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Sully interacts with fans at NBA Nation in China

As you saw in this morning’s Dump, Jared Sullinger is in China. He met fans and participated in the festivities as part of “NBA Nation” over the weekend. The event is meant to give fans around the world a chance to meet some of their basketball heroes and also to promote sports & “healthy living” to the youth of the world.

Sully signed autographs, did a live Q & A and also tried his hand at a pop-a-shot machine. Check out some more photos from the event courtesy of Weibo.

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  • swissflix

    He does not look chubby at all. Hopefully he stays that way till November…

  • zippittyay

    I find it hard to believe anyone in China knows who Sully is. That being said, I predict he will be a much better player than Olynyk will ever be.

    • Dave

      They all know who the Celtics are 🙂

      • KWAPT

        They worship them..and they know who everyone is on the team-down to the ball boys!

  • Frank Aziza

    He really does look less fat.

  • Daniel Warren Brown

    THAT’s what we all want to see from Scully. Awesome.

  • NE_Celt

    More trim…but still got that caboose to push people around haha

  • BaseLineJ

    Definitely lost weight.. Good Job sully!