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Your Morning Dump… Where Evan Turner needs to live up to Evan Turner

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I think he’s a good person. I think he’s a high-character person. Let’s start there,” Brown said. “He has a love of the game and a desire to get better. People have no idea how much it bothers him when he doesn’t achieve the results that he wants to achieve. He genuinely wants to get better. He genuinely puts the time in to get better.”

Brown supports what others have said, that Turner has struggled to live up to being the second overall pick in the 2010 draft instead of focusing on living up to Evan Turner.

“I think that hits it on the head,” the coach said. “At the end of the day, he has to find peace. He’s got to find a place where he can play freely. Some of that is environment. Some of that is himself. But I feel like if he can do that, he’s too skilled . . . not to really succeed.

Herald:  Brett Brown:  Evan Turner’s best days ahead

That’s Sixers coach Brett Brown opining on all things Evan Turner for the Herald.  The man has no real incentive to say all the nice things he’s said about Turner, or even any reason to agree to do the interview.

But he did, and hopefully this takes the edge off the signing (which still isn’t official yet, by the way) which drew some… ummm… extreme… reactions.  But Brown doesn’t get all the hand-wringing over the signing.

“I think it’s a fantastic signing by Danny, and with Brad (Stevens) and his history in college basketball, the whole thing makes sense to me,” Brown said. “You look at the risk/reward, and on many levels it’s a no-brainer. I get it. I think it’s a smart signing. And I think it’s a great situation for Evan. I can see where this is good for everybody. It’s smart of Evan to go to Boston.”

In a best-case scenario, Turner plays at least as well as Jeff Green does, allowing Danny Ainge to find somewhere else for Green to finish out his contract (which I still maintain he will opt out of next season).  I’m sure Ainge’s financial goals include dumping Green and Brandon Bass in addition to the $7-plus million in non-guaranteed deals.  If the Celtics can’t land Kevin Love, they might as well start dumping some of the bigger contracts that have no bearing on our future (note: this does not include Rondo).

I agree with Brown that this has the potential to be a smart signing.  The worst-case scenario of Turner just not working out and getting garbage time is fine with me since his contract will very likely not be a cap-clogging mess.  But the Celtics will shut a lot of people of if Turner, playing along side the best point guard he’s ever played with (by far), and a coach that understands him in a role that suits him, finds some level of efficiency and becomes a solid player.

He won’t be anyone’s star, but he’s still only 25 years-old, and the room to learn and improve is there.  From there, it’s mostly up to him.  If Brett Brown’s correct, that’s not going to be a problem.

Page 2:  Vitor nearly broke himself trying to impress the Celtics

To achieve this it is making up to three daily sessions, but with much more control than you had in Boston. “I got injured because I trained there too and, as I have no limits, I hurt. Went a little silly, but it was my first year and I wanted to show a lot with my work,” confessed resigned, but also hopeful for the future. “I survived, so I’m sure everything will be better next season. The first month I was locked up in a hotel, I knew no one and pass fatal. I was about to go. But now I’ve done to the city and I know peers even though they have changed some, “said the winger with relief that although he misses Valencia” I hope that from now on everything is easier and does not think much about it. “ (translation via Google translate)

I’m not 100% confident in Google translate’s ability to accurately transcribe every thought… so take that paragraph with a grain of salt.  But the overall sentiment, I think, is accurate.  Vitor says he tried to do too much in Boston to impress his new team, and he ended up getting hurt because of it.  He also, apparently, was ready to bolt after a month in town.

I totally get it… new team, new country, new everything.  You want to impress everyone and prove you belong at this new level so you don’t pay attention to your body’s signals telling you to slow down… you just push, push, push.  Eventually, you break, because, y’know, you’re human.

I like Vitor, and I think he has a place on this roster.  I think his role will ultimately be that of back-up big, but he can do that job well.  He just needs to calm down.

It’s amazing how many problems with guys’ games can be solved by them just relaxing, being calm, and letting things work out.  Vitor is not alone.  If guys could just go, put their work in, and relax about the stuff that’s pinging around in their heads, a lot of guys would be much better (I’m looking at you, Jeff Green).

Get healthy, Vitor, and then come back to be a productive member of the Celtics.  It’s right there for you.

And Finally…

This would make me very happy, James Young.  Very happy indeed.

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  • David Zednanref

    To achieve this he is working out up to 3 daily sessions but in a more controlled than in Boston. “I got injured because I worked out too much there and, as I have no limits, I got hurt. I was a little silly, but it was my first year and I wanted to prove a lot of things with my work” he confessed with resignation, but also with hope in the future. “I survived, so it surely will be better next season. The first month I was locked in a hotel, I knew nobody and had a hard time. I was close to returning. But now that I got used to the city and know my teammates although some have changed”, the center told with relief that while he still misses Valencia “I hope that from now on everything will be easier and I wont think as much in it.”

    There you go, as I dont have a lot of experience with translating please point me any mistakes or ackward sounding sentences, I would appreciate it.

    As for Vitor I think his knees are cronically injured, cant remember the name for it but I hope he can make up for it with his skills and limited time.

    • LA Flake

      Google should ditch translating and focus on destroying our privacy.

    • bill_nair

      This is much easier to read and understand. Thank you.


    Holy crap are that Deadspin article and it’s comments are so ridiculous…

    • LA Flake

      Yeah I thought it was all a bunch of Heat fans then I realized Miami ain’t got no fans. And the Flaker fans aren’t smart enough to write anything, so who are those subhumans? The Knicks fans?

  • Thatguy

    This ain’t related to the article, I just thought y’all would like some humor to your day:

    “The Knicks recently offered Stoudemire, Hardaway and Shumpert for Kevin Love, according to a source”

  • Coach A. Johnson

    Pretty much everyone on the team needs to run Stevens’ offense/defense and let the game come to them.We got a lot of pieces that really could fit together without having a superstar out there. Every player got uncomfortable running new things that they hadn’t run before. I think that was the entire point of last season. But having so many guys miss games was hard. FTR only Bass and Green played all 82 last year. Then Pressey at 75, Sully at 74 and KO at 70. Now they should be more acclimated to each other and Coach BS. Now just get the new guys(Smart-Thornton-Young-Turner-Zeller) acclimated and I see a playoff spot.

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