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Your Morning Dump…Where Greg Monroe is reportedly signing Detroit’s qualifying offer


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The restricted free agent informed the Pistons Tuesday that he will accept their one-year, $5.479 million qualifying offer rather than accept a long-term deal, per Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today. Monroe, 24, has played his first four seasons with the Pistons after being taken No. 7 overall in 2010. 

His decision comes after more than a month of negotiations with the Pistons about a long-term contract. Long thought of as a nuclear option—Monroe is turning down tens of millions of dollars in guaranteed cash—it’s also a bold power play by his agent, David Falk. By signing Detroit’s offer sheet, Monroe can hit unrestricted free agency next summer. He will also have the power to veto any potential trade during the 2014-15 season.

Bleacher Report – Greg Monroe to sign qualifying offer with Pistons

Greg Monroe rumors were pretty quiet until a few days ago, when Indy reportedly tried to swap Hibbert for Monroe (basically swapping defense for offense). Not sure what discussions actually went down, but now, even if the sides wanted to talk again — Monroe has the right to veto any trade this upcoming season (something I had no idea existed). Some C’s fans wanted in on the Monroe buzz too, as he’s a young and obviously skilled center, but he was apparently unhappy with whatever the Pistons thought he was worth. On Twitter, he denied being offered a $60mil deal:

Still, even if not quite as solid as a 5-year $60 mil offer, it’s possible the Pistons offered something north of $10 million a year to Monroe. He’s also likely to be seeking something closer to a max deal, which could be more doable if the Pistons didn’t own the bloated and un-tradable Josh Smith contract. So, I suppose the Celtics remain a trade option in some capacity this season, and if nothing else (for now), Monroe becomes another tall and talented name thrown in to the impending 2015 free agency frenzy.

Page 2: C’s reportedly opening at home against Nets

League sources tell NetsDaily that the Nets will open the 2014-15 season vs. the Celtics in Boston on October 29…

…The opener vs Boston will once again give Celtics fans a chance to honor Kevin Garnett, but Paul Pierce has moved on to Washington, who the Nets will reportedly play in their second game of the season.

NetsDaily – Sources: Brooklyn Nets to open at Boston

We’ll know for sure later today, when the schedule either leaks midday, or is announced at 6pm on NBATV. If NetsDaily is right, then I’d assume this will be the C’s first game as well. Should be an interesting test for Marcus Smart in his NBA debut. He should get minutes guarding Joe Johnson, one of the league’s smoothest (and tallest) shooting guards. Not to mention he’ll get an opportunity at some point to go head-to-head with Deron Williams.

Date is circled.

And finally, the Clippers sale  to Steve Ballmer went final yesterday

The sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was completed Tuesday with an email from a California courtroom, one of Ballmer’s attorneys told USA TODAY Sports.

The NBA Board of Governors had previously approved the $2 billion deal, which was officially closed after a California court issued a final order confirming the authority of Shelly Sterling to sell the team on behalf of the Sterling Family Trust, the NBA confirmed on its website. Shelly Sterling was the sole trustee after her husband, Donald Sterling, was found mentally incapacitated by two doctors and subsequently removed as a co-trustee.

USA Today – Clippers sale to Steve Ballmer finalized, NBA says

Good news for the Clippers’ players, staff, and fans. Not long after that report, I saw that Doc soon plans to start contract talks with Ballmer, which must be a sigh of relief for fans, who could have seen Doc quit if Sterling remained in ownership next season. One strange part of this deal are the tidbits Shelly Sterling pushed for — and got from Ballmer — as a result of selling the team. To name a few: A total of 12 tickets (2 courtside) to all home Clippers games, six parking spots for those games, three rings following any Clippers’ championship, lifetime rights to the title “Clippers Number 1 Fan”, and an agreement to call her “Owner Emeritus”.

K, then…

The rest of the links:

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  • bill_nair

    You think a WNBA team goes for like $50 grand? I need to sell something for $2B.

  • adam

    Greg Monroe being an unrestricted free agent next year could be a good thing…. for someone.

    • Dave

      This is pretty much his contract year then, if he can make some strides on defense that will make it all that much better for him

      • bill_nair

        Does Detroit give him any meaningful minutes knowing hes gone at the end of the year? He can veto any trade so it may be hard to move him too. If Smith and Drummond are Stans frontline of the future (out of necessity) Monroe probably comes off the bench. I dont think he’ll gain much value from this but hes 6’11” so hes going to get paid regardless.

        • LA Flake

          And he’s very skilled. He just doesn’t get to do all that he can because he has to share minutes with Drummond but Monroe is a stud. No doubt about it.

          • bill_nair

            Things are gonna get worse for him this year. Just cant see him getting many minutes of the bench. I cant believe there isnt any team willing to sign him. PHX should seriously try and retain Bledsoe and get Monroe.

          • Coach A. Johnson

            I think Bledsoe doesn’t want to be in Phoenix. Maybe a four player swap is needed here. Basics of Monroe for Bledsoe

          • bill_nair

            Ya I think thats what I read too. They dont entirely need him but I enjoyed watching him there. I just want to see Bledsoe and Monroe go to teams who NEED them. I cant believe they’re both still on the market.

          • Coach A. Johnson

            To me, the minute PHX drafted Ennis, signed Thomas, and refused to offer Dragic to Indy, says they don’t want him, BUT strange that they aren’t offering him in deals. They obviously like him as the SG. not PG.

        • Lee in Oregon

          I’ve read he would prob. waive the no-trade clause.

          • bill_nair

            I cant see many teams giving up anything for a 1 year rental and I cant see him agreeing to go to many teams either. Im surprised LA or PHI hasnt tried to get him.

  • dontevertreadonme

    lets go brooklyn!! lets start this season off right celtics fans. 0-82

  • Coach A. Johnson

    Monroe could be a good fit next year, but I still don’t see Danny maxing for him.
    Opening day could see Turner in a good role, guarding those tall SGs. Turner will come off the bench to play either tall SG or SF, depending on the opponent. Still leaves Thornton and Young on the bench.
    Clips sold!!!! I live in LA, and it’s been horrible all these years to see an owner that doesn’t care whether his team loses or wins, as long as he makes a profit. They have had some good players slide on through.

  • Jacquard Causeway

    People like to focus on Greg Monroe’s flaws, but I’d prefer to have him than either Olynyk or Sullinger. Find the right defensive power forward (somebody like Taj Gibson), and you’d have a really strong, difficult to handle frontcourt with Monroe. He’s got skills that remind me a little of Al Jefferson and a little of Pau Gasol. If he develops a better elbow / free throw line jumper, he’ll be an All-Star.

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  • forever_green

    I hope DA picked up the phone for Monroe, nice player in a position of need for the C’s.

    KG has to be thinking how the hell to get out of that lousy organization and play one more year somewhere else..or just retiring, sad.