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Tanguay blasts Red’s Army… so we return the favor

Local sportscaster Gary Tanguay saw fit to disagree with our take on notorious Rondo-hater Jeff Goodman on Comcast Sports Net tonight.  While we appreciate the mention, we take exception with a few of his points.

Ok, all of his points.  So let’s take this point-by-point, shall we?

“Rondo is not as popular as fans want to believe. Doc Rivers just didn’t want to coach Rondo anymore.” 

Doc Rivers doesn’t like Rondo? Yeah, he hates Rondo so much that the two still talk all the time:

It’s not unusual for the two to talk, even with Rivers now coaching the Los Angeles Clippers. They have history, with Rivers coaching Rondo from 2006-07 until last season.

“I speak to Doc all the time,” Rondo said. “I’ve talked to him on the phone. I’ve talked to him after games, text-wise. He gives me advice all the time.”

This particular chat, Rivers recalled, focused on a theme that Rondo has heard plenty about lately: patience during a rebuild.

“That’s all it was about,” Rivers told the Globe. “I said, “You’re going to have to have patience.’ ”

And then there was this moment after Rondo’s ACL tear where the two clearly just dislike each other immensely, right?

doc rondo acl

I don’t see what the big deal is, right Gary? I mean… it was just an ACL… no biggie, right?

Stop trying to pin Doc leaving on Rondo.  Doc left because he didn’t want to go through a losing season.  THAT is why he left.  He wanted to go coach a winning team, and the Celtics weren’t going to be one for a few years.  THAT is why Doc left.  Don’t give me this revisionist history bullshit.

“last year, his teammates liked playing with Phil Pressey more because Pressey didn’t hold the ball for 15 seconds”

Last season, Rajon Rondo was 2nd in the NBA in total passes per game (73.4).  He was #1 in assist opportunities per game, or passes that would have been assists had his teammates finished the play.  He was second in points created by assists.  He was 3rd in “Free Throw assists”… assists that led to free throws.

Rondo passed the ball more than anyone per game in the NBA except for Kemba Walker.  He led all of the NBA in giving his teammates an opportunity to score.  He was third in the NBA is getting his teammates a chance to get to the line.

Gary, stop perpetuating the myth that Rondo is a ball stopper.  He passed it more per game than Chris Paul.  He passed it almost 2o times more per game than Tony Parker.  He moves the ball more than almost everyone at his position.

“These fan websites get press passes to go to games and pretend to be media, which they are not”

Aren’t we all high and mighty?

Goodman goes to games, talks to GM’s and players, and all that.  That’s great.  He otherwise does a fine job with his work.  But with Rondo, he’s behaving like a guy with a vendetta.  Today’s shitstorm was created by his casual tweet to Jeff Clark at CelticsBlog that players he’s spoken to don’t want to play with Rondo.  As Chuck said in his post, if that was an actual scoop, that would be a hell of a story to break and publicize for precious web hits.  The headline “NBA players don’t want to play with Rajon Rondo” would be HUGE story.  Skip and Screamin’ A could go nuts about it on TV.  Local radio would salivate over it.

But Goodman dropped it once in a tweet and let it slide.

If –I– had done that, Tanguay would rip my balls off, and rightly so.  To casually tweet something so inflammatory and not follow up with quotes or names (or at least some semblance of a source’s identity like “Eastern Conference All Stars I spoke to” or “several soon-to-be free agents told me” or SOMETHING) just screams that the sources themselves aren’t really worthy of such mention.

Goodman knows how it works.  And Goodman also hates Rondo so much that he’d probably get stiff just THINKING about writing that story.  But he hasn’t.  So if Goodman himself doesn’t think enough of these players to drum up an anti-Rondo story of this magnitude, then who are these players really?

It’s like a right-wing blowhard casually tweeting “oh, no one wants to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate.  I talked to a bunch of people and they told me so”…. but then not writing about it AT ALL.  Wouldn’t Fox News eat that up?  Wouldn’t his base go nuts for it?

Goodman’s story is nothing.  If it was something, he’d have written it by now.

As for us being media?

Sorry Gary.  Blogs are media.  We’re not a bunch of 15 year olds in our moms’ basement.  Bloggers have become mainstream media, and in many ways are infinitely more relevant than your local cable 6:30 time slot.

“The ‘Red’ in Red’s Army… is that Red Buttons or Red Skelton?  Let me tell ya, with the way Rondo has behaved, Red Auerbach would have sent his butt to Ft. Wayne a long time ago.”

