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Your Morning Dump…Where Jeff Goodman continues to question Rondo’s reputation


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

From yesterday’s CelticsBlog interview with John Goodman:

You’ve indicated in the past that you hear things from people around the league that have shaped your opinion of him. Are there any specific stories or are these more general impressions and opinions?

I talk to a good amount of players in the NBA – and have known a ton of them since they were in high school, when I first began covering them. They tell me things off the record. Many of them trust me because I have watched them in AAU, in college and now in the NBA. Many are not enamored with Rondo. Sure, there are some who clearly like him (i.e. Kendrick Perkins) and others who say positive things about him (K.G. Pierce, etc.). I’m not counting DeMarcus Cousins, because it’s actually worse for Rondo that Sacramento’s big man came out and said he thinks he’s the best point guard in the league. Cousins is a complete knucklehead and just about everyone in the league knows it. Many of the opinions I have heard come from players throughout the league who either do not have much of a relationship with Rondo – or have heard negative things about him through other players. The problem is word gets around, and his reputation isn’t exactly stellar with his peers. The landscape of the league has changed – as was evident when LeBron partnered up with D-Wade and Chris Bosh. These guys talk to one another, hang out together and text constantly. Rondo does not have that relationship with many players in the league – and that hurts him. One instance I will give you is that when he tried out for the Olympic team a few years back, he didn’t exactly make a positive impression and the staff basically sent him home. There are, of course, differing accounts of what happened – but my sources told me that the coaches wanted him gone.

I suggest reading the other two questions Jeff Clark asked Goodman about Rondo — Thanks to CelticsBlog for the interview, and thanks to Goodman for taking the time to respond in depth, and for sticking by what he believes. He did admit Rondo is ‘an exceptional talent’…but also suggested trading him for Rudy Gay.

I’m also not as familiar with the way Goodman’s spoke of Rondo in the past, so I’ll keep my gripes to the confines of this interview — mainly the fact that he thinks Rondo isn’t a great teammate.

Lets start here: The leader and captain of the most winning franchise in basketball doesn’t text enough — get the Trade Machine out, guys.

Really, he doesn’t text enough? As if his hands aren’t too big for that anyway.

I get that Rondo’s quiet. I also get that bringing in a charismatic Marcus Smart probably magnifies the fact that Rondo is quiet, but it’s never been so unclear as to why that’s a bad thing. Is it bad that he’d prefer to carry even an ounce of dislike for the superstars he’s battled against in the playoffs? Or because maybe he’d actually prefer to beat the best with the team he’s on, rather than join them all elsewhere?

Then to brush over the names of players who’ve stuck by Rondo’s side (Perk, Pierce, and KG) after moving on, and to invalidate the opinion of DeMarcus Cousins because he’s a ‘complete knucklehead’? He’s had his issues, but he’s also one of the league’s best young centers. His opinion counts as far as I’m concerned.

For the amount of rumors Rondo’s been in the past four years (sorry for my absurd trade ideas on Twitter), and for the fact he’s carried on without demanding a Kevin Love-style trade — our captain still receives more off-court criticism than his peers. As unfortunate as it may seem, something tells me Rondo literally couldn’t be bothered less by writers taking shots.

If you’re interested in more response to the Goodman interview, check out Dime Magazine’s Spencer Lund’s take. I liked this sum-up line:

While it might seem like we don’t believe Goodman, it’s more because of the paucity of evidence — minus a couple anecdotes we all know about already — to back up this league-wide permeating belief about Rondo we don’t see or hear about anywhere else.

Page 2: Love introduced in Cleveland yesterday

Kevin Love’s phone rang in July and LeBron James asked the All-Star forward if he wanted to play with him in Cleveland.

“I’m in,” Love told James.

For the long haul.

Getting used to a new city and new team after being acquired by the Cavaliers on Saturday, Love said he’s committed to winning an NBA title with the Cavaliers — however long it takes.

