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Let’s take a moment to laugh at the Lakers


Danny Ainge and the Celtics didn’t exactly deliver on the fireworks promised by owner Wyc Grousbeck this summer, but at least we’re not the Lakers:

What are the Lakers doing? Fewer contracts raised more eyebrows around the Las Vegas Summer League than this one. The Lakers continue to overvalue their own players. They seem determined to languish in mediocrity.

This is Millsap money, even though (Jordan) Hill’s contribution pales in comparison to players of this pay grade. RPM is brutal on Hill, a guy whose sparkly box score numbers were inflated by Mike D’Antoni’s system. Making matters worse, Hill’s defensive contribution is next to nil. His contract figures to be salary filler before it eventually develops into a trade greaser a year from now.

ESPN Insider

The Lin trade was a nice predatory move, but it’s unclear why they decided to toss so much money at Hill and Young instead of going hard for a young talent like Thomas, Stephenson, Lowry, or any number of restricted free agents. The Lakers are just filling the roster with short-term contracts until they land a star, and they couldn’t get any big names to bite this time around. If they don’t land Love next summer, who is the next realistic target?

The bright side: They have a shot at being bad enough to keep next year’s first-round draft pick, which they owe to Phoenix if it falls outside the top five.


The big difference between the Celtics and Lakers transition years is Kobe Bryant. Or shall I say soon to be 36-year old Kobe Bryant. Next season will be a total waste for Bryant and who knows what he’s going to have left in 2016. Instead of reloading for Kobe’s sunset, the Lakers are languishing.

Oops, I almost forgot – the Lakers still do not have a coach.

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  • Rich Jensen

    At first I thought Kobe was being selfish by inking that huge extension.

    Now I realize what he probably realized then: If the Lakers didn’t give Kobe that money, they were going to blow it on someone else instead.

    • wil

      they got 100million for a losing season. Kobe is old but still very marketable. And now they got Jeremy Lin lmfao.

  • Luke Walton

    If I’m the Lakers, I hire Byron. It’s a feel good move for them and he’s actually a pretty good coach. It even helps us out. He’ll eke out 10 more wins with his defensive scheme, elevating them to the bottom of the lottery or worse.

    • Curt Hays

      They should hire Jeff Van Gundy.

      • LA Flake

        Shut up, Curt! Don’t give’em any ideas!

        • forever_green


      • Luke Walton

        Van Gundy is a “take them to the next level” coach. Byron is a “kill some time while you suck” coach. Hence the reason byron is the better choice.

        • Curt Hays

          Lol, okay

  • tvor03

    how have the Lakers not hired a coach yet?

    • Reza Broomand

      the Lakers havent hired Byron yet because he is still getting paid by the Cavs,…why would they want to pay him when they dont have to yet…unofficially, he was hired a few weeks ago…

  • Luke Walton


    This may prove how moronic LA is being at the moment. Why make Byron wait? Just hire him. As if the next two years will make any kind of difference.

    • forever_green

      Byron is an A-hole.

      • Luke Walton

        Probably how laker fans feel about Pierce

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  • LA Flake

    They just signed Boozer, so obviously, things are starting to turn around for’em. /sarc

  • dejay Goodman

    Jimmmmmmmy Busssssssssssss….wow!!!!!

  • yea, i get the point, but….I wish the Celtics signed Ed Davis for 2 Mill for 2 years, and signing Boozer for cheap wasn’t bad either…..better than our free-agent signings!!!

  • art

    I wouldn’t say we should laugh. No need to rile up the Faker organization and their followers. Instead we cheer their slide to the bottom. And hope they stay there.

  • Mike C

    Same exact comment I made when I heard Lebron was going back to Cleveland, ” I would be ecstatic if Kobe Never wins another championship! Hope he finishs his career with lottery bound seasons from here on out!