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Report: Cavs have wink-wink $120 million deal for Love

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Woj dropped one of his patented bombs this morning:

The Minnesota Timberwolves have reached an agreement in principle to send All-Star forward Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Andrew WigginsAnthony Bennett and a protected 2015 first-round draft pick, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Cleveland is making the deal with Minnesota with a firm agreement Love will opt out of his contract in 2015 and re-sign with the Cavaliers on a five-year, $120 million-plus contract extension, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The deal cannot be finalized until Aug. 23, because Wiggins, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft, cannot be traded until one month after the signing of his rookie contract.

I was expecting a more complex deal, one with a 3rd team that would allow Minnesota to shed some additional salary (Kevin Martin and JJ Barea), but maybe Flip Saunders was plain worn down from 2+ months of negotiations.

Chris Broussard heard that Ray Allen would sign with Cleveland should they secure Love.

So… what does this mean for the Eastern Conference? Some have the Cavs in the Finals for the next 5 years. Others will remind you that Cleveland has some mediocre defensive players and a rookie head coach.

All I know for sure is that I’ve found a new team to hate. Wouldn’t you love to see Miami upset the Cavs in the 1st round of the playoffs?

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  • Brian Girolamo

    Hate Cleveland? Dude they fleeced Vanilla City while keeping Thompson, Waiters AND getting protections on the draft pick?? Agreeing to ink K-love to a 5 year deal?! And not having to take back Kmart’s 3 years? WOW. That was straight up GM geniusing that we haven’t seen go down since KG strapped on the epic green uniform! I have to say, bringing aboard a bunch of aging, injury history riddled vets like jones, miller and even jesus isn’t brilliant, but if matrix comes aboard and they are keeping Waiters and Thompson? Dude this team is stacked in a ridiculous way like the Spurs… going to be a fun team to watch for sure. Boston will be good again eventually, I wish it was now, but hopefully the new blood on this team becomes the guys we wanted to trade for/sign in free agency. Smart, Young, Zeller and Sully should end up becoming a crazy good roster and if Brad can get anything out of Turner than we win again!

  • dk

    Ray Allen to sign w/ CLE if they ink Love? –file that under yeah No S$*%&! Carpetbagger NBA player now.

    • Brian Girolamo

      That creep needs to just retire. I’d have no issues with that Cavs roster if he stayed away.

  • Jake Gruber

    Pesonally, I’d rather see Cleveland beat Miami. I’m not sure there’s really much of a reason to dislike Lebron anymore. I’ve ( slowly) gotten over the decision and that idiotic pre-season celebration from that year. I dislike wade FAR more than James.

    • Brian Girolamo

      Couldn’t agree with you more! I’m glad Lebron went back to the team that Boston continuously slapped around each year. That’s great for him, and now he’s got a really talented and non-defense oriented team to try out. He’s a top player and now we will see how he handles being on a team with a 2 oft injured stars. DWade plays dirty and is a worn out tool.

      • dontevertreadonme

        boston’s not gonna be slapping anyone around for a very long time

    • KGino

      YOU’RE NOT SURE THERES REALLY MUCH OF A REASON TO DISLIKE LEBRON ANYMORE?!?!?!?!?! If you’d like to know a myriad of reasons why you SHOULD, please say the word and I will list them for you. Speak for yourself, I hate Lebron more than any player to ever play this game

      • Jake Gruber

        Haha let’s hear! But seriously, I am curious why. I feel like he hasn’t been that bad recently and he’s been so dominant you have to respect him.

        • KGino

          I don’t have the time to do a quality job, but I’ll try to go fast. Let’s be clear of one thing before I go on, he is the current best player in the world and the ONLY thing I respect about him is his talent.

          And a major factor that goes into hating him so much is the fact that ESPN & the world literally won’t stop talking about him (it would be fine if they didn’t fuel his superstardom so much, but they blow it WAY out of proportion). Like he’s the best thing since sliced bread… Well these are the reasons he isn’t.

          First of all, it starts with the decision. I understand ppl are over it by now, and that’s fine. He handled it terribly… Ok. I’m over that too (but not if I was a Cleveland fan). But the big picture reason to still dislike him for this move is that he conspired with another top 5 player and another top 10 player (at that time) to all take pay cuts and join the same team.

