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Your Morning Dump… Where Kevin Love wants to ride Lebron’s coattails


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Forward Kevin Love is perhaps adding a new twist to recent trade talks by indicating he wants to be dealt to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Multiple league sources told FOX Sports Ohio on Friday they are under the impression Love has relayed his desire for a trade to Cleveland to his agent. Love is represented by Jeff Schwartz.

Sources could not say for certain whether Love or Schwartz have made a formal trade request to the Timberwolves. Most believe if such a request is made, the Cavs will be able to obtain Love at a considerably cheaper cost than what is being discussed by the teams.

The Cavs and Timberwolves have reportedly talked about a deal that would send Love to Cleveland and team him with fellow All-Stars LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Sources have said Cavs rookie Andrew Wiggins has been a sticking point in the talks, as the Cavs are hesitant to surrender the No. 1 overall draft pick.

It is believed the Timberwolves have indicated they won’t trade Love unless they receive Wiggins as part of a package in return. Officials from the Cavs and Timberwolves have refused comment on the talks.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith earlier reported Love is making teams aware he only wants to be traded to Cleveland.

Fox Sports Ohio

LeBron James has ruined my summer. If that sob stays in Miami and Golden State maintains its position of not trading Klay Thompson, then the Celtics are still in the mix for Kevin Love.

Now we are left with nothing but faded memories of Love’s late spring fling in Boston. Ah, the pain…

Enjoy Cleveland, Kevin. I’m sure you’ll play the role of Chris Bosh extremely well.

In related news, Love has pulled out of Team USA activities this summer. He doesn’t want an injury to derail his future plans.

On Page 2, a sensible look at Rajon Rondo’s uncertain future.

For whatever reason, the atmosphere around Rondo has grown so toxic that these issues aren’t anywhere near the surface. Instead, the discussion is hijacked far too often by illiterate, tired commentary, mostly coming from particularly loud members of Boston sports media — people who would complain about the weather if they won the lottery on a cloudy day — that unnecessarily go out of their way to vilify the four-time All-Star at all costs.

There’s nothing wrong with saying “the Celtics have to trade Rondo,” but most who do just step on an escalator to nowhere. Answers to key follow-up questions such as “Where?” or “For what?” are hardly ever brought up. Smart trade proposals do exist — Rondo isn’t exactly Anthony Davis-level invincible — but they’re few and far between. Only a tiny number of teams: 1) have the need for a franchise point guard, and 2) have the necessary assets to pry him away. It’s all so much easier said than done.

Sports Earth

Some excellent commentary here by Michael Vina. It’s the anti-#HOTSPORTSTAKE.

I believe the Celtics can resign Rondo to a healthy, below max-level contract. A deal that escalates from $14 to $18 million and carries a total value of $80 – $85 million.

And finally, the Celtics share a workout video with some of the youngsters.

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  • Jester00

    Chuck really Chris bosh???? Dude is the best PF in the game and he can post and rebounds. He most likey a top 5 player in the league some Bosh has never ever been. Everyone enjoy there drinks this fine morning

    • wil

      Bosh averaged 24 points and almost 11 rbs a game in his last season in toronto and the dude does play defense. so how much better is love? lol top 5 player

      • Mike

        I agree to a certain point. Love is probably a little better than Bosh was at age 25, but I agree that Love will not meet his full potential because LEbron and Irving. Love is a #1 on about 25 teams in the league, but when going to Cleveland he will be a #2 or 3 and his potential will diminish.

        • wil

          specially with a ball dominant pg and sf, i see him just at the 20s in ppg, rebounding will definitely be cut down too

      • Frank Aziza

        Love is a lot better. If Bosh was as good then Lebron would still be in Miami

      • Jester00

        Name 5 better check out his PER’s

    • dontevertreadonme

      love is good but for some reason I feel he’s another blown knee away from sucking. plus he’s white, genetics are not on his side. speed and quickness are the first thing to go

      • Frank Aziza

        Love is great but something scares about having him on Boston. I think he will make us good but not enough to win titles.

  • Brad

    I blame the draft lottery for ruining the summer. If Cleveland doesn’t luck into the #1 pick (again) with 33 wins to get Andrew Wiggins, LeBron probably doesn’t go back to Cleveland.

    • wil

      nba is fixed on helping lebron make his legacy.

  • Frank Aziza

    The Hell with Kevin Love!!! Let’s be patient, with all the assets we have we can build a dynasty. If we draft well(that’s the most important ) maybe make a decent trade and get some solid shooters we can build a young championship team that gets there together. I hate waiting but it could be worth the wait.