First of all, great current reference.  Red Buttons?  Red Skelton?  C’mon man…

As for Red Auerbach and Rajon Rondo…

It’s so hard to put thoughts into the heads of the dead.  All we have is guesses.  But let’s look at Red for a minute.

Red was an instigator.  He was notorious for pushing people’s buttons and pissing them off.  The man super-heated locker rooms, turned off hot water, and LIT A FREAKING VICTORY CIGAR ON THE BENCH just to piss off his opponents.

And you think he’d have a problem with Rondo?  Are you freaking kidding me?  If anything, I can see Rondo and Red laughing in his office after games when they recalled all the ways their antics pissed their opponents off.

Red coached and loved some of the leagues greatest assholes, and won their love and respect.  And I hate to keep invoking the name of Larry Bird in these conversations, but Larry Bird was every bit the prick Rondo is (and he admits it)… he just happened to play before the age of social media and a gazillion outlets.  Red loved Larry, and Larry loved Red.

Larry is obviously a better player than Rondo, but their competitive spirit and dogged determination to win at all costs is the same.  Red loved that type of spirit, so I can only deduce that Red would have loved Rondo.

Look Gary, stop with the irrational Rondo hate.  I’ve been told that the guys in the locker room love him, and when you look at guys like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and their continued affinity for him, I can only come to the conclusion that the Rondo the guys see is not the Rondo the media sees.  Rondo’s a prick to them, and they’re, in turn, sometimes a prick to him.

Goodman is a guy who’s carrying the anti-Rondo torch.  We’re just here to call him, and you, out on it when we see it happen.

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  • Michael Merriam

    this is f’in hilarious and I’m glad it brings mention to Red’s Army. Tanqueray 10 is a decent gin, but clearly out of touch with intelligent fan opinion and modern media.

    Rondo is a top 5 NBA PG. Maybe top 3. If the C’s want to trade Rondo for another top 20 talent, so be it. I love watching him play and I don’t think we’ll have any problem bringing in a big name free agent within the next year.

    I am excited about our young talent, I’m excited to see what Rondo brings this year, I’m excited to see what happens on the trade front. If nothing else materializes, I’m even excited about 2015 draft (anyone else seen projected #6 Mario Hezonja film?)

    Why is GT bashing Rondo so much? For the shock value? It’s just plain silly.

  • CoachAJ

    Greatb RedsArmy, fight back. I love it. But even moreso, I would love for Rondo to address Tanguay and Goodman. It would bring me so much pleasure. Seriousness, it’s not fair for writers to put their spin on what/how a player answers the mundane questions they ask them. “How do you feel after exerting so much energy only to fall short tonight, Rajon” And Rondo hits him with the deadpan look. lol

  • adam

    And to think I used to like Gary. Not after this.

    • forever_green

      There was a time when I did also..then Gary got opinionated.

      • adam

        ACL tears not hurting right away. I have seen people blow acl’s, mcl,s and they do hurt right away.

        • Fitzy

          A friend of mine passed out after a really bad tear playing rugby one time the pain was that bad.

          • adam

            yeah so the whole ACL tears don’t hurt right away is B.S. you feel it. but it might not have been that bad of a tear for Rondo.

          • Fitzy

            I don’t really know who this tanguay guy is but I love how he tries to act like what he says is law about ACL. There’s something about his face that makes me want to punch him. he should change his face.

  • Luke Walton

    Red would have sent Rondo to Fort Wayne. Huh? I’m no Rondo lover. But, like I said, huh?

    • Rich Jensen

      Fort Wayne used to be the Pistons.

      Also this Gary guy. How is he media? As far as I can tell his only qualifications are a credible imitation of outrage and what appears to be a head.

      But in this day and age, maybe that’s all you need.

    • Bobby Roberts

      I went to school in Fort Wayne and know all about the history of the Fort Wayne Pistons…and even I was confused at the reference. I doubt many people under the age of 50 will get it. It was as ‘current’ of a reference as Red Skelton. haha

      • Luke Walton

        My memory isn’t as good as Bobby’s. But I guess my surprise was part Fort Wayne and part “shipping out.” I struggle to see Red dealing Rondo in the 50s or 60s. Again, I don’t love rondo. But he would have been truly dominant then.

