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Your Morning Dump…Where being the third wheel in a Love-Wiggins swap wouldn’t be so bad


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

And then there’s Minnesota, who along with Love is certainly looking to trade Kevin Martin in the deal. The two will most likely come as a package. There were reports that the Wolves were trying to unload J.J. Barea as well, a former Northeastern Husky. The Wolves have two strong centers in Nikola Pekovic and second-year player Gorgui Dieng, who had a strong finish to the year. Boston’s search for a legit center does continue . . .

CSNNE – Report: Celtics look to be 3rd team in Love deal

The above quote is the last paragraphs from Jimmy Toscano’s article detailing some of the players Ainge might try to target as a Love-Wiggins facilitator. Though the sad reality is that we’ve likely been reduced to the facilitator role — the players we could make a run at are far from garbage guys. I chose the paragraph for two reasons: I could actually see this happening, and adding Gorgui Dieng in particular, would be a huge step in the right direction.

I’m not a master on the trade exceptions (of which we have two…I think), but essentially we’d be agreeing to take on Kevin Martin and/or J.J. Barea. KMart is one the books for 3 years, and will make $6.7M in 2014-15, but since he’s not crazy expensive, moving him to a contender seeking extra offense is maneuverable. J.J. Barea will make $4.5M this year and come off the books after that.

It’s unlikely that Minnesota will give up any of its assets simply as a ‘thank you’ for us helping the deal move along, when they could just tell Cleveland to figure it out themselves. But, if we were to send something over to Minnesota (ie: picks, expiring contracts, maybe even Olynyk), seeking Gorgui Dieng may be reasonable. Minny has Pekovic locked up for four years, so they’ll be overbooked at center. Now having too many centers typically isn’t a problem, but they’ll also be short on productive PFs — which is where I could see a Olynyk-for-Dieng swap become a reality. I know Olynyk had a better, more consistent rookie season, but Dieng would provide the rim protection we need. Plus, he’ll be locked up super cheap for the next three years.

Dieng’s per-36 numbers are pretty promising too — especially the 2.2 blocks and 13.2 rebounds. Trading Olynyk after a solid rookie season would be risky, but a chance to solidify rim protection should at least be discussed. Dieng and Sullinger could make a strong (and cheap) frontcourt pairing over the next few years.


Page 2: A kid asks Dwyane Wade why he flops

NBC Sports

Answer the question, Dwyane…

 Here’s Brad Stevens at Fenway watching…soccer?

Brad Stevens what's good, brah?

I work right across from Fenway — stepped out around 5pm yesterday and had no idea where I was. Guess last night was Futbol night at Fenway, where Liverpool and AS Roma faced off in a friendly match. Pretty cool to see Brad’s spending time in Boston during the summer. I’m sure he prefers to be around, just incase Danny stumbles across any leftover fireworks (…sorta still hoping).

Finally, looks like Ray Allen’s leaning towards Cleveland

Not overly surprised to see Ray return for another season; he still really hasn’t shown any drastic signs of aging. That said, it’s kind of annoying to see all of James’ role players following him from Miami to Cleveland like pets. Not that I can fault any of them for chosing on-court familiarity and a chance to win another title — especially James Jones and Mike Miller — who won’t be passing up much money by picking Cleveland over anywhere else. But for a guy like Ray Allen, who spent six years in Boston squaring off with the Heat and Cavs — seeing him follow LeBron around to his former rivals is kind of head scratcher. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him sign with the Lakers for his 20th season.

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  • Jester00

    Gorgui Dieng Love his game when Nikola Pekovic got hurt he played big. just check this out!

    • Jimbo

      That 12 pt 20 reb game is especially appetizing. I almost don’t care about his offensive game. I just want to watch a center who can bang the glass. Sully is pretty solid and has a great work rate that helps but it’d be nice to see our team consistently win rebounding battles. I know that doesn’t guarantee wins but I’ve seen our team lose playoff series on second chance points. In fact, I think just about every close series is decided by second chance opportunities (no stats to back this up, just an observational note).

