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Your Morning Dump… We’re reminded how awesome Rajon Rondo can be


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

He’s as polarizing as they come. He’s immigration. He’s Israel. He’s Hobby Lobby. He’s a genius. He’s an a-hole. He’s so unselfish and so unselfish that he’s actually selfish. He’s misunderstood. He’s maniacal. He’s many things to many people and there’s very little middle ground. But as usual, that’s where the truth lies. And in the never-ending fight to win the Rondo debate, the truth is often ignored or just drowned out by all the yelling. So here in the dog days of summer, I wanted to take a second and reset the Rondo story. Just a quick reminder of how we got here. And for the sake of space and time and Stephen Hawking, we’ll start with the 2012 playoffs…

Five games later, the Celtics were up 3-2 and at home with a chance to claim their third Eastern Conference crown in five years. Then Lebron exorcised his demons and Miami won back-to-back titles, but in Boston, that series was about Rondo. He was the reason the Celtics almost stole it. He led the team in scoring (20.9), steals (1.9) and assists (11.3) a game. He was second in rebounding (6.9).

This wasn’t Rondo’s first impressive playoff performance — he’d made a young career out of rising to the occasion — but this was different. For the first five games, before LeBron’s awakening, Rondo was the best player in a series that included six future Hall of Famers. He dominated games for long stretches, and because he’s Rondo, he did so in a way that we’d never seen before.

People talked about 2012 Playoff Rondo the way they do 2014 Playoff Kawhi Leonard. He was a transcendent talent who was finally ready to shine and bridge the gap to another glorious era.


I’ve written so many pro-Rajon Rondo posts this year, I could challenge Jay and John for the presidency of the #9 fan club.

But here’s the deal… Rondo just doesn’t get his due respect from Celtics fans or media. We focus on the warts and ignore the strengths. Rondo is liked more by fans across the country than fans here. And all of it just flat pisses me off.

To be fair, Rich Levine points out how Rondo’s play has fallen off since that mesmerizing playoff series in 2012. The point of the article is that if Rondo is ever going to return to that level, now is the time.

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On Page 2, Perk takes the Ice Bucket Challenge and it’s fabulous.

Was that a water boarding or ice bucket challenge? Advice for Perk, close your mouth next time.

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  • KGino

    And if not for the worst officiated game have ever seen, Lebron would have never had a chance to come back in that series

    • Frank Aziza

      Should have beat them in 5 games. The refs screwed us in game 2.

  • LA Flake

    I know this one’s mostly about Rondo but man…I LOVE PERK!

    • KWAPT

      Perk is the man. Such a genuine, cool, down-to-earth guy. Was really fortunate in being able to meet him a few times while he was here & he & his family are just wonderful people. Miss that dude.

  • CFH

    That Levine piece actually has the best anti-Rondo argument I’ve ever seen. Facts instead of groundless speculation that no one likes Rondo or wants to play with him. Or complaints that he doesn’t smile enough or something.

    Speaking of people who don’t need to smile to be awesome, are we sure Perk lived through that?!?!

    • Dave

      Agreed, and most players now a days wanna be buddies, Rondo and Perk are two fine examples of students of the KG’s school of toughness, don’t let up or smile while on the court and don’t help opposing players up, another guy I think falls into that category is Lance Stephenson minus his antics lol

      Had we drafted him instead of AB I’m sure KG would have loved him too and help straightened out his head more, and for Rondo he’s always been one of my fav players, they don’t make PG’s like him anymore, most PG’s now are scoring guards that are undersized for the SG position

  • Frank Aziza

    I’ve been defending Rondo for years. Lets not forget 2010, he was pretty much our best player in that playoff run. He looked that way in 2011 till D Wade took him out. Is it a coincidence that KG started looking old the minute Rondo tore is ACL?
    We need to get Rondo some all-star players before he’s too old.

    • Dave

      Only when he went to the Nets, they didn’t play KG enough imo since he’s a rhtythm player, plus that’s Net’s “system” didn’t work to his strengths

      • wil

        still, if you watch rondo’s assist replays, youll see how much KG benefits from rondos passing ability. He gets those easy shots near the rim.

        • Dave

          For sure, both KG and PP missed Rondo’s passing in BK, DWill is no Rondo that’s for sure, goes to show how much our Big 4 complimented each other, sucks that if we stacked on more depth we’d still be contending ala Spurs

          • wil

            makes you wanna see them play all together at their primes. Specially when Shaq with C’s. Rondo got him alot of easy shots.

          • Dave

            If all those guys were in their prime it wouldn’t even be fair lol, game over for the league, as long as they can still play at a high level and have good depth to compliment them so they’re won’t be a huge drop off then we would have been fine

            You can kind of say Rondo helped extend the careers of KG, and PP before Danny decided to pull the plug

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  • Brad P

    Please don’t lump Chris Bosh in the HoF discussion. It makes me sick to my stomach to be honest.

  • Bayern

    it is a well documented fact that rondo is an a**hole by emiinent journalists like jeff goodman, gary tanguay etc. Nerlens Noel recently blamed Rondo as single most factor for helping with his ACL Injury Rehab according to NESN. What an aHole is he. totally disgusted.

    This incident with Noel is a classic case of how Rondo poorly treats his team mates not to mention athletes from his alma mater.

  • Herman Bubbert

    Yeah, how could we not be reminded – since there’s a post a day on this blog and RondoBlog about how great he is, despite the fact he hasn’t been great for a good while.

    • Dur

      yeah, let’s just pretend that the ACL injury had nothing to do with it. Give me a break.