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Report: C’s trying to participate in Love trade, looking for impact player


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The Celtics would love nothing more than to land Kevin Love somehow, but it’s pretty obvious by now that they’re the longest of long shots in the chase.  No matter how highly some of us may value potential trade pieces like Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk, Minnesota just doesn’t see them as the types of players, regardless of the added picks to sweeten the pot, worth receiving as Kevin Love walks out the door.

But Danny Ainge is nothing if not a persistent SOB, and he reportedly is still trying to get involved in a multi-team deal involving Love.

Sources told Sporting News that Philadelphia and Denver, again, are interested in participating in whatever deal happens for Love. Denver has interest in acquiring Love themselves, while the Sixers would like to facilitate a trade by including forward Thaddeus Young.

Boston, another source said, would like to acquire Love, but would be willing to include some part of its trove of draft picks if they would help bring in a player who can contribute immediately.

The Celtics, we know, have plenty to offer in the form of non-guaranteed deals and picks.  They can also offer a guy like Jeff Green, potentially, who suddenly isn’t such a bad deal at about $9 million, and who is also probably a pseudo-expiring deal because he’ll probably opt out the final year of his deal… or basically anyone short of Rajon Rondo if it greatly upgraded that position.

We know Love has been Plan A for a while.  That never materialized on draft night, and it’s obviously slipped further and further away as July has progressed.  Ainge may be resigned to not being the lion going in for the kill, but the vulture picking the carrion clean.  Either way, he wants to eat, it’s just a matter of how big a meal he can get this point.

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  • eddysamson

    I like Thad Young a lot, won’t hate it if its him that ends up here.

  • Luke Walton

    The Celtics roster is pretty unimpressive, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

    • Herman Bubbert

      Agreed. We look more like a Pitino-esque expansion team every day. This dry spell is going to be a LONG one.

      • Coach A. Johnson

        Those Pitino rosters were pretty bad, though. Outside of young PP, and Antoine Chukker, we had nothing else. And even Employee #8 was streaky and played out of position. This team with Stevens is young and very athletic. IDA, I think we are much better than the Pitino years. This dry spell will be nothing like the last one.

        • dontevertreadonme

          walker sucked. don’t you remember raef lafrentz? vin baker? hahaha those were the days. c’s are terrible but not early 90’s terrible. one thing they have is youth on their side

          • Coach A. Johnson

            Walker didn’t exactly suck. Walker made the All-Rookie First Team and led the team in scoring and rebounding. In his 2nd season Walker made the All-Star team as a reserve while averaging 22ppg and 10rpg. Walker made three All-Star teams. I will say that he did lose sight of what defense was, and never met a shot that he didn’t like. But sucked. Nope and I’ve been here since 83.

      • P Funk

        I agree with Coach. The roster doesn’t look great now, because the goal isn’t to be great NOW (I’m sure that would be the goal if it were possible). Believe in Danny. He’s acquiring and developing assets right now. It will take time, but we knew this. It was unreasonable to expect a 1 year turnaround (or 2 year for that matter). Give it time, and we’ll be back in the mix. Go C’s!

        • Herman Bubbert

          Assets are commodities that people desire. Ours have not been desirable this off season. Fans clung tenaciously to the assets argument while Pitino shredded the franchise, and they clung tenaciously to it while Danny accumulated Al Jefferson, a lottery pick and a load of trash in the mid-2000s. Fact is, we’d be staring at three decades of suck unless McHale and Sam Presti decided to blow out superstars at 10 cents on the dollar in the summer of 2007.
          Not at all sure where the optimism comes from. Danny’s draft record is about 50 percent. Teams don’t build title contenders in the NBA from the draft. And nobody wants to trade for his picks.
          Looks like we’re going to suck for a very long time to me.

          • KGino

            “Teams don’t build title contenders from the draft”… huh?? San Antonio was built almost entirely from the draft (and has been for well over a decade)… Thunder… mostly drafted…Pacers… mostly drafted… What the hell is this guy talking about?

