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Rondo: “I bust Brad’s butt all the time”

Young fans who were selected from all across China finally got to take the court with Rajon Rondo on Thursday. Rondo took part in Anta’s “Control Camp”. The Celts’ point guard participated in drills, instruction and even some pick-up games. You can check out photos from the event, courtesy of Sina, in the gallery below. But first, check out “9 for 9“, from Li Shuangfu. Li solicited nine questions from Rondo’s fans, and had Rondo answer them during a break in camp. Rondo says he “busts” Brad Stevens’ butt in one-on-one “all the time” and that “the only people that matter are the people that are close to me and the people that know me” when it comes to media claims that he’s difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, it’s once again tough to hear the questions, but I transcribed them for you here:(in order)

1)As one of the best PGs in the league, which qualities do you feel are most important?
2)What was the most enjoyable part of your trip to China & which story do you look forward to telling your friends?
3)What part of your game/rehab are you most focused on this summer?
4)What is the secret to good rebounding? And I (the fan) picked a new nickname for you-“The #1 C”-how do you like it?
5)Who’s idea was it to do the flying kick on Shaq w/Nate back in 2009’s training camp?
6)Rumor has it, you were so good at Math in school that you did not have to pay attention in class. True or false?
7)How do you deal with all the media reports that say your attitude is bad & you’re difficult to deal with?
8)Coach Brad Stevens is still young-is he any good at hoops?
9)Are you ready to lead the Celtics back to the top? Is it still all-about 18?

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  • imshak

    He isn’t saying “#1 Seed” he is saying “#1 C” like the leader on the Celtics (he explained it after RR didn’t get it).

    • Rod Shaftwell


    • Rick Rice

      WELL i didn’t get it either!

    • Rick Rice

      Either way it is not very good nickname! lol

      • imshak

        LOL no doubt about that! I just wanted to help get it straight. I don’t know who came up with it but they need to retire from naming people. Hahaha

    • KWAPT

      Thanks..good catch. And yeah-guy/gal’s nickname game is weak..lmao.

  • Rick Rice

    Really like this guy, obvious straight shooter! ESPECIALY like that he doesn’t give a crap what the media thinks or says about him ! He’s his own man and that makes for a great leader!!

  • Dirk Diggler

    I still think Rondo is the best point guard in the league. This dude is a legendary post season player in his own right, and has played at elite levels against elite competition. It’s funny to think Rondo absolutely wiped the floor with DRose back when the Celtics were competing. How soon we forget, right?

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