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Your Morning Dump… Where Greg Monroe could have a green target on his back


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The way things fell into place then, may very well be repeating itself with Detroit’s Greg Monroe.

The Pistons have been saying the right things all summer, like being prepared for any and all scenarios with Monroe, who they have repeatedly said is their top offseason priority.

That in all likelihood may have scared off some teams from putting forth an offer sheet for the restricted free agent.

Still, the longer this plays out, the less leverage Detroit has in retaining him long-term.

That would especially be true if, as reported by USA Today, Monroe has agreed to sign Detroit’s qualifying offer of $5.479 million for this season.

In doing so, Monroe can’t be traded without his consent and more significant, he becomes an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2015.

That is great news for the Celtics, a franchise that for decades has failed repeatedly to land premier free agents aside from the re-signing their own.

Monroe signing a qualifying offer with the Pistons creates realistic hope that next summer, Boston will at the very least be on his short list of teams to consider considering their need and the fact they will have significant salary cap space.

The appeal for both the player (Monroe) and the franchise is undeniable.

CSNNE – Pistons’ Monroe potential 2015 target for Celtics

Once Greg Monroe decided to take the Pistons’ qualifying offer, he became one of the more intriguing free agents for next summer.  They key is that he’ll be unrestricted and that’s good considering the C’s (or any other team) would have had to trade assets to acquire him, then sign him to a max or near max deal.  Sherrod makes a good point that David Falk is his agent, and the C’s already have a trio of Falk’s clients (Sullinger, Green, Turner) so you’d think that Danny Ainge would have an inside track on Monroe.  While that would be nice, it’s not guaranteed.  The Celtics should, however, have the cap space to sign him and even if they wanted to trade for him this year (with a quasi-wink-wink deal) then they could.  It could also be a step in keeping Rajon Rondo long-term, adding another piece that is albeit still young, but old enough to start winning now.  I don’t consider Monroe a true center, but he could easily start at center here and would be another building block to creating a playoff team.

Monroe isn’t a franchise player and he’s not really a max player either, and Falk owes Ainge a favor (you’re welcome Jeff Green) but in reality none of those wishes are likely to come true.  Monroe would be a nice, solid player to add to this team and perhaps Ainge and Brad Stevens are attempting to take a non-superstar approach at building an innovative contender.  Maybe they’re looking at recent trends in getting guys more rest and thus building a team that can frequently sub guys in and out to keep the legs (and the attack) fresh.  After all, there are only so many true superstars available, so why not give it a shot?  Stevens does like interchangeable players, especially ones that can play multiple positions at any time.  It could especially be easier to build and maintain a team like that in terms of the new CBA as well.  Until, of course, that new, rumored TV deal happens and all salary cap issues and problems magically disappear for everyone!  Ok, that won’t happen either, but the way it’s discussed, you’d certainly think that.

I’m also tired of hearing the constant reference how the Celtics can never sign a premiere free agent in his prime.  Ok, tell me this summer, with all of that $$$ available, and some of the biggest names/best players in the league available, how many signed with the Lakers?  How many signed with the other big market, the Knicks? (Melo doesn’t count, he was their own player).  Let’s take it a step further.  Other than Shaq, name me another big time free agent that signed with the Lakers?  I’ll wait.  I could be missing someone, but none come to mind.  So, it’s not so much the market, or the weather (see everyone wanting to join LeBron in CLeveland now) as it is where those stars already are.  The key is getting them first, which are usually done via trade or draft.  So chill on the whole “Boston isn’t a desirable FA location” argument.  Because in that case, neither is LA or New York.

Page 2: The C’s invite Penn State’s Tim Frazier to camp


SB Nation: BT Powerhouse – Penn State’s Tim Frazier Signs Training Camp Deal with Boston Celtics

Who?!?! Yeah, my thoughts exactly.  Admittedly, I’m not up to snuff on the details of Penn State’s hoops team, but it would appear that the C’s just invited another guard (6’1″) to camp that can’t shoot.  The Celtics are playing NBA monopoly and are clearly building hotels on the Park Place and Boardwalk of guards that can’t shoot.  All kidding aside, he’s likely just another body to have at camp to get some run and give the regulars some rest.  Ahh, August basketball news!

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  • RedsLoveChild

    Lakers can`t sign FA`s because Kobe Bryant is “toxic”, in every sense of the word. Two years from now, everything changes.

    Knicks can`t sign FA`s because NY is a cold weather sh*t hole of a city, plus the franchise hasn`t won a ring since your grand-daddy was eating all his meals while sitting in a high chair.

    Celts won`t be signing Monroe. He`d be too costly for the production you`d be getting out of him. Plus, they won`t invest big $$ in the front-court until “fate” lands a franchise-changing stud in their laps through the draft. Once that happens, Boston will open their checkbook.

