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Sully hoops in Columbus Pro-Am League

As Chuck mentioned in this morning’s Dump, the dog days of summer are upon us. Thus I bring you this post.

Jared Sullinger and his brother JJ are back home in Ohio, participating in the Columbus Pro-Am league. NextUpRecruits has the story and a brief clip:

Boston Celtic’s forward Jared Sullinger returned home to Columbus this summer and brought his game back to his old stomping grounds. Playing alongside his brother JJ Sullinger on a talented NCBC Hoopsters team, Sully is putting in the work during the off-season while giving back to his local community.

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  • Andre

    Good to see Sully, looks a bit more trim and even a step quicker.

    • VictorEnriq

      don’t know about that to be honest. Looks pretty much the same to me.

      • Mando Stay Cheesin

        i actually thought he looked a but bigger :/

  • wil

    still a long way to go but he is starting to shape up

  • Lee in Oregon

    Looks like whoever is reffing has somewhere else to be in 20 minutes…

  • Evan Murphy

    I love me some sully, but not as much as sully loves burgers. He looks as large as ever

    • ian

      really dont know what yall are talking about. hes looked this way since high school.

  • CoachAJ

    He’s looking injury free with a good lively step to himself. I’m sure once the weight room kicks in he can get to his desired weight and be the low post scorer we need.

  • Brian Pahlm

    Sully is a big dude. Plenty of 6-9 guys in the nba who have to work at being 200 plus. With sully that is never a problem. It is what makes him such a great rebounder. This is probably the best he has felt since high school. I don’t think people realize how serious his back was and how much it effect ed his game. His jump from 27 to 33/35 mins a game will make him a 15/10 guy no problem. If the C’s can some how get larry sanders sully could be a 18-20/12 guy no problem. If you look at his defensive numbers with kg he was amazing when he got to play at Pf. He takes up so much space that only know down shooters can score on him. A Pf isn’t going to get past him and a rim protector very often.

  • mphnyc

    Looks like some pretty stiff competition over there in Columbus.

  • bob

    Sully and Kelly must be perceived as pretty good for Celtics to give up Humphries.

    • Stephen Machado

      Giving up Humphries was a mistake.

      • bob

        I WAS disappointed but they do have too many pf’s. Anthony, Kelly, Sully. I suspect they were afraid of a bidding war and decided the trade exception might be valuable in the future. Also Humphries had an injury last year and might be injury prone??? I respect Ainge’s decision making, so time will tell. Perhaps he sees Kelly’s potential better than we do and didn’t believe he could move Anthony’s expensive contract or he valued his experience?? I think Sully is going to be better than Humphries.

  • zippittyay

    His body fat % is definitely down.

  • Jarrett

    He definitely looks stronger in his arms and legs! Last few years he wouldn’t have dunked those and finished strong. Its all about conditioning with Sully, not so much the number on the scale!

  • Celtic Bro

    He looks really really fat in this vid.