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Avery Bradley lost his mind this summer


The Celtics doctors need to get Avery Bradley a CT scan quick. He’s showing signs of dementia. The media caught up with AB at his camp in Dartmouth:

“I can’t even [put it into words], you guys just have to see,” said Bradley. “A lot of people might say that, ‘We can’t be this, we can’t be that.’ I feel like with the coach that we have, we can be anything that we want to be. We just have to listen to [Brad Stevens] and buy into what he’s trying to do, his plan for us. I feel like we have a chance to make the playoffs and make a lot of noise this year if we listen to Brad.”

Bradley said he crossed paths with Rondo in Vegas recently and said the Celtics’ captain is “fired up” about the season. “Jeff Green as well,” added Bradley. “We’re all excited about this season.” Bradley also offered high praise after working out in Vegas with Evan Turner, who will eventually be added to Boston’s roster for next season.

And while he hasn’t yet met rookie guard Marcus Smart, he’s heard the buzz about his potential — particularly on the defensive side of the ball — and is eager to get on the court with him.

“Everyone keeps telling me that Marcus is a great defender and … I’m excited about that,” said Bradley. “Because Rondo is a great defender as well. Last year, he still played great defense, but this year I feel like he’s going to take it to an even different level. I feel like we have a chance to be a top-10 defensive team in the NBA this year.”

Avery has 32 million reasons to be excited, but using the p-word is outrageous. As for the talk of becoming a top-10 defensive team, I just don’t see it happening. Bradley, Smart and contract-year Rondo can lock down the perimeter, but there still isn’t much resistance at the rim. 

The Celtics were 13th in opponents PPG last season, but ranked in the bottom third in steals and blocks per game and middle of the pack in opponents turnovers.  

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  • bill_nair

    I hope hes been working on his handle.

    • wil

      He has been working on his shot again lol He already has a decent shot. Improving those dribbles will enable to utilize that shot.

      He is also a pretty athletic. I can see him playing above the rim if only he had a great handles.He got a lot of spring in his step

  • Rick Rice

    Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, always so negative!

  • LA Flake

    This is why I didn’t mind AB getting $32 million from us for 4 years. He’s got that “Never Say Die” attitude that I just absolutely adore. AB, Rondo, Smart, (maybe) Green, Sully…those guys are Celtics. And if we can get good contributions from Evan Turner and Kelly O, ANYTHING’S POSSIBLEEEEEEE!!!!

    • dontevertreadonme

      but can he score doe. dude needs to be consistent, he’s should be hitting his stride by now as an NBA professional

      • LA Flake

        Of course he can score. But more importantly, he can SHUT DOWN his opponent. What other 2-guard in the NBA can completely shut down Russell Westbrook, DWade, Steph Curry, Damian Lillard, etc, the way AB can?

        • dontevertreadonme

          dudes jumpers inconsistent. no handles on the drive, cant create. dudes easy to take out of the game, mad one dimensional. his d’s on point but theres been some games he gets lit up. kyrie busted on him

          • idonthaveaname

            If you watch the last season, you can see an improvement in his shooting percentage. Although his DEF% dipped down a little bit because he is learning team defense.

  • Coach A. Johnson

    Defense is the key. But having a solid defense can come another way. It is possible to be a very good defensive team by have the players rotate over and attempt to take charges. Oh I know most would rather see a blocked shot. But a charge is even more of an advantage because it places a foul on the offensive player. I think our guys will get their rotations down enough to lead the league in charges taken.

    • Ron Flanders

      Blocked shots and charges are probably less than 1% of all defensive possessions. Proper rotations to get shot contests, deflections and solid closeouts aren’t sexy, but they are the foundation of great defense. It’s really about communication and rotation. Avery defended better in the past than he did last year. The more you rely on a player for offense, the less they can give on D. That’s why I think having Smart for energy and depth will be so important. When he focuses hard on D, Avery is an absolute TERROR that no opposing guard wants to face.

      • Coach A. Johnson

        Rotations are the most important thing. I wasn’t try to equate blocked shots with charges, but it seems, or maybe its way I’m registering all these calls for a rim protector……..traditional shot blocker. Well there are few of those, but rotations…..all great teams get thier rotations mastered. Last season being the first for Stevens and a couple other guys, rotations sucked(on purpose?), but another year under the gameplan should improve them. Avery is trying to be a two way player, and that’s why I loved the Smart selection. We are gonna be deep in the back court to keep opposing guards out of the paint. And we must not forget the possessions that end in steals, and unforced turnovers, because they aren’t really unforced(pressure). All these things should be more of a focus than simply a shot blocker at the back of the defense.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Outside of Wallace, our defenders are all guards. To stop the lay-up drill we saw a lot of teams run against us last year, guys like Zeller and Olynyk MUST improve on defense. Go C’s!