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Your Morning Dump… Where you shouldn’t expect a Rondo trade

rajon rondo looking vs orlando

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

While the Celtics are trying to figure out ways to clear roster space before training camp, moving Rondo is not a high priority. First off, Rondo will be a free agent next summer and fully intends on taking the LeBron JamesCarmelo Anthony tour of teams and extending the negotiation process deep into next summer. It is highly unlikely Rondo would sign an extension this season with an interested team, especially the Sacramento Kings. Second, the Celtics don’t feel pressed to deal Rondo because they are still trying to determine if he’s part of the future and they are intrigued to see him in action a full 18 months following ACL surgery

Gary Washburn/Globe basketball notes

There’s a certain segment of the Celtics fandom who have been pushing for ways to move Rondo, and pointing to the new influx of backcourt players as the sign that he’s gone.

However, it makes total sense to wait and see for a season and figure out how Rondo will play in his first FULL season back from the ACL injury.  Since the Celtics aren’t poised to make the playoffs this year, the Celtics can use this season as a bit of an evaluation.  If they decide Rondo is their true future point guard, they can start making some moves with other players.  If they decide to go in a different direction, they can either angle for a sign-and-trade, or let Rondo just walk and take the cap space.

I think the notion of “walking away for nothing” is a bit of a misconception.  In a salary-cap sport like the NBA, cap space plus quality young talent is pretty valuable.  The Celtics could potentially find themselves with $30 million in cap space next year.  With that kind of money, you can forget about the stupid “free agents don’t go to Boston” nonsense.  They go where the money is, and Boston will have it.

So prepare yourselves for plenty of Rondo this season… and buckle up for a crazy summer of 2015.

By the way, since we’re on the topic of the Celtics backcourt, that link at the top is actually mostly Avery Bradley stuff, and is very well worth the read. It includes this:

Bradley and Rondo are the Celtics’ projected starting backcourt and the two have grown closer over the years.

“He has helped me a lot,” Bradley said. “It just shows, man, I just love playing with him. I know he’s happy here. I know he likes the whole organization and this is his home now and I know that he’s comfortable here and we’re all happy to have him here.”

There’s a lot more in there, including a more personal look at some of the stuff Bradley has been dealing with.  It’s very good.

Page 2:  Dick Bavetta’s telling some great stories

“In the ’80s, the matchup was always Boston-Philly and it was Larry Bird-Julius Erving,” Bavetta said. “I’m excited.”

Boston’s Dennis Johnson dove for a loose ball and crashed into ref Jack Madden, breaking his leg. At a time when only two refs worked a game, Bavetta decided to work alone. He called coaches Billy Cunningham and K.C. Jones together. Both promised to cooperate, be on good behavior and cut Bavetta some slack.

“Well, five technicals and three ejections later …” Bavetta said, laughing.

NY Post

Dick Bavetta retired this summer after 39 seasons as an official.


He’s 74 years old.  And now that he’s out, he’s telling some of the millions of stories he probably has tucked away.  That quote is just part of the story of when Larry Bird and Dr. J went at it.

And speaking of Bird, he was part of another great anecdote.

“Over the years, for the most part you can approach someone and just be honest with them because it builds up credibility,” Bavetta said.

“Some players, like Larry Bird, he was not interested,” Bavetta said. “I would apologize with, ‘Larry, I want to apologize. I missed that call.’ He goes, ‘It’s still a missed call.’ ”

Classic Larry.

And Finally…

Via ESPN Boston

The rest of the links:  

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  • Coach A. Johnson

    LOL vintage Larry, “its still a missed call.” Larry wanted them all.
    Rondo, ok I think we will be this years Suns. But we will make playoffs in the East.

  • Mike C

    Rajon Rondo is the cornerstone of this franchise moving forward, No Doubt about it. He’s the Only piece we have left that could attract more talented players to at least Think about coming to Boston! I just have this for our fans that want to see him traded: With Rondo 3 to 5 year rebuild,…. Without Rondo 7 to 10 years rebuild! Personally I’ll take the First Option!