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NBA charity event falls apart in Philippines, angers fans

An All Star team of NBA players is currently in the Philippines for what fans there thought was going to be a series of exhibition games to raise money for the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation.

Paul George, Blake Griffin, Damian Lillard, Demar De Rozan, and Kawhi Leonard headlined a 12-man contingent that, fans believed, would take on their national team a couple of times before the World Cup of Basketball.  They believed it because multiple media reports there promoted it as such.

Like this: 

All-Star guard Paul George has vowed to give Gilas Pilipinas a real workout as quoted from his Twitter account.

Proceeds of the two-day exhibition matches will go the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation and Caritas Manila. Tickets are still available at with ticket prices starting at P750. [note: approx. $20 dollars]

Or this

“I’ve been here a couple of times and these fans are amazing. They’re crazy over basketball and we played a preseason game here with the Pacers last year and the crowd was amazing. So it’s good to be back,” said Harden, who is here for the fourth time.

Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin, Indiana Pacers’ Paul George, Dallas Mavericks’ Tyson Chandler, Raptors’ Kyle Lowry and Terrence Ross, Los Angeles Lakers’ Ed Davis and rookie Nick Johnson complete the 12-man NBA lineup.

Apart from two exhibition games vs the Nationals, there will also be a three-point shootout and a slam dunk competition.

“I think these guys’ commitment to come over and participate makes it very special. It definitely is a chance to work with the national team and to give them a chance before they go and play their friendlies and before they go competing in Spain,” said former NBA guard John Lucas, who will steer the Fibr All-Stars.

But then, with fans packing the place to see what many thought was a game… when…

And then…

According to media reports, Filipino players were told they were playing, and then were told a few hours before the event that there’d be no game after an NBA rep advised players not to participate in an unsanctioned game.

The group that put on the event swore to local media that games were never promised.  But it’s clear the fans were expecting one.  Once they found out the games became a glorified practice, they demanded refunds, and, because the internet exists, memed the crap out of it.


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  • adam

    That is awful. For Philidelph… Philippines fans.

    • eddysamson

      Hey man they really do love basketball. If we want to make it a more global sport we’ve got to embrace places like that. They go nuts over there for their PBA summer league tournament. I loosely follow it because the only person to ever play at my local college with an NBA chance (Marqus Blakely – UVM) plays for the San Mig Coffee mixers and usually leads them to a finals appearance every year.

      • Anda Villa

        PBA is not a summer league its a Pro League established in 1975 the second oldest pro league in the world. Just this season former Celtic Bill Walker played here.

        And Adam, Basketball is a religion here. Men wear jerseys everyday on the streets, even on their sleep. Basketball courts on every block, NBA logos printed on public transportation. Games played even on floods and storms.

        Also Philippines is the only asian country to win a medal in the Fiba world cup and the highest ranked asian team in olympic basketball.

  • Kevin

    I’m pretty sure it’s against their NBA contracts to play in unsanctioned games without approval.

    • Max

      what about summer leagues ? like J. crawfrord? Or rucker park ? (KD/Kobe) ?

  • Murks

    It is not an “NBA Charity event” becuase it is not sanctioned by the NBA.

  • Anda Villa

    I was supposed to buy tickets for this just to see Paul Pierce live, but he pulled out from the event 2 weeks ago. Good thing I did not buy anymore.

    • Curt Hays

      I am glad you shared this. I saw him on the poster and was wondering why he wasn’t mentioned.