  • forever_green

    Gary you’ve lost your effing mind..saying something does not make it so..if your little friend Goodman can’t name some names he should keep his mouth shut..Period

  • Lee in Oregon

    If Red were alive Tanguay would already be unemployed.

  • Seriously, how does Tanguay still have a job?!?

  • tvor03


  • Tyler

    Tanguay is wrong about Rondo but he is right about the media. There are alot of clowns who don’t deserve to interview players like Evan Clinchy and KWAPT but a few of the blog guys like John Karalis, Kevin O’Conner, Michael Pina, Jay King and Jeff Clark all deserve it and bring unique perspective. Tanguay insulted them but not the majority

    • Bayern

      if you insult KWAPT it is an insult to this blog. He is one of the most pleasing guy around.

  • omitasub
    • adam

      If i had photoshop I just cut and paste his face into a bukake scene.

  • Kahnstantine

    Tanguay is the worst. Goodman is a goon. I’m lucky I live in Brooklyn and have limited exposure to GT.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Kickstarter charity idea: raise money to pop Gary Tanguay’s ACL, and see how long he can run; donate the money to a worthy cause.

    Stretch goal – 1 million dollars:
    Hungry dogs test: Gary will be chased by hungry dogs, to see how far he can get.

    Stretch goal – 2 million dollars:
    Jackal test: Gary will be chased by hungry jackals, in a similar but separate and additional test.

    Stretch goal – 3 million dollars:
    The hungry dog test will be repeated, except Gary will be coated in bbq sauce and wearing a belt of steaks.

    Stretch goal – 4 million dollars:
    The jackals test, except the bbq sauce and steak belt thing

    Stretch goal – 5 million dollars: Gary will be chased by a Cheetah

    • jrleftfoot


  • GinoTime

    I’m a diehard green blood and I read this blog EVERY DAY for real Celtics news and analysis. GT, Felger and Mas, and most of these other jokers have probably never heard of assist opportunities and wouldn’t know how to begin talking about it. Theypersonalities, and their personalities are those of second guessing, fair weather, overreacting, chronically ignorant and illogical, obnoxious children.

  • Mike C

    What a DirtBag! No one on our site is qualified. Only him and his Boyfriend can give expert opinions. The ONLY difference between any of the fans on Reds Army and this scumbag is we all have REAL jobs.

  • LA Flake

    This won’t be popular but…
    These media blowhards do have something the bloggers do not: ACCESS. Access to owners, coaches, players, GMs and other executives. When these guys and their wives want to leak something, they go to the media, not blogs. I’m sorry. That’s just a fact. Things may/will change eventually. And Goodman may have an agenda against Rondo. But I doubt he’ll put his reputation on the line over his disdain for Rondo. Biased? Probably. But full of shi t? No way.

    Tanguay, too. It’s not hard to imagine guys like Doc and Ray Allen sharing a bit of their side of the story with someone like Tanguay because they know they won’t be here to tell their side of the story once they leave. And Tanguay’s platform does carry more credibility than Jeff Clark or John Kralis. That’s just the way it is. For now.

    Nobody believed Chris Sheridan when he said Lebron was going back to Cleveland. But he did. We all sat here and made fun of Stephen A when he said Doc will be traded to the Clippers for their 1st rd pick. But it happened.

    • LA Flake

      We may not like some of these media personalities but you can’t deny that they are connected and plugged in.

      • Herman Bubbert

        If you expect me to take you seriously as a “media member,” some degree of objectivity is required. Tanguay doesn’t meet the criteria, and neither do “bloggers” whose sole purpose in life is to defend Rondo – whether it’s this one or others. I mean, does an assist occur on every play in a basketball game? Hardly. Tanguay’s off-base, but so are the members of the Rondo Defense Society, here and elsewhere, such as over at RondoBlog … er, CelticsBlog. A bunch of declarative statements as “fact” are as questionable to me as Tanguay’s tirade.
        Clear, unadulterated bias erodes credibility, whether it comes from a member of the TV media or from a blogger who worships the air that Rondo breathes.

        • LA Flake

          Tanguay is no traditional “journalist” but he is a member of the media. And I bet my house that if Tanguay were to share something juicy regarding the C’s or one of our favorite players, all these blogs will be going crazy with different speculations, possible trade scenarios and so forth. They may be douchebags but when it comes to credibility on players and whatnot, the Goodmans & Tanguays >>>>> Blogs.

          Imagine if Goodman or Tanguay tweeted something like, “Player X is demanding a trade to the C’s to play with Rondo.” We’ll read about it and discuss it for months and years.

