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Celtkicks: Kids vie for a chance to attend Rondo’s camp

We here at Celtkicks were the first to report on Rajon Rondo’s upcoming “Control Camp” taking place next week in China. Children from all over the Chinese continent are currently taking part in tryouts for the once in a lifetime chance to meet their idol and participate in his first overseas camp. This must be absolutely thrilling for these kids. They don’t have the luxury of just hopping on the MBTA and heading over to the Garden for a game. Many of them don’t even get the chance to watch games at all, due to most C’s contests airing at 7am local time when kids are on their way to school. So to have a chance to actually meet Rondo in person and possibly take the court with him would be a dream come true. Here’s a brief video on the camp, which is in Chinese without English subtitles as of yet. It features clips from Rondo’s camp in Kentucky, run by #9 and his close friend Doug Bibby, as well as the layout of the drills kids will go through.

The camp just wrapped up it’s second to last weekend of tryouts in Foshan City. From the photos & video that I’ve seen, it appears that the kids are put through a series of drills similar to the NBA’s Skills Challenge. The boys & girls with the best scores are then selected to take part in the camp. It officially begins on August 24th. Here are some photos of this weekend’s tryouts courtesy of Weibo.


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