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Your Morning Dump…Where we wonder who the team’s biggest underachiever will be


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Jay King, (Jeff Green)

Green put a lot of pressure on himself last year to become a go-to guy. Instead, he posted the worst true shooting percentage since his rookie season, with defensive effort that could be euphemized as inconsistent. Looking back on the small forward’s career, one could argue he has only posted one above-average season: in 2011-12, when he was in a relatively perfect situation, alongside stars that allowed him to flourish as a third option. His situation on this team isn’t close to perfect. Rajon Rondo’s return to full health should help, but Green needs to show a lot more than he did last year. Otherwise, he will underachieve relative to his potential. Again.

Jay O., Red’s Army (Avery Bradley)

This comes with a caveat. I’m only picking AB here because so many people were over-the-top outraged by the contract extension he got this summer. Naturally, that always translates to heavier scrutiny, and unless AB puts up monster numbers and plays 82 games, unfortunately he will disappoint the majority

KWAPT- Red’s (Kevin Love)

Love will simply never — oops … my bad. Nevermind.

ESPN Boston  – Summer Forecast: Biggest Underachiever?

Celtics news is D-R-Y this morning, so here are a few picks from yesterday’s Summer Forecast over on ESPN Boston. Some of the bloggers in the Celtics community took their picks at who’ll have a bust of a season. Jeff Green could be a solid candidate, as the offense’s focus may shift from him to Rondo and our other young talent. Then again, shifting focus could help Jeff a lot. Also, Green may be a tad more motivated (hard to imagine), since a solid season could allow him to opt-out and chase another long-term deal next summer.

Maybe a bit unfair to pick on a rookie, but I went with James Young on this one. There isn’t quite as much footage from his college season as there is for Marcus Smart, and since he missed summer league, it’s tougher to get a pulse on Young. But I  could see him struggling for a while at the NBA level, and possibly spending a decent chunk of next season learning in the D-Leauge. After all, he just turned 19. The other reason  being, is that it’s likely Marcus Thornton will have a similar story as Jordan Crawford did in Boston — getting solid minutes as Ainge tries to drive up his trade value for a contender. This could suppress Young’s development even further, and for that, I’m not convinced he’ll make much of a difference this year. His shot’s good and he’s big enough to shoot over most other shooting guards, plus he’s got great attitude for a rookie. I do believe that he’ll be solid in the NBA in time, I’d just be surprised if it happened this season.

Page 2: Dick Bavetta retires after 29 years

NBA referee Dick Bavetta is retiring after a 39-year career in which he never missed an assignment.

Bavetta officiated a record 2,635 consecutive regular-season games after starting his NBA career on Dec. 2, 1975. He also worked 270 playoff games, including 27 in the NBA Finals.

CSNNE – NBA ref Dick Bavetta retiring after 39 years

It’s pretty easy to find a reason to hate any given NBA referee. They often appear to have an axe to grind, or seem to make the game a little too about themselves. I honestly can’t remember which refs I really hate and which I kinda hate, but I’m fairly certain Bavetta was near the top (right beside Joey Crawford). Regardless, it was pretty remarkable to see a 74 year-old keeping up pace with NBA players. And consecutively reffing 2,635 regular season games since 1975 is just an absurd thought.

Oh, and John snuck in a few parting jokes on Twitter:

And finally, a closer look at camp invite Tim Frazier

Pretty likely that he’s just a body for scrimmages in training camp, but who knows what’s next for this roster.

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