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Larry Legend outdoes LeBron, Jordan in Ice Bucket Challenge

Mediocre ball players do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in their underwear on the back of a yacht, while true legends do it wearing socks in the hot tub.

As for Michael Jordan, what happened to the showmanship?

Weak move, MJ.

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  • Curt Hays

    I love watching Larry Bird play basketball.

    Edit: I followed the links to highlights of Bird after the Ice Bucket video. Can’t help myself.

    • chuckmckenney

      “I’m getting the ball. I’m getting the ball right here and I’m gonna shoot it right in your face.”

  • Richard Jensen

    First time I’ve ever seen socks in a hot tub.

  • LA Flake

    Is Larry stranded in Indiana or something? Looks like he ran out of shirts to wear and is wearing someone else’s.


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  • tvor03

    Hold up, I finally looked up the rules to this silly thing after seeing about 500 videos on my Wall over the summer. It says you can either donate OR have a bucket of water dumped on you while you challenge someone else. So all these celebrities pouring water on their heads are doing that so they DON’T have to donate to ALS?

    • adam

      some of the celebrity’s donate also.

    • NE_Celt

      I had heard that…but also heard something about if you do it you donate $25; if you don’t do it, you have to donate $100…either way you’re a putz if you only do it to get out of donating, celebrity or just your average joe…do the challenge, raise awareness, and donate money…that’s how it should be done.

    • imshak

      Even if they don’t donate (I’m sure most have), some of their fans will donate just because they see their favorite celebrity and feel they have to donate too. I’m pretty sure some celebs donated more, which also takes away from those who didn’t. It gets the word out about ALS regardless, I bet many people have searched it over the past weeks, the more you know about something the more likely you are to help.

    • Curt Hays

      ALS has been known for around 100 years. It is only NOW getting recgonized en masse. This campaign is only the beginning. At least more of us now have an idea how absolutely terrifying ALS can be.

  • Chris Vercollone

    ahhh, I miss watching the Larry legend era during my kid days, then the Garnett era was recently great. Now we only have embarrassing/bad players like Jeff Green and Kelly Olynik to watch. It will probably be another 20 to 30 years when we see the next great era of Celtics Basketball. How depressing.

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