          This is usually the point in which people say A.) Jordan had pippen! You can’t win it alone! or B.) Cleveland did a horrible job building a team around him — To that I say, NONE OF THE GREATS (Jordan, Magic, Bird, etc) ever left their team to join up with other great players. They were traded for, acquired, etc. To me, sports is about competing against the best to become the best, not joining the best to become the best. For me, that will ALWAYS tarnish his legacy. And even with the #1, #3 and #10 best players on the same team (IMO) in 2010-2011, they STILL lost. Why? Because Lebron choked. Yet he gets a pass. I never saw Bird choke. Lebron is one of the most mentally fragile stars ever to be in the league.

          2012 playoffs, Celtics had them in 5 games. If not for complete BS officiating, not calling Rondo getting raked across the face on a layup and following it up by letting wade get an AND 1 for kicking his leg out into KG as he shot, we win that series. This was the game I decided I would never watch another non-celtics Lebron game. The refs favor him more than any player i’ve ever seen. As more evidence, there was a period of like 10 games where Lebron didn’t commit one foul. He’s good, but he’s not that good. I understand the Thunder were screwed a bit in their Finals series too by the refs, but I didn’t bother watching b/c like i said, can’t stomach watching lebron play if the celts aren’t involved.

          Ok, so he gets a lot of calls, the majority of stars do. But on TOP OF THAT, he has to COMPLAIN about EVERY call. Watch him some time. He doesn’t stop badgering the refs. “FOUL?! ON ME?! BUT I’M LEBRON!!” is literally what it looks like. Back in that 2012 celts playoff series, Rondo even responded they’ve been able to get out on the break because wade & lebron “don’t stop crying and complaining in transition”. LOL. So true. If I was the best player in the world, and already got the benefit of the doubt, you would not see me bi*ching and moaning all game long. He doesn’t need the extra help.

          Then theres the flopping. Yes, lots of players flopped. Jordan flopped. But Lebron is literally the POSTER BOY for flopping. Like if you look up flopping in the NBA dictionary, Lebron would be the George Washington of it. Again, best player in the world, he doesn’t need that in his game. Makes me respect him less.

          Ok so let’s move on from 2012 where the refs played a significant role in getting Lebron that elusive first championship (side note: Lebron’s game 6 performance vs the Celtics that year is exactly how he should play every game. He was a robot. Didn’t see him whining or complaining that game, he was ALL business. If he played like this more, he’d have more of my respect).

          2013: Ray Allen saves his butt. SO BAD. No one remembers lebron had 2 AIR BALLS and shot HORRIBLY in the 4th quarter of that game (but I do). He choked again and would have been the scape goat (again) if not for Ray. Mentally fragile. I’ll say it again.

          2014: Spurs MANHANDLE the heat. Lebron sets the tone in the series by leaving early with cramps. Then as the spurs are just moving the ball beautifully late into the series, he looked as though he gave up. Lots of people saw it. He simply gave in, like he didn’t even try to win after a certain point.

          After realizing he was just destroyed by a much better team… Lebron realizes Wade’s knees are too gone now for them to win another championship. He again QUITS on his team to join a team who’s grass is greener. Again, proving he’s a front runner who shrinks when faced with a conflict. He doesn’t take the challenge like any of the other greats would have, instead he quits, joins a better team who he knows he can persuade to trade wiggins for ANOTHER top 10 player, have a new better big 3, and have a better chance next year. And WORST OF ALL, he pretends like “He’s coming home” because it’s his home. DON’T BE FOOLED. Lebron went back to Cleveland because the grass was greener. If he really felt all those things for his city, he would have never stabbed them in their backs and hearts on national TV. Just a PR move so people will like him more, but I’m not fooled.

          Ok, so now I’ve established lebron as a front-running coward, which is the main reason I hate him. Here are some other quick fire reasons I hate him.

          1.) Says the number 23 should be retired by all teams (Jordan is not Jackie Robinson, Lebron). Too much history in the number. Then he picks Bill Russell’s number… Either he’s that stupid or he just contradicted himself. Then 4 years later he takes the number 23 back. Annoying.

