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Your Morning Dump… Where Marcus Smart continues to impress

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

Of course, now Smart can call the best players in the world his colleagues, and he’s made a good impression on all of them. Throughout the week, Smart has displayed a ton of confidence in his jumpshot and inspiring tenacity on the defensive end. And once the select team is done for the day and the “A squad” splits up for one final scrimmage, Smart can be found on the open court putting up shots and working on his jumper.

Smart’s work ethic draws praise no matter where he goes, and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens cited his leadership and willingness to set an example as reasons why Boston wanted him. With training camp coming up, Smart knows that making a good first impression with his new team will have a lot to do with the way he competes.

“It’s going to be real huge to show my teammates how hard of a worker that I am,” Smart said. “It shows them that I take responsibility and that they can count on me no matter what.”

Cowboys Ride for Free (SB Nation)

I thought Marcus Smart had questionable character issues?

Since the draft, we’ve heard nothing but positive stories about this kid. He’s been practicing with Team USA for three summers now and it’s all roses.

Natural talent. Born leader. Incredible work ethic. Is there any doubt he’ll be a top 5 PG within 5 years? Or will he be a top 5 shooting guard? (Don’t piss on my optimism, please)

As excited as Smart is to get to work for the Celtics – he told me that the team hasn’t told him what position they want him to play, but that he’s going to love playing with and against (in practice) a competitor like Rajon Rondo – he still has a place in his heart for Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The Celtics haven’t told Smart because they don’t know. If Rajon Rondo is still a part of this team during training camp (and I’m convinced he will), Smart will be tossed into Brad Stevens’ backcourt stew with Rondo, Avery Bradley, Marcus Thornton, James Young, and Evan Turner. Stevens will have plenty of time to tinker with his recipe.

Before Marcus gets down to business, he has one more personal item to attend to:

“I’m getting ready to buy her a house in a little bit,” Smart told me. “She likes it back in Flower Mound, so I’m going to get her a $500,000 house.”

Taking care of momma…

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  • bill_nair

    Im hoping he can become a top 5 SG, but if we do end up moving on from Rondo some day, atleast we’ll be replacing him with a PG who can be equally good.

  • RedwasKing

    Reminds me of a young Derron Williams, but with a better work ethic

    • Rick Rice

      Reminds me more of Tony Allen! Both even have OSU in their heritage!

      • LA Flake

        Rich man’s Tony Allen.
        Smart >>>>>>> TA

        • stevemb34

          Stop it. TA’s been an all-NBA defender and key cog on our title team. Hopefully Smart ends up better than him but you can’t say that yet.

          • LA Flake

            Leave me alone. I still have plenty of Kool Aid left.

          • stevemb34

            Oh trust me, I love Smart (and Young) too but I’m also reminded that sometimes the Kool-Aid is spiked when I look back at my #5 Celtics jersey I purchased in August 2005.

          • LA Flake

            Can’t you stitch a “K” and erase “REEN” and enjoy the jersey? What’s wrong with you?

    • Johnnie

      good comp, actually. smart might already be a better defender but i can see his offensive game becoming very d-will like in his prime.

  • LA Flake

    I’m SOOOOOOO ready for the Marcus Smart era…

  • P Funk

    That’s an offensive foul for the hook/push off if the picture. haha

    • zippittyay

      In my league, that’s a carry too…..

    • wil

      look at the picture again, his arm or hand isnt even in the kids chest. lol if it was im sure the kid would be flying.

      • P Funk

        Yup…you are right…I was just trying to be funny though

  • Rick Rice

    Uhhh, you left out Phil Pressey out of your “backcourt stew”!! Since Boston just guaranteed his contract for the year I think he’ll be a key ingredient in the stew. At least I hope he is! Phil does a great job energizing off the bench and is a superior passer!

  • JBone4eva

    The ferocity with which Marcus is crossing over that 9 year old is what impresses me most about this whole article. Dude is hyper competitive, of the Kobe ilk. Those type of players usually succeed, I can’t wait to see him play in the league!

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  • Lee in Oregon

    This experience is price-less for a young player’s developement and its’s great to see Marcus excelling. I see a lot of TA comparisons…..and yes, his defense warrants the comparison. On offense though, Smart is already as good of a shooter (neither guy can shoot) and miles ahead of TA in ball-handling..( many memories of TA leading the break only to bounce it off his knee & out of bounds).

  • wil

    this why i honestly hate the AB signing. AB is strictly a 2 on offense and a 1 on defense.

    smart would need more minutes to improve.

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