          • Curt Hays

            I’m not sure that anyone suggested that Reds Army has more access to league information than someone with a TV show. Idk that part is really even being mentioned. I thought the guy was just being a douche…and of course Herman had to wave his anti-Rondo flag because he’s more concerned about the fans than he is about the game.

          • LA Flake

            Valid points but…
            You know, all Goodman did was repeat what he was presumably told by other players. It could’ve been Chris Paul and Ray Allen who told Goodman that they hate Rondo. Still, he was just being a messenger. Then he was mercilessly mocked. If people thought he and his colleagues would just sit back and take all the abuse they’ve been taking without punching back, they’re the ones being naive IMO. That’s all I’m saying. He and Tanguay and the likes have the right to defend their work, after all.

          • Curt Hays

            You have a valid point about some of the guys having real information though.

    • WardenOfTheNorth

      Tanguey having the inside scoop is ridiculous. He’s been around the Celtics for a long time, but I highly doubt the players instill their trust in him. You see the same person at work for 5 years and eventually you have conversations. I get it. Paul and KG probably showed Tanguey more respect than Rondo has since he’s been on the Celtics. All it takes is that one snub, stink eye, sarcastic remark, brush off, etc, by a player, to incite some members of the “media”. But seriously, if you’re a fan of the team, which I hope Tanguey is, why on earth would you spread rumors that Rondo’s teammates hate playing with him? It just brings down his value and general likability among the casual fan. People believe what they see/hear on TV, especially if its coming from a talk show host, regardless if its true or false. Forcing Danny’s hand to unload Rondo, by making him public enemy #1, is just hurting the C’s more than helping them. You think James Worthy is bad mouthing Kobe during the Lakers halftime show? Not happening. Kobe’s attitude towards his teammates is FAR worse than Rondo’s.

      • LA Flake

        James Worthy, although I’m no fan of his, usually tells it like it is. He’s ripped Kobe many, many times. And speaking of Kobe, throughout his career he’s been called more names than Rondo can count. And it was no secret that other players hated playing with him because of his selfish ways.

        Sometimes when you’re an a$$hole, you become known as one. Even by those close to the team. Especially by those close to the team. Chris Paul has a similar reputation as Rondo but that does not diminish his trade value around the league.

  • Frank Aziza

    The media is not profressional, bunch of liberals that don’t even report the news anymore. ABC , CBS,NBC and CNN didn’t mention the IRS scandle for months…why should they be different when it comes to sports.

    • Danno

      Yeah, don’t go there with the angry right wing nutjob routine. This is a basketball blog. Nobody cares about your gun collection or your lack of dental hygiene.

  • Frank Aziza

    Names of players that don’t wanna play with Rondo are unknown. Players that do wanna play with him, Kevin Love, Carmelo Anthony…..ect

  • JJ Redick

    Well said! Rondo only makes players around him better…why wouldn’t they want to play w/him??? Pretty simplistic, I know… But the truth nonetheless!

    • LA Flake

      Why is it so hard to believe that some players may not want to play with Rondo? One of the greatest centers, Shaq, didn’t want to play with Kobe in their prime because he was an ass hole. It’snot a far-fetched idea that Rondo may be seen as difficult by other players around the league.

      • Curt Hays

        Fans will be fans. Also, I think Shaq loved playing with Rondo. 🙂

        (I know that wasn’t your point.)

        • LA Flake

          Oh, Shaq absolutely LOVED playing with Rondo and called him the best PG in the league. Rondo, with the right guys around, can play like a monster and he has.

      • JJ Redick

        You’re talking about two totally different players in KB and RR. One is a pass first pg who makes everybody on the floor around him better while the other takes 20+ shots a game…Obv Kobe is one of the best to ever play the game but unlike Rondo, his game isn’t conducive to getting others involved so while both may be “difficult” to be around at times, if you want to be the best player you truly can become and you can score the ball, then why wouldn’t you want to play with Rondo? And truth be told, who really cares what shaq wanted? He had no problem going to play with Rondo when he thought he had another chance to win a title. If these guys can go play with a player that’s going to help them acheive their goals, they’ll find a way to make it work! That’s the bottom line…

        • LA Flake

          Wellllll….That Rondo makes everyone around him better is debatable. Magic Johnson made everyone around him better. Jason Kidd made everyone around him better.

