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Your Morning Dump… Where Paul George suffers a gruesome compound leg fracture

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Indiana Pacers star Paul George suffered a gruesome lower right leg fracture during the U.S. national team’s intrasquad scrimmage at UNLV and underwent successful surgery late Friday night.

In a statement released after surgery was completed, USA Basketball confirmed George suffered an open tibia-fibula fracture and is expected to remain hospitalized for about three days. Dr. Riley Williams, a Team USA orthopedist who also works with the Brooklyn Nets, was with George.

Sources close to the situation told ESPN that while there didn’t appear to be additional damage besides the fractures, doctors believe George likely will miss all of next season, though no official prognosis has been given.

George’s leg landed and then buckled at the base of the basket stanchion after he fouled James Harden on a drive to the basket just 27 seconds into the fourth quarter.

Nearby teammates immediately reacted, with Harden doubling over as George recoiled on the baseline.


I’m trying my best to not watch the video, but here’s the clip for those who wish to see it.

The Pacers and their fans must be in shock. Their championship aspirations for next season have vanished. Their franchise player might never be the same athlete again.

I think Roy Hibbert summed it up best:

Athletes from around the world, including Jared Sullinger, tweeted about the injury:  

The rest of the links:

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  • RedwasKing

    That was the nastiest basketball injury I have ever seen.

    • Kahnstantine

      is it worse than Kevin Ware? I’m really reluctant to watch after seeing that one.

      • tvor03

        It’s almost the exact same injury as Ware. I’d put em as equals.

        • stevemb34

          Stop it. You didn’t SEE a bone. It’s not even in the same stratosphere as the totality of the Ware one even if the actual break looked the same at first.

  • Justin

    Thank you Reds Army for having the class not to openly post footage of the incident.

  • Chief_00

    That was disturbing to see…am hoping for a speedy recovery to Paul George.
    Makes me feel sick just thinking about it, it’s gonna be a tough season ahead for the pacers.

  • Amir Buxbaum

    Poor Pacers.

    Always hate it when a team’s chances to contend is tampered because of injuries. That’s why I feel the ’08 team should have won at least 2 more championships.

    • stevemb34

      Two? You mean one, right, where we maybe could’ve gotten ’09? 2010 KILLS me but Perk wouldn’t have helped in game 7. Our issue was we couldn’t score for crap and one of the few bright spots in the first half anyway was Rasheed getting 7 or 8.

  • forever_green

    Injuries are the worst, they change history.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Poor Bird….hope someone is there to talk “Legend off the Ledge”!

    Paul George, all by himself, is 40% of the Indiana talent arsenal. At least they`re an EC team. They would now be deep in the lottery if they were in the WC!

  • KGino

    Do not watch if you are squeamish. I watched it once in slow mo and almost broke MY leg. Poor dude, hope he’s able to recover fully.

    • eddysamson

      The slow mo is just plain brutal god damn

    • Thatguy

      I’ll admit, this is one of the few times I cringed watching something like this. Praying for PG.

    • WardenOfTheNorth

      Just unfortunate that it happened before the season started in a meaningless pickup/scrimmage/showcase game. I’m sure GMs will look into including recoup clauses, should a player be injured during a non-team pickup/scrimmage/showcase game in the offseason. Team USA is affiliated with FIBA and not the NBA, right? Gotta feel bad for the Pacers, though. First, they trade Grainger and lose their locker room. Then Hibbert turns into a WNBA center during the playoffs. They get cheap and lose Lance in the offseason and now PG goes down, for what could be a 1-2 year recovery.

      • stevemb34

        “I’m sure GMs will look into including recoup clauses, should a player be injured during a non-team pickup/scrimmage/showcase game in the offseason.”

        That’s incredibly short-sighted. There are a ton of examples of how, instead of playing pickup with your buddies or working out alone, how playing on Team USA with some of the very best players in the world and seeing how they work has rubbed off on young players. LeBron credits seeing Kobe’s maniacal workouts/gameday routine during the 08 Olympics as being huge for maturing him and knowing that, while he thought he was working hard, he wasn’t doing crap compared to Kobe. Rose credits being on the 2010 World Championship team with helping him grow from year 2 to 3 (I think, may’ve been 3-4) and turning him into a more polished player that won MVP that year.

        This could have happened anywhere and to be a good player, you’ve gotta keep playing anyway so I’m more than convinced it’s incredibly beneficial to play with the best players in the world and essentially get a free masters class in basketball. Crap happens.

        Hoping PG gets back soon.

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  • NE_Celt

    Never want to see this happen to anyone on any team…he is a talented player and I hope he recovers and can come back to what he was…wish a speedy and healthy recovery to him.

  • tvor03

    Absolutely gruesome. It’s terrible for him and the Pacers. The body has ways of dealing with pain, so he probably didn’t feel much yesterday. Today, however, probably hurts like hell. I broke my leg similarly in high school. Not playing ball, but in a car accident. Took about a year to fully recover. There’s zero chance he plays this season, but there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t be just as good for the 15-16 season.

  • adam

    am I the only one hoping Indiana trades him for jeff green and wallace?