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Your Morning Dump..Where James Young is good to go

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Celtics first rounder James Young has reportedly been cleared to play after experiencing concussion-like symptoms from a car crash in June before the NBA Draft, according to an interview the former Kentucky star gave to Kyle Tucker of The Courier-Journal.

Young, who ended up being selected No. 17 overall, had to miss summer league because of the injury but recently said he was cleared at the end July to participate in team drills and is ready to move forward. As Chad Ford of ESPN said during the draft, the crash in Los Angeles could’ve explained why he possibly slid a few spots. He also missed pre-draft workouts.

Report: Celtics’ James Young cleared to play following car crash-Sports Illustrated 

During the rookie’s interview with Kyle Tucker of the Courier-Journal, Young also talked about missing NBA Summer League, what the rich tradition & championship history of the Celtics mean to him and what type of expectations Celtics brass have:

On what the Celtics told him about his rookie year: “They have a lot of faith in me, so I’ve just been working out – before I got in the accident. I’m about to start working out these next few days. It’s just progressing. Before I got in the accident, I was really working on my footwork and stuff like that, working on my right hand. That’s what they wanted to see improve, so that’s what I’ve been working on.”

On seeing all the championship trophies in Boston: “I definitely did, and they have a blank one up there. That’s just like motivation, I guess, for us to put another championship up there, and that’s what we can look forward to every day in practice.”

On missing the summer league: “It was tough for me, because I had a concussion. I got a chance to meet with some of the guys and stuff like that. Great team, great facility, and the coaching is really great. So I had a chance to just walk around and talk to some of the guys about their past experiences and stuff like that. They’re a bunch of great guys.”

I was a little disappointed when I first heard that Young wouldn’t be able to take part in Summer League. Mostly for the reason that I really wanted to see just what he and Smart could do together on the court. As Celtics fans know, Boston’s roster is chock full of guards. It should be very interesting to see just what kind of impression Young will make on head coach Brad Stevens & his staff during training camp & preseason play. The one thing Young definitely has on his side is youth. The Michigan native will turn the tender age of 19 on August 16th. Much of what caught folks’ attention about Young was his raw athleticism, and at a mere 18, he’s got plenty of time to polish his game.

Enjoy some highlights from Young’s senior season at Rochester High in Rochester Hills, Michigan and his one & only season with Kentucky:

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On Page 2, Bob Cousy: Master PG

I came across this great 11 minute tribute to the wonderful wizardry of Celtics legend Bob Cousy. It features classic moments from Cous’ career with voice overs from the man himself. Great find by the folks over at BallIsLife.

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  • Richard Jensen

    Completely unrelated thought:

    Bogans to Pacers.


    Because they’ll cut Bogans, clearing up enough salary for the Pacers to use the disabled player exception without hitting the tax.

    • Guest

      why do we do that for the pacers?

      • Richard Jensen

        To get back a player of some sort, a second round pick of some sort and possibly a trade exception of some sort.

        • adam

          i’ll take another 5 million trade exception. how much was the trade exception for humphries?

          • Richard Jensen

            $4.3, I think?

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  • eddysamson

    Dude Bob Cousy man. What a wizard with the ball. So amazing to watch the kind of stuff he used to pull off.

  • wil

    Young just looks so raw. I hope this pick pans out.

    • adam

      his pre season will be smarts summer league.

      • wil

        hopefully he will impress. from what ive seen in his videos, he has terrible footwork. Often drives, gets stuck in the middle because of the lack of moves, and just awkwardly rises up for the shot.