          I’m not hating on Rondo even though I know I sound like I am. But we were worse with Rondo on the floor the last two seasons. That said, I think Rondo’s best years are ahead of him.

  • NE_Celt

    Two things….
    1) I cant begin to say how much I appreciate Reds Army and their excellent coverage of C’s news. I check out this site daily, multiple times…its hands down the best C’s coverage site.
    2) I cant begin to say how much I want to punch Tanguay in the face…dudes lost his mind, and should have been off the air years ago. If he thinks attacking a “fan website” such as Reds Army is a smart career move, he is sadly mistaken.

  • BillRussell

    Red would have loved Rondo- fierce competitor and instigator

  • mailepors

    Love this. Tanguay is a no-knowledge clown who never brings anything of interest to his rambling. Is he someone’s nephew or something? How does he have a job?

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  • Wimbo

    To be honest I still really don’t know why Tanguay, Goodman, etc. hate that much on Rondo. He already have so much testimony of how he is on & off the court, mostly the positive one. Yes he has that ‘attitude’ that insult his opponents, but what is wrong with that? You can’t be friend with your enemy on the court. The media just want him to be bad smh.

    • LA Flake

      It should be noted that no media members ever bad mouthed KG or PP. It’s probably because KG and PP always treated these reporters with a level of respect and humility. I’m not saying Rondo treats everyone like shi t because I don’t know if he does or not. But his reputation is what it is. And if you’ve ever been disrespected by someone while simply doing your job, I’m sure you’ll hold a grudge against that person. It’s just our human nature.

      • jrleftfoot

        If a reporter can`t be objective he should find another job.

        • LA Flake

          I’m not disagreeing with you. My point is that if you can throw a punch, don’t act surprised when you get punched back.

          All Goodman did was repeat what others have told him about Rondo. He was attacked for it and wisely or unwisely, Tanguay came to his buddy’s defense. If I were in Tanguay’s shoes, I would’ve defended my friend, too.

  • Jake Gruber

    Here’s the flaw with your strictly statistical argument of whether or not players like playing with him over pressey:

    Let me begin by saying pressey isn’t even good, so I’m not arguing that Pressey is better than rondo. However, to use those stats to say that players like playing with rondo better is missing a LARGE amount of what it is like to play basketball. I don’t know the amount of experience you have playing the game. But, if you have some, then I’m SURE you’ve played with guys that were “good passers” but held onto the ball the entire play until someone “got open” and dictated who was going to shoot when because they held the ball until THEY thought someone should shoot. If you have not played with someone like this, then I suggest you admit that your statistical argument has some holes.

    Throughout my playing career, I played with many kinds of point guards. One of the best point guards I ever played with didn’t necessarily average the most assists of any of the point guards I played with, but he was definitely the most fun to play with. This was because rather than holding the ball until he thought someone was open, he would get the ball ahead to someone in front of him, allowing them to create for themselves or other people. In the half court he might hold the ball a BIT longer just to get the possession started, but the majority of the possession involved crisp ball movement and many touches for each person. Sometimes it’s not about how many shots the point guard gets you. It’s about whether they are allowing you to get into the flow of the game with a few touches per possession sometimes, getting you the shots YOU want to take, and allowing everyone to participate in getting a good shot.

  • Kel

    “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
    -Mark Twain

    If you really dislike Rondo, but are a Celtics fan, why bash him non-stop? All you are doing is decreasing his trade value – especially if you are a member of the media.

    Tanguay either is a media puppet to increase ratings, or a complete fool. Possibly both.

    • LA Flake

      Listen. Tanguay is a fan, too. And for all we know, he may hold a grudge against Rondo for (allegedly) pushing players and personnel out of the team and thereby hurting the team’s chances of winning. Who knows? Tanguay is a human being, too.

  • I would be shocked if Gary Tanguay wasn’t still a virgin.

    • LA Flake

      Now THAT’S FUNNY.

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  • jrleftfoot

    geez. I`ve torn an ACL and it hurt like hell. IMMEDIATELY. Tanguay is badly in need of an enema, because he is F.O.S.

  • Rjd12345

    I understand if Gary has his point of view on Rondo, but there’s no need to attack fans or fan sites. I HATE it when sports analysts try to denigrate sports fans and their opinions…who do they think pays their salary? I’ve seen much more intelligent and thoughtful discussions about the NBA on sports sites (such as Redsarmy and Celticsblog) than I ever have on CSNNE. Props for the response.

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