          2.) He won’t do the dunk contest. This again proves my point that he is mentally fragile. If you’re lebron, and you REALLY appreciate the history of the game like you say, how do you NOT do the dunk contest? For the fans? The reason is because he has everything to lose and nothing to gain. He’s scared for that reason. Simple & plain.

          3.) He quits on CONTENDING teams. It’s not like he’s a million miles away from winning a championship (like say, Kevin Love). People can say Cleveland didn’t put enough talent around him, but I recall him making the finals and having the best record in the league a few years. You put your time in, and eventually you persevere. See Paul Pierce. That one championship for him must taste 100x sweeter than Lebron’s two championships in Miami combined. At least it would to me.

          4.) Once asked the question on how his team could improve on their defense, he responded “if he could clone himself out there he would.” This is just one example of PLENTY throughout his career where he has thrown his teammates under the bus. There is a whole website dedicated to stupid Lebron quotes such as this one if you’d like to google it.

          5.) To further defend my mentally fragile statement, there’s the playoff series before he had to play the Celtics in the 2010 playoffs, where he had the series locked up and started shooting free throws LEFTY because of some bogus injury to his right arm that no one seemed to know about. To me, this was him establishing an excuse because he knew what was coming. It was his disclaimer in case he lost. Then, when he DOES eventually lose to the C’s, he rips off his cleveland jersey in disgust.

          6.) He is not a good team leader. How can someone so disloyal and so mentally fragile be a good team leader? They can’t. Unless things are going his way, he is a downright awful teammate.

          Ok, so to conclude, I just hate when people try to bring Lebron into the Jordan/Bird/Magic conversation. Those dudes all had INCREDIBLE drive and competitiveness and mental strength… Lebron only has one of those if he’s lucky (drive). I just can’t respect someone who is such a front runner in a competitive environment. No player or “great” in the history of the game has been able to choose his own team/teammates in the manner that LBJ has, and to me that just tarnishes his legacy a little. How could he ever be greater than Jordan or Bird or Magic if he needed the equivalent of another Jordan Bird or Magic in his era on his same team to win? HE CAN’T.

          PS>> Then there’s the rumor that he’s on steroids, which wouldn’t surprise me one bit. But, we’ll leave that one out because no one can back it up (yet).

          • Jake Gruber

            Haha wow. That was very well done. I wasn’t really disagreeing with you at all, I was just curious what your side of the story was, and you have made a bunch of very good points. In fact, you even kind of got me a little riled up about how annoying he can be again. I guess I had lost sight of some of those things, because I COMPLETELY agree with your statement about how sports are about challenging yourself, etc. that is exactly how I’ve always felt. You’re right, I was forgiving the way he handled the decision, but I don’t really approve of the fact that he really is a front runner. It’s just that his game is so respectable. All in all, very good points. Appreciate the perspective! I guess I just hate wade more somehow.

          • KGino

            Haha thank you! Trust me when I say I hate d wade too. At least Lebron isn’t dirty. If Lebron didn’t get so much attention, i’d prolly hate wade more

          • forever_green

            I made a comment here twice about Lebron (with picture) and his invention of the crab dribble..deleted both times?! Someone at RedsArmy must like LBJ or this site has gotten really SOFT!

          • Mike Perry

            lol think hes on roids lmbao hes a hgh head u seen him in high school then his first year in the league comeon there is no maybe he is roided up lol

          • KGino

            And the way he’s lost the weight this off season, that just doesn’t happen because you “cut carbs”

  • BillRussell

    I don’t hate Cleveland at all, I Hate the Heat- i love that the Heat got shafted- ever since Wade did that dirty play on Rondo that almost broke his arm forever, I’ve hated the Heat and Wade with a passion.

    • Coach A. Johnson

      I don’t hate the Heat, it is what it is. I agree with you on the Wade injuring Rondo thing though. So yeah I don’t like Wade anymore. I do think Cleveland acted like butts when LBJ left. IMO he had fulfilled a 7yr commitment to the team, and they wouldn’t get him winners, so he left. I don’t hate Ray, after being in trade rumors for 3 seasons a player of his caliber does get an attitude and so he left. It is what it is. The team I hate with a passion is the LAKERS. Yeah I live in LA and have had to endure all of the insults and threats to take my C’s gear off. LOL Never did though. Boston Strong we will be back before the Lakers.

