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Rondo talks KG, Truth and Anta

Here is the second interview Rondo did on Tuesday. He talks with Sina Sports while in Beijing visiting the Anta flagship store. There’s a complete transcript that I put together below as well. It was hard to hear the interviewer so bear with me on some of the questions. It if wasn’t clear just how much Rajon looks up to KG before this interview, it certainly is now.

Sina: “Some players tend to get away from the season (the game) when the season is over. What about you?”

I do the same-I do the same. But I didn’t spend much time of a break this year, I want to continue to rehab my knee and still develop my game because I didn’t have a full season so..I’m very excited about the upcoming season.

“Last season was your first season leading (being the captain) the Celtics. How does it feel to be a leader?”

It’s a difference. Every year my leadership role has grown each year as I’ve been a Celtic so comes with the territory and I’m ready-I think I’m well prepared for it and I have a good team around me that helps me prepare every day.

“Are you in great shape right now?”

Yes I’m in great shape right now..yes I’m in great shape. Last year I just wanted to be cautious you know, there was no need for me to rush back. We weren’t playoff contenders and I want to make sure that you know I have longevity-not just try to rush back and play as many games as possible last year, but to play as many games possible for the rest of my career.

“Last year you were named as Celtics captain-how do you evaluate (or value?) that role?”

Well..while you’re in it it doesn’t really hit you. It’s something maybe down the line that I’ll appreciate or value even more but right now I just try to go out there, me being a captain just lead my troops to war every night and be the best leader I can be.

“When Chinese fans think of the Celtics they think of the championship season. Talk about 2008, the championship season-those are some of the Chinese fans best memories.”

Those are are some of my best memories as an NBA player too as well. I talk to those guys (Perk, Paul, KG I assume) pretty often..pretty often. KG’s like a big brother to me so I talk to KG more than the other guys but, I seen Paul a couple weeks back as well, we spoke a couple words.

“Now you and KG are also both with Anta. KG is like a big brother-how did that relationship come about?”

Well we had to work together first off and then um..I think our personalities clashed at first but then we kinda meshed later. He’s a great example, he’s a future hall of famer, he has a great work ethic and he’s a leader on & off the court so. I wanted to take a piece of  what he was giving me, the knowledge he was giving me and piggy-back of off it, pick his brain as much as possible. We became really close friends.

“Do you hope KG is going to come back for a couple seasons?”

*laughs* In Brooklyn? I mean I want him to play but I also want him to be healthy-be able to do a lot of more things besides basketball when he’s done playing know, his health to me is the most important. If he wants to continue to play then I’m all for it.

“Was there a chance this summer that Paul Pierce was going to come back to Boston?”

I don’t know. There was a rumor I guess, but for the most part Paul made his decision and I think he’s picked a really good team. They have a great young back court in Wall & Beal so he’ll be a great third person as far as a small forward.

“How do you evaluate your partnership with Anta so far?”

The relationship’s been great. It’s been a short relationship but we have a long-term deal so..for many years to come I think each year we’ll continue to grow from my side and their side as well. I’m very happy with the product, I’m very happy with the people that they have working with me and I’m very excited to be here in China.

“You also have your signature shoes coming out soon-how involved with them are you and the designer?”

I’m pretty hands-on. I have a busy season & busy summer but for the most part I have a group of people, a group of team guys that’s working with my shoe that keep me informed daily on what’s going on with the new designs.

“Last question-you told me yesterday at the airport you might do the ice bucket challenge on the Great Wall. If you can do it, who will you nominate?”

I might have to go with Yao Ming…(Anta staffer says Yao’s already done it) he already did it? I already did it too! We’ll see-I might nominate Sean-(Anta staffer)Sean & TJ.(They then encourage Rajon to nominate Anta’s CEO/Chairman)

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  • Curt Hays

    I hope someone gives Rondo a copy of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” while he’s there!

  • Curt Hays

    So Rondo and KG clashed at first. I can see that. You guys post a lot about how good of a guy he is, but being compassionate off the court doesn’t mean that he’s a great teammate on the court.

    However, I like to think that KG and Larry would have clashed at first too. THAT is why I love Rondo’s game.

    I watched Larry’s 60 point game last night. He was a real leader. We all know that.

    Rondo has that potential.

  • LA Flake

    HA HA HA
    Rondo had that signature look of disdain at a few of this guy’s questions. Rondo was like, “WTF you talkin’ about?” “You serious?” Then you can see him suppressing his annoyance as he remembers that this is a promotional event for his shoe line. In China no less.

    Classic Rondo though. I love it.