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Your Morning Dump… Where it was rookie picture day

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Every year, the first round picks get together in New York for a big photo shoot.  Here’s a gallery of a bunch of the pictures that were taken (big thanks to KWAPT for compiling these for us)

There was also a little dunking exhibition from the fellas…

We here at Red’s Army also have our pictures taken every year.  Unfortunately, I’m having some technical problems and the only one I can find to share is Chuck’s.

bad school pic

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Page 2:  Is Boston completely frozen out of a Kevin Love deal?

“I’m saying it’s most likely because Kevin has made it pretty clear that that’s what he wants to do,” Wolves owner Glen Taylor told the Pioneer Press.

Taylor’s preference, though, is that Love remain in Minnesota. The August dates for a trade are because that’s when the Cleveland Cavaliers officially can deal their first-round draft pick, Andrew Wiggins, to the Wolves.

Cleveland remains the strong bet for Love to join LeBron James. But the Wolves continue to listen to offers from Chicago and Golden State, with Philadelphia expected to be part of a three-team deal. (via

At this point, there’s not much else to say about the Kevin Love trade.  Glen Taylor isn’t going to give Boston any hope of swooping because he’s finally resigning himself to the fact that it’s probably going to happen.  And Boston doesn’t even appear to be in the mix to get anything at all in a multi-team deal.

The only thing the Celtics have that one of these teams might take is Keith Bogans’ non-guaranteed $5.3 million deal.  As Gary Washburn mentioned in the bottom of his notes column yesterday, the Celtics at this point are willing to take a draft pick for him.  I don’t think they’re going for one of those “heavily protected second round picks” that teams will never actually see.  I still think Ainge is hoping to get something of value from a team that really needs to cut payroll.

Chalk that up to a good idea just not working out.  The Celtics took a calculated risk in that Pierce/Garnett trade.  They paid Bogans $5 million last season to do nothing all in the hopes that they could include him in a deal somewhere.  A non-guaranteed mid-level deal plus some combination of the Celtics draft picks seems like a hell of a starting point for another team looking towards the future.

Unfortunately, some times you start out with the right cards but still lose the hand.  The only thing that really matters is that you play the hand the right way.  You won’t win every time, but playing it the right way will lead to more wins than losses.

The rest of the links:

Buckeye Sports:  Sullinger happy to have Turner in town  |  Herald:  Ray Allen in no hurry to make decision on future

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  • Guest

    the legend

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    • eddysamson

      Omg that look in his eyes hahaha you can just see he has no idea whats going on

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  • LA Flake

    Looking good, Marcus!
    Feeling good, James!

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  • zippittyay

    Watch Marcus struggle to get the ball over the rim.

    • LA Flake

      Judging by what I’ve seen, he’s not really a leaper. But he is a bulldozer and we’ve always done okay with someone like that.

    • KGino

      on an alley oop double clutch reverse jam? Pretty damn good for a point guard I say.

      • swissflix

        i was about to say the same. Dude reminds me of a freighttrain.

  • Richard Jensen

    Ha. I can top that poker story.

    I was *dealt* four queens in a rather crazy game of 7 card draw, and lost to my brother-in-law who drew on a pair of kings and got another king and a wild card.

    However, there was no million dollars at stake, still—how many ppl have lost a hand of poker while holding four of a kind?