            Are you just another one of those debbie downers who is always doom and gloom when it comes to the Celtics? If so, stop trying to bring everyone down with your poor arguments.

            We have more assets than any other rebuilding team in the league. Danny has the option to package them for the right price (which clearly he hasn’t found this offseason), or let it play out with plenty of swings in the upcoming drafts to land the next franchise player. Celts will be fine sooner (5 years or less) rather than later.

          • Curt Hays

            Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, Paul Pierce, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, Chris Weber, Dwight Howard

            Idk, I feel like those guys were drafted to teams that then became title contenders. They account for quite a number of Finals appearances recently. You draft the best players out there, you hold on to them because you know they’re great, then you build around them. That’s PRECISELY how it works.

            @kgino:disqus, don’t you remember? This is the guy that surprises us every time he doesn’t mention people on the Rondo bandwagon. He actually makes some good points, and obviously knows Celtics lore, but he is in fact the Debbie Downer of the site. @jerrysondler:disqus is a Mavs Maniac compared to this guy. I agree with Herman that we’d still suck if it wasn’t for the KG trade, but idk what’s wrong with having optimism.

    • WardenOfTheNorth

      certainly not overnight. i think ainge has done a decent job this offseason. really, he only had 2 plays; trade rondo or trade for love. if it doesn’t make sense to do either, or if he’s giving up more than what he’s getting in return, why make the move? he can only pull the wool over another GM’s eyes so many times, eventually teams will just avoid him or drive up the price, so they don’t look bad. besides, giving us KG and gift wrapping championship #17, i’m sure the wolves want to make danny beg on his knees for kevin love or make him give up the entire future for him. for a second, it almost felt like he was getting played by the wolves. even wyc came out to defend him by saying it takes two teams to make a trade. wyc knows danny is trying. i’m sure danny will figure it out soon. took him 4 years to put the big 3 together. so far, he’s in year 2 of the new re-build. this time, he has many more assets to play with.

      • Luke Walton

        Biding time. Being patient. Building assets.

        What else is there?

        Ok, maybe adding a piece or two.

        But why start thinking about your championship roster until you are at least within earshot.

  • adam

    I kind of wish the Celtics went after Carmelo, He can play defense when he wants. He is a scoring machine who wants to play alongside Rondo (or so rumors say so) And we might have been able to shed Bogans, Green, and or Bass in the deal and or give NYK a couple draft picks they desperately want because they have none.

    • tvor03

      New York values Melo over any picks we might have. Plus, Melo has no heart, no drive to win. If he did, he would have gone to Chicago. But he chose the money and five more years of 40-win seasons.

      • LA Flake

        This strange fascinations some have for Melo is truly baffling to me. We just watched one of the best small forwards to ever play the game give his all every night for 15 years. And now we want Melo? Melo is not a winner. Melo is a selfish, egotistical chucker who, rather than standing up for one of the best New York Knicks in a decade (Jeremy Lin) and certainly their best PG in awhile, publicly berated the contract offer Lin received from the Rockets, basically telling the Knicks NOT to sign him and then lobbied for them to get Raymond Felton.

        The guy is just not a winner. Mike and Tommy have said so. His abysmal record speaks for itself. And think about what he did after KG talked a little trash to him. Melo stood outside and waited for KG as if to shoot him or some crazy sh!t. We want a guy like that wearing green??? And what? He plays defense when he wants to? Oh, great. We’ll build our team full of those guys. Let’s go out and get JR Smith, too!


        • adam

          well that was a better argument than mine. touché

          • LA Flake

            I’never been Melo’s fan but man…when he went on the offensive against Lin and his contract offer from the Rockets…all because he was jealous and wanted all the NY limelight to himself…I mean, that’s a loser. Lin’s contract might’ve made some scratch their heads at the time but you don’t talk about what someone else’s contract offer in public like that, man. It ain’t your f**king livelihood on the line. That’s what scums do. And Melo is a scum just for that classless act.

