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Your Morning Dump… Where the Love trade never went beyond flirtation

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Celtics’ pursuit of Kevin Love was a long shot from the beginning. Although Love was intrigued by the idea of playing for Brad Stevens and with such a tradition-rich organization, the relationship never grew beyond a flirtation.

The Celtics did not have enough assets to send to the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Cleveland Cavaliers dealt two former No. 1 overall picks and a protected first-round pick for the rights to Love.

The trade will become official Aug. 23, when rookie Andrew Wiggins is eligible to be traded, but this deal has been in the works for weeks, with Celtics president Danny Ainge relegated to steaming up the window as the negotiations unfolded.

Globe: Celtics didn’t have the assets to get Kevin Love

So not only did the Celtics never really have a realistic shot at Kevin Love, they never even managed to move the needle on a multi-team deal that could land them  SOMETHING.

We knew the tipping point was when Cleveland made the no-brainer decision to include Andrew Wiggins.  I guess the question now is… at what point do all of these assets the Celtics have been collecting become worth something?

I like Kelly Olynyk.  I like Jared Sullinger.  I think they can be part of a good team, but I don’t think they can carry a good team every night.  Wiggins might be able to eventually, and the Wolves are hoping that he’ll grow into that role.  But Sullinger/Olynyk don’t have that ceiling, so they didn’t have that value.

I guess this upcoming season will be what tells us most about these guys.  I wonder if they’re going to take this non-trade as a sign of relief, or as a sign of disrespect.  Minnesota basically just told these guys that they’re not good enough to acquire in exchange for Love.  Maybe Sullinger takes that and uses it as a little added motivation.

Regardless, the big splash this summer isn’t happening.  The Celtics don’t have the pieces to acquire a star.  But Danny Ainge isn’t done working, so I doubt this will be the last potential move we talk about until camp.

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Page 2:  Rondo’s holding a point guard camp in China

Point guard is the team’s brain, the point guard is the field coach.

If you featuring point guard in a basketball team, and ask yourself: Are you a qualified commander? Can you control the pitch? Can can not foresee the future?

Join Anta control of training camps, NBA ‘s top point guard Rajon Rondo personal trainer Doug Bibby, will make you a much better than the last point guard.

Rondo Control Camp (translated by Google, obviously)

rondo antaKWAPT dug up this little nugget from his Chinese connections.  So here’s how he explained it to me:

Rondo will be holding “Rondo Control Camp” in Guangdong Province, China from Aug 26th-29th. His mentor & high school coach Doug Bibby (Mike Bibby’s cousin) will help him. From what I understand, some of the best PG prospects from kids in China will be attending, and it’s a camp specifically geared towards PG skills. Anta is an official sponsor.

The Chinese sneaker market is so huge, doing things like this is a smart way to (a) cement your popularity in the fastest growing NBA-consuming market (b) spread the game globally, and ultimately bringing some of the best players in the world to the NBA, and (c) make himself a ton more money through his sneaker endorsements than he would have here in the U.S.

Let’s face it, he was a bit player in the Nike campaigns… big enough to be in the ensemble Footlocker ads, but not big enough to have his own campaign.  China is a perfect place for guys like Rondo to get top-endorser money and his own signature shoe.

And Finally….

That’s Rondo taking the ice bucket challenge that has been raising money for the ALS.  This has become a huge thing all around the country and it’s now sweeping through Boston pro sports.   The goal is to get donations to support ALS research and to hopefully find a cure for this horrible disease.  You can make a donation of your own at

There is little doubt Red’s Army will be taking the challenge soon.  Stay tuned for that.

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