite multiple reports, including an initial report on ESPN.

A spokeswoman for Duffy’s agency said that both men have discussed the reports, and publicly deny that any such request was made.

“Neither Bill nor Rajon know where this has come from, but it didn’t come from them,” Alyson Furst said in a text tonight. “They want this on the record. Neither has spoken to anyone about this.”

Herald: Rondo, agent deny that Cs guard has asked for a trade

Since this morning, the Around The Horn video featuring Jackie MacMullan talking about how Rondo “wants out” has been removed.

That was followed by an abject denial of the report by Rondo’s camp that you see in the Herald link above.

Which basically means Jackie MacMullan has some explaining to do.

Here’s the shame of this all….

Jackie was just having a conversation via satellite with a colleague.  It was something that was done off the air before the show even went on.  What we saw was the equivalent of someone sticking a camera in the watercooler or coffee station conversation between colleagues.

No one wants that to ever go public.

But what does this mean?

Maybe this was a source that she trusts but isn’t comfortable quoting for a story?  Maybe it was a bit of an exaggeration?  Maybe this is true, but it was never supposed to get out?

I don’t know what it really is.  But this is a new world of media, and someone at ESPN put this out there,  I assume without her knowledge.  Taking the video down only fans the flames.  Only Jackie MacMullan’s words can put this fire out.

I would expect some clarification from her in the coming days.

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  • forever_green

    Just Jackie being Jackie.. Continuing to ruin her reputation with her opinions self proclaimed to be facts.. Here’s some real news- Rondo bleeds Green!

  • Richard Jensen

    “They want this on the record”

    What a refreshing way of countering all the stuff that, for instance, Jeff Goodman yammers about hearing off the record. And the apparent hearsay that Jackie Mac was trying to keep off the record (you can be just about 100% certain that she did not hear what she reported directly from Rondo).

    This is Rondo being a captain, saying I’m here and I’m committed. Might also compare it to what a few other players have done this summer.

  • KGino

    I’ve seen lots of support for Jackie Mac on this site, but honestly I can’t stand the woman.. She’s got this “higher than thou” attitude, and I could really care less what she says.

    None of this really matters to me. I won’t be surprised one bit if rondo is dealt at the deadline or signed by another team next off season. I’d be more surprised if he was on our roster for the start of training camp next year. For Rondo’s career and the Celtics organization, it makes sense both ways to let him go. Rondo shouldn’t be playing his prime with a rebuilding team and now that we have Smart on the cheap rondo becomes expensively redundant… And celtics should probably invest the 15-18million on a big man instead. All that being said, no matter where he goes or if he stays he will be one of my favorite players in the league

    • adam

      she isn’t the only boston sports writer like that. i really do like jackie and value her opinion though. sometimes you’re wrong. if she said any of this off record, all she has to do is deny it. maybe she knows something we don’t know. and of course rondo’s camp is going to deny it.

    • LA Flake

      One ofthe reasons why we’re better than the Lakers has been BECAUSE we had people like Jackie Mac and Bob Ryan covering the team. They’ve been a gift to Boston and IMO earned the right to do what they do.

      • KGino

        Whoa lets not lump the great Bob Ryan in with Jackie. At least I wouldn’t. Love me some Bob Ryan.

        We are better than the lakers because our fans and our city are REAL. Lakers got a bunch of fake fans in a big old fake city where you do things to appear “cool” even if it means not being true to yourself. In Boston, nobody is supporting the Celtics to appear cool. In fact, they are the least popular of our big 4 teams, even though they’ve won the most, which is remarkable to me. You just can’t force basketball on anyone out here, they have to genuinely enjoy it

    • Jackie Mac may have a slightly elevated sense of entitlement, I see that every now and then too. But I really like her, I think she knows her stuff. I think this whole Rondo thing was simply her regurgitating everything that every single member of the media has been speculating for years. Like Grande said – has anything changed with Rondo? No.

      I don’t think Rondo “wants out,” like people are interpreting her words as if he barged into Danny’s office and yelled “GET ME OUT NOW!” Not the case. He is simply exercising his options, and it wouldn’t make sense for either Rondo or the Celtics for him to “waste” the last few years of his prime on a rebuilding team. I think Rondo may have told Ainge that if he doesn’t bring him some quality veteran help by decision time, he will consider a move. But “wants out.” Come on.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Rondo is ’bout to prove he is still the best point guard in the league this season…

    Go Cs

    • jonedevil

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