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Celtkicks: Rondo wears “Boston Strong” Antas at Shelvin Mack Shootout

KWAPT (@KWAPT) August 10, 2014 CeltKicks, Rajon Rondo, Red's Army Multimedia 15 Comments

Rajon Rondo broke out a pair of one of my personal favorites, the Anta RR1 “Boston Strong” for the second annual Shelvin Mack Shootout in Kentucky this weekend. The shoe, a fantastic mix of black, white, yellow & blue, was designed by Brian Moughty. Moughty will also be designing Rondo’s next signature shoe which may be revealed on Rajon’s upcoming trip to China.

Check out some detailed photos in the gallery below courtesy of Sole Collector.

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  • Daniel Warren Brown

    What is with the show obsession fellas? Are you advertising?

    • Liberal Kuhn

      Old gray molester
      Cheap trailer trash welfare leech
      If you ever saw yourself in a mirror, you’d kill yourself.

      • Daniel Warren Brown

        Love you haters. God be with you.

    • Curt Hays

      It is common for KWAPT to post whatever shoes he sees being worn by guys on the team. It isn’t about Anta. It is about whatever shoes the guys are wearing. Some of us love the kicks.

      • Daniel Warren Brown

        Okay. That’s interesting. I guess it’s a fashion thing.

        • Curt Hays

          Haha, I never called it that, but I suppose it is. KWAPT is actually one of the most knowledgeable people I know of in regards to basketball shoes. Now you know! :-)

          • Daniel Warren Brown

            Excellent coverage of the Celts BTW. Keep kickin’ that out.

  • bill_nair

    Not really a fan of the Anta’s but I like these ones. Good job as usual KWAPT.

  • Curt Hays

    I don’t recognize the guy on the left with the Band Aid over his eye, but he looks like he could be Rondo’s brother.

    • Dave

      More like his uncle

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  • KGino

    these are dope. Need me a pair!! So many cool little details