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Olynyk says wrist injury is not career-ending

Kelly Olynyk is back in the area (Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire) after an exhibition tour with the Canadian national team. He commented on his mysterious wrist injury, first reported by a fan on Twitter:

“You’re always going, going, going, and it’s hard to get a little break,” said Olynyk. “But hopefully after [the camps] I’ll be able to relax for a week or so, then come back here in beginning of September ready to roll.”

Truth be told, Olynyk could use a small break. He confirmed an internet rumor that he tweaked his right wrist while landing awkwardly during a fall while overseas.

Olynyk was coy on the injury, but downplayed concerns. He wasn’t wearing a brace and didn’t seem cautious while distributing high-5s to the kids as they bounded off a bus in front of Canobie (one of them attaching themselves to Olynyk’s leg and seemingly unwilling to let go).

“It’ll be alright,” Olynyk said of his wrist. Told how even minor injuries tend to become big stories in these parts, he playfully added, “It’s not career-ending.”

Olynyk said he was previously scheduled to return to the area this week (Canada played its 11th and final exhibition in Spain today) and returning early after the wrist injury was merely precautionary. He talked of being ready to go when Celtics players start filing back to Boston in early September in advance of training camp.

No brace, no problem.

Here’s exclusive video of Olynyk on one of the park’s new rides:

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