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Rondo in China Day 5: Pick-up hoops & Yao School

Rajon Rondo got in a good workout on Thursday, thanks to some pick-up hoops. First up though was a trip to the NBA Sponsored “Yao School”. Yao School, named for former NBA star Yao Ming,  is a basketball camp/clinic for children run each year by Yao. Rondo stopped in and took photos with the kids and also took part in some drills and a dribbling exhibition. Then it was a game of pick-up with adults. Not sure the exact location of the game, but I believe it was also in Beijing. And from the looks of a sweaty Rondo in the photos, he was going full speed. I hope to have some video later this evening, but for now, here are some pics via Sina from Rajon’s time at Yao’s camp and of his pick-up game afterwards…

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