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Rondo in China Day 4: The Great Wall & the Great Hands

Rondo spent the majority of his fourth day in China touring the Great Wall with family and friends. My pals over at Hoop China posted some great photos from the excursion which you can view in the gallery below.

Also of note was a blog entry I found over at Weibo. It was written by a woman who had the opportunity to have dinner with Rondo & company the other night. Through the use of Google translate, I was able to read the story of how fascinated she was by the size of Rondo’s hands. She took two close up pics of Rajon’s mitts, as well as one with his hand held up against hers:




During dinner, the woman asked Celtics’ strength coach Bryan Doo about Rondo’s gigantic hands. Doo commented that when the Celtics’ coaching staff first met Rajon, they were amazed at the size of his hands & had not seen a bigger pair before. Doo estimated that Rajon’s hands are roughly 10 inches wide. An ESPN “Sports Science” study confirms that. Stay tuned to Red’s Army for more on Rajon’s China trip, including his visit to Yao Ming’s camp on Wednesday.

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