Love, who didn’t make the playoffs during six sometimes rocky seasons with Minnesota, can opt out of his contract and become a free agent next summer. But 25-year-old Love, regarded as the game’s top “spacing” forward, said he intends to stay with James and the Cavs.

“I’m committed to this team, committed long term to the end goal and that’s to win championships,” he said.

ABC – Love Struck: Kevin Love Pledges Commitment to Cavs

Love chose jersey number zero, a nice gesture to honor Cleveland’s rich championship history. I hope Ainge builds a team around Rondo, Bradley, and Smart. Defensively designed to prevent Cleveland from ever celebrating an NBA title.

The rest of the links:

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  • Cleangreen

    How can LBJ call and recruit a player under contract and it not be tampering? Maybe I don’t understand the rules on this… Or is this just further proof of the preferential treatment stars receive in the NBA…

    • Chris Jones

      I read yesterday (forgot where) that the league isn’t really interested in monitoring player-to-player tampering. Which is frustrating, since Rondo abided to the rules when Love was at Fenway.

  • NE_Celt

    Seriously…doesn’t text enough or isn’t friendly enough with other players. In high school were you making friends with the visiting teams and hanging out with them…prob not…you hang out and talk with your close friends, teammates, and former teammates you are still friends with. Its as simple as that. Just because the NBA is becoming a sissy-fest with everyone holding hands and singing kumbaya doesn’t mean RR has to conform…he is of an old school mentality, taught to him by his big bro KG…thank god for the old school minded players.

    • Frank Aziza

      My thoughts exactly. You’re right on dude. Bird didn’t pal around with other teams.

  • KGino

    If that’s the case, I guess nobody wants derrick rose on their team either. I’m sure he ain’t out texting and being buddy buddy with anyone not on the bulls/team USA

    • CFH

      Good point. Rose even said explicitly a few years ago that he wasn’t going to recruit other stars to join him and recruiting isn’t his job.

  • swissflix

    sick and tired of these same old stories.

  • Astarot

    He dosn’t text enough….. what? Who cares about that anyway? I mean yeah the media, he’s not the media kind of guy and you know what I love it. In today’s world where literaly everything and everyone is around media and where most of the people would do almost everything to be in the media for a second I love that Cs have that kind of the leader. The leader who doesn’t give a damn what journalists are saying he wants to play and he wants to win and I’m pretty sure he wants only the best for Boston Celtics. To me that is a franchise player he doesn’t make reporters job easier? Well that’s who he is, and that’s not part of his job anyway. He’s in the media when he has to and that’s it I respect that, I like that and I understand that. Fan base may not like it (at least some people) but they should at least respect that and start to recognize his basketball quality in the first place.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Who cares about Rondo`s texting habits, or what gossip-mongers say about him?

    The only “Rondo issue” we should be concerned about is what players Ainge will get for him in a trade…assuming they don`t keep his expiring contract for cap space purposes.

    Either way, he has already signed his last Boston contract. He`s part of our past {not our future}, every bit as much as PP, KG.

  • Frank Aziza

    We live in a wimpy era. Years ago players didn’t hang out with guys on other teams much. I want Rondo to dislike most other players. He’s old school!!!

  • Richard Jensen

    Jeff Goodman would’ve hated Bill Russell.

    Or, in the style of Jeff Goodman, “I’ve talked to several of Jeff’s former employers and coworkers, and they say, off-the-record, that Jeff Goodman would’ve hated Bill Russell.”

  • Richard Jensen

    Another thing: Know how you can tell Goodman’s exaggerating, if not outright making up crap?

    No numbers. It’s always “a lot of…”, “several of…”–he won’t put a number on *anything*. He won’t get into any specifics of any sort. One gripe by Doc Rivers from 2007 turns into, “I’ve talked to several of his former coaches….”

  • Richard Taylor

    I’ve seen a couple of notes recently about Rondo having been in contact with Nerlens Noel and DeMarcus Cousins. Noel about his ACL and no idea why for Cousins. Other than that all three did play at Kentucky albeit for different coaches. And once a member of Big Blue Nation, always a member of BBN

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