    • Hex Effect

      Technically yes it’s mostly Kobe the reason why FAs won’t sign in LA. But another thing that might be keeping FAs away is the mediocre front office run by reject child Jim Buss who doesn’t have nowhere as near the flair and likability his dad had. Top it with an unbalanced roster and no sense of direction and that is enough to scare away players from the Lakers, and that is fine by me! I remember back in 2011 when we were close to signing David West and at the last minute he chose Indiana because he felt he had a better chance to contend there. It’s all about having the attractive players ( a star player helps even more, see Rajon Rondo), and the appeal of a team that truly sells that they’re seriously contending. Look at Pau Gasol. Even though he’s past his prime he can still ball and he chose to go to cold ass windy city Chicago over re-signing with the Lakers who can offer the glitz and nice weather of Cali. Greg Monroe IMO isn’t good enough for us to be considered championship material, but is sure as hell more attractive to players who want a chance at a ring and compete. I’m really optimistic that next year we’ll be contenders, we just have too many assets to be continually denied, too many expiring contracts and CAP SPACE to straight out sign a FA (after how long? LOL)

  • Tim Brown

    Not saying he has a chance to stick, but Frazier is exactly the type of versatile player Stevens seems to like. Only the second B1G player in history to finish with over 1000 pts, 600 assists and 500 rebounds for a career. He’s a bit under the radar due to having ruptured an Achilles tendon in 2012-2013 season. He’s a very good FT shooter so with work, better shot selection and not having to be the go-to guy his FG % could go up as well. Again, he’s an extreme long shot to stick, but well worth the look.

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  • Luke Walton

    mailman and the glove were nice additions that fell short. but clearly not mvp quality players when they signed.

  • dontevertreadonme

    the lakers also suck. lets say if the celtics and lakers started winning again which team would one rather prefer? Id say LA. so that argument is kind of void as of right now seeming as that team sucks along with boston.

  • Lee in Oregon

    The day David Falk repays a favor to ANYONE will be about 6 weeks after Hell freezes over. If the C’s want Monroe, it’ll prob take a max deal or something very close.

  • RedHead617

    Who needs Kyrie, KLove and LeBron when you have Rondo, Greg Monroe and Jeff Green?
    Let’s hope that those making the big decisions are thinking beyond mediocrity.

  • LA Flake

    Hey, y’all. As you know, I’m nobody related to basketball, so take this with a grain of salt.

    I was in Vegas this past weekend and met up with some people who were with other people and among them was this dude I had spoken with last year who works for an NBA team. At the time, he told me that Phoenix wanted to tank badly to get into the Wiggins sweepstakes and were looking to dump Gortat. He told me that Boston was a likely destination for Gortat because of Danny’s relationship with Ryan McDonough. I think he told me at the time that Phoenix wanted Avery and fillers for Gortat and I remember being kinda scared of that deal. I can’t remember all the other details of our conversation from that night but since none of that materialized, it’s very likely that none of what I’m about to share will happen either. I’m just sharing it with you because it was an entertaining conversation.

    First of all, this guy, let’s call him Jack. Jack is not a GM. He’s an executive though. And Jack thinks Rondo is one of the best PGs in the league. But Jack also thinks Rondo is gone before the season begins. And Jack thinks Rondo to Sacramento is legit. Why?

    Jack says that Brad Stevens is going to be a great coach. But Stevens also wants and needs a PG he can coach, not an all star who is set in his ways on a rebuilding team. And when Danny and Brad fell in love with Marcus Smart and picked him in the draft, that was the end of Rondo’s days in Boston. Jack loved the pick, btw. I asked him if Rondo has a bad reputation around the league and he said not as far as he knows. He says everyone in the league, everyone who is worth his salt, has an ego and can be extremely difficult to deal with. From players and coaches to general managers and executives, he said there are a.holes at every level in the NBA. Anyway, Jack, too, has heard of Rondo for Ben Mclemore and thinks it’s legit. He said Danny’s probably asking for unprotected 1st round picks or asking Sacramento to take on Gerald Wallace’s salary, which is why the deal is not happening yet. In the end though, Jack thinks Rondo’s days in Boston are over. Because Brad wants to groom Marcus Smart. It’s nothing against Rondo. Jack thinks Rondo should be leading a playoff team, not taking instructions from a young coach going through another losing season.

    Oh. There’s another big reason why Jack thought Rondo would be gone soon. Rondo’s camp wants near max money. He said Rondo’s going to get it, just not from Boston. Jack thinks Danny may give it to him if the C’s were winning but because they’re not, Danny would rather save and use the money later on a franchise-changing talent. And Danny’s not the type to let his MVP walk for nothing. Hence, the trade rumors.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Not convinced about the Sacramento part but, Rondo is gone. It`s just a matter of what players are involved, and the date it transpires.

      Drafting Smart at #6, investing $32M in Bradley…is akin to Ainge announcing that Rondo is now available to the highest trade-bidding GM.

      • LA Flake

        FWIW Jack was very high on Ben Mclemore. He said a lot of teams are.