      • BillRussell

        I agree- we will DEFINITELY be back before the Lakers- they are screwed. unfortunate we couldn’t make any “fireworks” happen, but we are still set up good with assets and picks –

        • Coach A. Johnson

          I am telling you it is crickets here in LA right now. LOL best offseason. No LA championship buzz, barely any Kobe gonna straighten this team out talk either.
          I know our only star is dimmed right now, but his potential to shine is there. The rest of our roster are role players as they grow into themselves, but we are only going to shine brighter later.

  • tom

    Dead serious how is that a better offer than what the Celtics can offer? Smart, sullinger, bass and 2 first round picks is absolutely better than Wiggins, a bust and a protected pick. Screw flip, he’ll be fired shortly

    • JT

      Love Smart but Wiggins has a lot more potential. They’re believing the Wiggins hype which could very well be true.

      • wil

        Wiggins got alot of this “Potential* because of his athleticism. Not really because of his skill set.

        Smart on the other hand got intangibles to make him a great basketball player. Too early to judge both. But i think smart will be a nice player because of his love for the game.

        Sully over bennet tho.

        • JT

          I hope both of you all are right, because I really like Smart the more I watch/read about him. But virtually everything in the NBA is based off potential/hype. Just like with Smart’s mental toughness, you can’t really teach Wiggins’ athleticism, which is what brings in the crowds/hype.

      • Hex Effect

        Wiggins has the potential, nothing more. He can reach it, but I’m not convinced he’s not mentally tough like Smart is. Smart is an animal on the court and the only bad thing going for him is his shooting (which he will improve duh!) I believe Marcus Smart will be our next REAL superstar since Larry Bird, he just shows the fire that makes NBA players elite!

    • Chief_00

      I think part of the reason is that Taylor doesn’t want to lose another star to Boston.
      And your right flip is screwed either way.

  • Frank Aziza

    Screw LBJ. All he does is try to form super teams!!!

  • forever_green

    I’ve seen Ray in the New England area lately shopping (probably for stuff to impress Lebron)..does he have a home in Connecticut?

    • JT

      I think so

    • KGino

      I hope you stalk him, hide behind a rack of clothes and yell “sellout!” And “lebrons paper bi*ch” and other funny things. I would.

  • dontevertreadonme

    you can thank David Stern and the cronies in the NBA for gifting Cleveland Lebron and now Kevin Love. NBA’s rigged. Sterns paying back the sh*thole that is cleveland for losing a billion dollars in revenue when Lebron left. 3 out the last 4 number 1 draft picks lol its comical. Celtics fans should be irate. Love was Ainge’s man and we would have had him. Now we can enjoy a crappy rebuild for the next 3-5 years

    • zippittyay

      Why would the NBA *want* a dynasty in Cleveland and crappy teams in NY and LA?

      • LA Flake

        Redistribution of wealth?

      • dontevertreadonme

        its payback bro. Do you know how much money Lebron generates for the NBA? cleveland is a craphole we can all agree on that. the only thing they had going for them was Lebron and when he left he took with him a billion dollars in revenue for the city. Stern felt bad. Cities like NY, LA still get crazy money with or without their sports teams doing well.

  • CFH

    Can’t I just hate both Cleveland and Miami?

    • CallingBatman

      Sorry, everyone’s quota is two and by default one of those is the Lakers.

      • Chief_00

        Can’t like this comment enough…we got a boatload of draft picks, some nice young talent, rondo (for now at least).
        The lakers… Kobe for $48 million and Boozer.
        Yeah I’m going to enjoy this year regardless.

  • LA Flake

    Three years from now…Wiggins will be tearing up the league and Bennett will be beasting in Minnesota while Lebron and KLove will be getting their asses spanked by DRose and the Bulls. DAN EFFIN’ GILBERT will be crying like a little b i t c h and blaming LBJ for forcing him to trade Wiggins and Bennett. And LBJ will once again leave Cleveland for greener pastures.