  • tvor03

    There’s talk on Mike and Mike this morning that the reason the Lakers haven’t hired a coach is because they are hoping Doc leaves the Clippers in the wake of the Sterling situation. If that should happen, I hope every Celtic fan would spit on him when he comes the garden, or pretty much wherever they encounter him.

    • CFH

      Yup. If he’s willing to coach a rebuilding team where he won’t get control of basketball operations when the team isn’t the Celtics, that’s bad enough already. If he’ll do it for the Lakers… He’s officially worse than Ray Allen.

      • Frank Aziza

        I was thinking the same thing

    • RedsLoveChild

      Spitting on people who have never caused you any harm, and don`t even know you`re alive??

      Stay classy, tvor03

    • LA Flake

      Not a fan of the way Doc left but I really don’t think Doc would coach the Lakers. I mean, that’s just unfathomable.

  • bill_nair

    So by participating in the Love trade you mean Dannys gonna get Barea?
    I wish Minny would offer up Pek or Dieng but I highly doubt it. But id give up KO or Sully for Dieng. OR a first (Id prefer to keep that 3 man rotation).
    I prefer all of Brons shooters going with him to Cle. That team isnt going to be able to defend their shadows.

    • Curt Hays

      If Barea comes to Boston, I don’t see him being popular, at all. He flops SO badly. ALL THE TIME.

      • bill_nair

        I strongly dislike Bareas game. But I think Celtics fans would hate him solely for the fact Dany added another guard. Why do I feel this is almost certain (Danny using the 4.5 TPE he just got to get Barea)? sigh…

  • KGino

    Ray Allen is a straight up leech

  • Evan Murphy

    I know we still need a legit center. Isn’t Emeka Okafur a free agent? whats his deal? I figured someone would have made a run at him, I know hes coming off some sort of injury but I dont recall it being devastating.

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  • RedsLoveChild

    Ray Allen wants to join Robert Horry & John Salley as the only players in NBA history to win rings with 3 different teams.

    If that`s considered a “criminal act”…so be it.

    My only “disgust” for Ray stems from his pitiful performance in two critical games of the 2010 Finals….Games 3 & 7 {he shot 3-for-27 when we needed him most}.

    • dontevertreadonme

      agree on ray killing us in 2010. pierce played his heart out and ray went cold right after game 2

    • eddysamson

      My disgust comes from a pitiful 2011 post season (especially against the Heat in the ECF) after shooting a career high 3pt % that season he was NO WHERE to be found. Then he just up and leaves for the same team he stunk against.

  • Thatguy

    Dwyane even flopped on the question… Damn that’s impressive.

  • adam

    Think we could get Wiggins out of the deal if we give up Green, Bass, Bogans, and 3 draft picks?

    • RedsLoveChild


    • Curt Hays

      Quit playing games with my heart!

    • Curt Hays

      I don’t like this trade. Jayhawks just don’t stay around long in Boston…:-)

  • fannak

    Deng was who I wanted in last years draft. KO was a good pick but Deng played well in the big games in college. Blocks shots and had a nice little jumper when he needed it. I have often thought he would be just the guy for the Celtics in the middle. I would hate to see KO leave but I would trade him for Deng if I could.

  • Jacquard Causeway

    Throw Jeff Green and / or Bass into the package, maybe add a pick, get Dieng.

  • dk

    If the Lebronettes move to CLE can we officially put an end to Ray’s number being retired by the C’s then?

    • LA Flake

      Ray’s number ain’t getting retired, man. I don’t care what you did while you were here. The way he left was the worst way to leave. Ever.

    • Rich Jensen

      Maybe LeBron will retire Ray’s number.

    • Mike C

      AMEN!! @dk. I for one, Never thought he was even close to belonging in the discussion for having his number retired! Ray Allen is the lowest form of ‘Snake’ you can be. Why wouldnt he follow Lebron to Cleveland and be his bitch!