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Your Morning Dump… Where Brad Stevens makes guys better

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Boston Celtics

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I talked with Brad all the time this summer and it’s one of those things where, ‘Man, you got me a lot better,’ ” Humphries said. “Handling the ball, making plays, things like that. I’m grateful for that and I’m grateful for the opportunity to keep playing in a lot of situations like the one I was in. Sometimes teams say, ‘We’re rebuilding, we’re going with the young guys,’ and Brad and Danny didn’t do that. I’ve seen it the other way before.”

Stevens had to split playing time among his big men to give some younger players opportunities, so Humphries averaged just 20 minutes per game in 2013-14, 15 fewer than two years ago with the Nets.

“I think I showed I could be really efficient in the time that I’m playing,” he said. “Because it wasn’t like I logged a ton of minutes. There are definitely things I am going to take [to Washington], but I know the time that I am out there, I can be efficient.”

Globe: Season in Boston paid off for Kris Humphries

This isn’t the first we’ve heard from Humphries about hos much he liked playing for Brad Stevens.  But with little going on at the moment, this is just another chance to sit back in the middle of a rebuild and smile knowing that we’ve got one key piece to the puzzle right.

Stevens has earned the respect of rookies, veterans like Humphries and Gerald Wallace, and the supposedly impossible to coach Rajon Rondo.  All have expressed respect for Stevens and his approach to the game.

And this part about not just sitting Humphries and “going with the young guys” is especially important because it established that playing time is earned, not bestowed upon you for whatever reason.

To me, the second you start handing out playing time to guys who don’t earn it is the second you start losing your team.  For all their issues last year, not being united as a team wasn’t one of the problems the Celtics had.

Just another reminder that despite the lack of “fireworks” this summer, the Celtics are still moving forward with the right pieces in the right places.

Now to get the right players.

Page 2:  There’s another BS Rondo rumor floating around.

Source: Sacramento Kings/Boston Celtics deal now at “80 percent” to be completed before season. Deal includes McLemore, Williams for Rondo

Basketball Insiders

This would NOT be the way to get the right players.

That “source” belongs to this guy, who happens to be some guy I’ve never heard of who hosts an NFL show on Blog Talk Radio.

This rumor makes very little sense.  If Ainge is going to move Rondo, he’s not going to do it for ANOTHER shooting guard (especially not one who shot 37% last season) and ANOTHER undersized forward.

I hate to even give this type of rumor any credence, but its slow news-wise, and that’s when BS like this blows up.  It’s like a voice shouting in a quiet library.  Even if it’s way off in the distance somewhere, you end up hearing it.

Well, un-hear this one.  It makes no sense at all.

And Finally….

By now you’re probably sick of the Ice Bucket Challenge.  I get why.  But you go ahead and watch this video about its origins… about what it’s trying to do… about what this disease does… and tell me you’re still sick of something that’s raised millions of dollars over a period where just thousands were raised last year.

 The rest of the links:

Twitter:  Colton Iverson back overseas  |  CSNNE:  Cavs optimistic about signing Ray Allen

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  • bill_nair

    At this point im just waiting for Brad to let me down. I need to see the chinks in his armor.

    • care to elaborate?

      • bill_nair

        Hes done and said everything the right way. Outside of coaching, hes been a great guy and and hearing Kris’ remarks only reinforces that thought. On the court, well he’s shown hes capable at getting the most out of his players and getting them to compete and buy in. Hes been much better than I thought he would ever be within the first 3 years.
        I just need to see him lose his cool and get ejected, lose/win games in the 4th, how he manages playoff rotations, things that come with time. Hes been almost too perfect so far (yes, despite only winning 25 games).

        • Jaedre

          lol sounds like a “too good to be true” moment. I see what your saying but i honestly like the guy. If we are going with a “young” squad i like the fact that our coach gets to grow with them. I see us like OKC in a couple years.

          • bill_nair

            Oh I like Brad. I did the moment we got him. Im hoping I didnt come across as I was against him. Like you said, its almost too good to be true. Hornaeck out in PHX is another example.

          • Jaedre

            i understood you clearly lol

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  • CFH

    Aside from it being a good cause, I’m actually impressed by how funny some of the ice bucket challenges are. Mutombo comes to mind. I even thought LeBron had style doing it in his underwear on a boat.

  • Jesus, I’m so sick of these Rondo-to-Sacramento rumors. I. Don’t. Want.

    • Dur

      hear, hear.