            Melo…f**king loser. He and the Knicks deserve each other.

          • adam

            Yeah I agree. I never knew he did that to Lin. Lin had to work a lot harder then Melo to get where he is today in the NBA. I don’t think Melo liked it either that everyone was behind Lin and what he did for the team.

      • Coach A. Johnson

        I would’ve chose the money too. 35million more dollars, crazy loot right there. Phil can put together a team worthy of the triangle with Melo as its centerpiece. Hardaway Jr had a great summer in it. And if forces Melo to let someone else being a scorer. I don’t like Phil, but I respect him and that Triangle Offense.

        • tvor03

          Star players make more in endorsements than they do NBA salaries. If Melo could win just one championship, he’d make back every bit of that 35 million.

          • Coach A. Johnson

            Melo makes about 9mil in endorsements. It’s all about the player. I hate saying this but I don’t think they are very far away. Now they have to move faster, but they have some good pieces, and with no superteam down in Miami he got a shot. Their problem was how to get guys looks evenly, the Triangle can do that.

          • LA Flake

            You’re out of your mind, Coach. Melo will never win. It’s just not in his DNA.

      • Curt Hays

        If he had drive to win, then he wouldn’t have taken that contract.

  • Kevin

    I don’t see how any package the Celtics could ever put together would beat the reported trade packaged from Cleveland of: Wiggins, Bennet, two #1’s. I mean like, that’s a random fee.

    • RedsLoveChild

      I can`t believe Minnesota has not yet taken Cleveland`s offer!

      • LA Flake

        Well, when you have two morons negotiating a deal, it could happen in 2 seconds or it could drag on and on.

    • jrleftfoot

      maybe that so-called offer is B.S.

  • KGino

    We’ll find out soon enough… All the BIG trades happen near the end of July

  • Dmitry

    Report: Bulls Offer Gibson-McDermott-Mirotic For Love

    • tvor03

      they just signed Mirotic, so they’ve got like 4 weeks til that trade could possibly go through.

      • LA Flake

        Don’t matter what the Bulls offer. Even Flip isn’t stupid enough to turn down Wiggins plus picks from the Cavs.

        • bill_nair

          I wouldnt be so sure about that. The CLE deal should be done already. Not sure if it speaks more about the slow nature of the business or Flips complete ineptitude. Wouldnt be shocked if its the latter.

      • Rich Jensen

        True, but the Cavs would probably have to sign Wiggins to make the salaries match in a trade. Wiggns+Bennett gives them ~$10M in salary match.

    • thetitleisours mkay

      Would like to find a way for us to get McDermott in some sort of way. Go Danny Ainge, find a way!

  • BillRussell

    So who is the Celtics plan B?????
    How do we get Embiid????????? i still haven’t accepted we don’t have him. lol

    • LA Flake

      Believe in Marcus Smart.

      • BillRussell

        its exciting thinking how tough their practices are going to be – Rondo Bradley Turner Smart Young Pressey Thornton Green – competition will be savage- im hoping the cream rises to the top and they all get better

        • LA Flake

          Check out this clip of Marcus going against Isiah Austin in HS and you’ll notice Marcus bodying up and pushing Austin around. Marcus is 6’3 and Austin is 7’1. Austin is thin but just watching Marcus constantly bodying up Austin is just so damn awesome! I can’t wait to see Marcus Smart in green. I just LOVE his competitiveness.

  • Coach A. Johnson

    I do think DA is just doing his due diligence so C’s fans can’t say that he didn’t go for Love. It would make him look bad if he didn’t try to snag Love. I think he is happy not being over the lux tax, for once. And wants to let this roster grow at least for one more season.

  • zippittyay

    Somehow, we have to get someone to take a few of our B level players for their A level player. The only A level player we have is Rondo, when he wants to be and assuming he is healthy. Kevin Love would be nice, but there will be more to come in the future. The next best strategy is using our numerous assets as the facilitator. I think Thaddeous Young would be just the kind of player we need.